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  1. When do Summer Camps usually post the next summer's information/registration stuff? working on planning... albeit a bit too early?
  2. UPDATE: we got transpo!!! We have four cars going. Enough adults. INcluding the parent with the 12 passenger van. I did look into buses, but they were all ridiculously expensive. I forgot to check out Greyhound, but since we only have 14 kids plus 5 adults, not really worth it for a big bus? Yes, I have all that training. I got a lot done in Cub Scouts and have had all that done for Boy Scouts (well, some, I can only do so much since February when we crossed over). I got all the basic training. My husband (ASM) and I have been named Camping Coordinators. So...
  3. a few things: Scott: we are in the Tampa Bay area. Can you let me know via pm or here where you got the quote? I just got more involved when our youngest crossed over in March. The other Treasurer was in that position for like 20 years. We have a new SM this year too. Lots of changes. I know the SM, the CommitteeChairman, and two of the ASMs are working on the other logistics as is their responsibility I assume? The two ASM's and the CC have mucho years experience but the new SM is on a learning curve. So I *think* we're all good to go. We just need transportation. Hubby an
  4. 18 kids going, four adults. It will take them two days to drive there. Yes, we have a trailer. We have NO plans for vehicles yet!! Take my hubby's 14 year old Jeep Cherokee as the tow vehicle, and risk a little? All the parents have been notified and nobody's stepped up. We have one parent with a 12 passenger van but he needs it for his family (they have six kids). All the minivan parents don't want to relinquish their vehicles. We couldn't even rent it from them! The CO'd rather not put miles on their vehicles. The Youth Group from the church is taking a summer trip,
  5. We are going to camp in Tennessee from Florida. We also lost a couple of active parents with pick up trucks, SUV's and minivans who in the past were willing to drive to camp. Short of renting a passenger van for about 900 bucks a week, does anyone have any recommendations? Our CO isn't going to let us borrow their buses because they need them during the week.
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