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  1. I can't completely vouch for its accuracy, but this might serve as a starting point . . . 05. Quick Reference Guide for Units.pdf
  2. With segments of the United Methodist Church having varying opinions on the best actions to take regarding the Boy Scouts’ bankruptcy/lawsuits, the best place to look for guidance is the General Commission on United Methodist Men and the Center for Scouting Ministries. “I know there are a lot of instructions and communications going around about voting and bankruptcy,” said Center for Scouting Ministries Director Steven Scheid. “The document that GCF&A (General Council on Finance and Administration) distributed is really good.” (The GCF&A do
  3. This was released by the Bishop and the Conference Scouting Coordinator of North Georgia Conference of the UMC today: Copy of full letter is located here: https://northga-email.brtapp.com/files/fileslibrary/bishop/letter+from+bishop+sue+and+chris+10-6-21.pdf
  4. So, yeah, This sounds great, but I'm trying to get more info on it -- I emailed PTC, and they said they'd pass my query on to the course director, but I haven't heard anything yet. Does anybody have any more info than just what's listed here (this is what's on the PTC course description page)?
  5. If you haven't been there, take a look at http://www.venturing.org/
  6. I’m the new kid on the block on this forum, but I’d like to invite you folks to the United Methodist Scouters’ Conference at Philmont Training Center July 15-21. I’m serving as leader for the week-long conference designed for local church, district and conference Scouting coordinators, Scout leaders, Charter Organization Representatives, Committee Members, clergy, and youth leaders. Heck, if you once walked by a Methodist Church, we’d take you. The course is designed to benefit both experienced church Scouters and those new to either organization (the United Methodist Church or Scout
  7. Folks: I've been lurking for a while, and just decided to jump in. I'm liking what I see here. I'm a District Training Chair, a Venturing Advisor, a committee member for the troop and pack. Perhaps more importantly, I'm involved with United Methodist Scouting Ministry. I'll be serving as course director for the UM Scouters' Conference at Philmont Training Center. I'm already learning from y'all, and hope I can contribute to the conversation.
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