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2005 Summer Camp Fees

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Interested to see what various camps around the country are charging for a week at summer camp. I'll start.


Boxwell Reservation (Middle Tennessee Council) charges $140 for in-council scouts that commit before April 1 and $160 thereafter. $25 higher for out of council units. COPE runs about $20 or $25 additional and several of the materials intensive merit badges (craft types, rifle/shotgun, motorboating/skiing) also carry a nominal fee. They also offer high adventure weeks that range from $200 - $250.


It is not my intent to complain about how expensive stuff is. Just interested to see how we stack up with other councils.

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National Capital Area Council, Goshen Scout Reservation.


Boy Scout - Heater Stack or Patrol Cooking

Youth - $220 early, $240, $265 late

Adult - $135, $155, $180


Boy Scout - Dining Hall

Youth - $210, $230, $255

Adult - $130, $150, $175


Webelos - Dining Hall

Youth - $215, $230, $260

Adult - $145, $165, $190


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Lefeber Northwoods Camp, Laona, Wisconsin, from Milwaukee Area Council:


Boys - $195.00

early fee - $ 170.00

late fee - $ 210.00


Leaders - SM free with 5 scouts

ASM - $50.00

Others - $100.00



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Lost Lake Scout Reservation - $200/$215 for early/normal registration. (Clinton Valley Council)


Fee includes food (Sunday dinner, 3 squares MTWThF and Sat. breakfast), and everything else. There are no special fees for aquatic activities, climbing tower, canoeing, etc. The only "extra" fees are for supplies for specific merit badge courses (crafts and shooting sports for shotgun shells). Leaders $40 with 1 free per every 10 scouts approximately. Overall, I think it is a great bargain.

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Camp Joy, Okaw Valley in Illinois:


Scout: $140.00

Troop Discount: $25.00 **

Total Scout Fee: $115.00


Webelos who crossover in 2005 pay only $115.00 if paid by June 1st.


Adults: $50.00


** To qualify for the discount, the troop must complete 3 of the following, and pay by May 1st:

- Hold a camp promotion night during Jan - Mar

- Attend a camp workday

- Complete OA elections before June 1st

- Hold a Family Friends of Scouting presentation

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Sounds great to me Sir Scoutalot (love the name)

We are going out of council again this year and the discounted cost is $230 per boy! And this dad counts that as a bargain.

Last resident soccer camp number one son attended cost us $650 plus spending money....

This is the one feature in BSA that is truely a bargain as well as a blessing!


(whew, being nice to BSA is really hard on my system)

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Camp Cedars - Mid America Council


Scouts In council $143.00 if pd. by April 15. Discounted $7.00 if Unit sells $250.00 of popcorn. Further discounted $7.00 if Unit meets FOS goal. So, potentially $129.00. Includes Camp t-shirt and patch.

Second week is $79.00. Any Jamboree Scout or BSA High Adventure Base participant also $79.00.


Scouts out of Council $143.00 if pd. by April 15.


Leaders $71.00 same discounts apply as Scouts.


Scoutmaster free if registered and deposit paid bt Dec. 31, 2004 and all paperwork in on time.

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Greetings from California.


Last year, Camp Marin Sierra, Marin Council, $205

This year, Camp High Sierra, Santa Clara County Council, $210.


Our troop pays for the leaders who attend. I think Marin Sierra was $50... not sure about this year.



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Camp Robert Drake in Prairielands Council. www.campdrake.com Fairmont IL. In council youth $155.00, out of council youth $170.00, late fee after 5/2/05 $10.00 per person. Adults with 1-8 youth FREE, 9-16 youth FREE, 17-24 youth FREE, additional adults $75.00 each. Meals are included & tents if you ask ahead of time. SM Paul

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