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  1. The following is the URL for the bios of Camp Onteora's leadership. I repeat my earlier question, 'ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO LEAVE YOUR CHILDREN AT CAMP ONTEORA? http://www.trcbsa.org/onteora/staff/current_staff.htm
  2. The posting of the warnings associated with the roads leading to Camp Onteora are accurate. The main access road is impassable at this time; One must use White Roe Road to get to the camp. This is irrelevant to the posting above, however, inasmuch as I am referring to the single, padlocked dirt road which provides the sole access to large numbers of children camping within the woods, that comprise the Camp property.
  3. Lynda, You are most certainly not putting your foot in your mouth, and I thank you for taking the time to respond to my posting. I will try to address your excellent questions in the order posed. 1) when you called about the time you wanted to pick your son up did you call your son or the camp director? If you called your son I have a problem with that. I have directed our day camp 4 years. Any parent that wanted to pick their child up at a time other than the normal dismissal time had to go through me, not their child. I have had fairly regular telephone and one-on-one contac
  4. On the morning of Fri., July 28th, my husband, myself and my eldest son drove into Camp Onteora to pick up our son Frank, who had just completed five weeks as a volunteer Counselor in Training (CIT) at the camp. My husband has spoken to Chris Wieczkowksi, the CIT Supervisor, earlier in the week, and obtained his acknowledgement that our son would be transported along with his gear, to the Administrative area after breakfast. The following letter, summarizes our interaction with the leadership of that camp during that morning: Dear Mr. McLaughlin: As a concerned parent I
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