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  1. I would like to see the plumbing MB updated. As plumbers we don't use galv. iron pipe any more we now use PVC and other types of plastics. Photo MB needs digital included and chemical processing removed (no one, not even the paper develops film and prints paper around here) Rifle MB should be broken down into 3 MBs only because of safty concerns. BB gun doesn't go into regular rifels enough and black powder is a different beast. Rifle MB dosen't go into bb guns or black powder enough. Black powder is a labor of love if done right but requires more safty and work to properly load, sh
  2. Camp Robert Drake in Prairielands Council. www.campdrake.com Fairmont IL. In council youth $155.00, out of council youth $170.00, late fee after 5/2/05 $10.00 per person. Adults with 1-8 youth FREE, 9-16 youth FREE, 17-24 youth FREE, additional adults $75.00 each. Meals are included & tents if you ask ahead of time. SM Paul
  3. I have been in scouting many years and women not just a scouts mom have been at every non troop event. How is this SM get around all of these women? Our council has a family day during summer camp so the scouts (not just boys, also the coed Venturing crews) can show the parents what they have learned. If I did not have a strong woman behind me I would not be as good as I am.
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