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"Summer Camp" At Philmont While Parents Are Training...

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I know Philmont is the mecca of BSA Training, and from what I understand, a dream for many Scouts and Scouters.


My husband and I have both been invited to attend Training Conferences there this summer. What I am wondering is if my First Class (will be Star by then) Scout will have as good a time with the "Trailblazers" (11-13 yr old boys) family program as he would at regular old Summer Camp with his new Troop at Camp Wolfeboro in California, Mount Diablo Silverado Council?


Has anyone here ever attended training conferences at Philmont and brought their family along? How was it for your Scout? The only thing the brochure says about the Trailblazers is "This group participates in day hikes, horse rides, archery, air rifles, handicrafts and an overnight camping trip in Philmont's backcountry." The internet website basically mimicks the brochure. Don't get me wrong, it all sounds wonderful. My son doesn't care either way he says.


Now I am just curious about other Scouters that have done this in the summer and how theiur Scouts enjoyed the program offered for family members?



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Many moons ago, I attended PTC with my parents. I was a Webelos and my brother was 14. He got to do the Mountain Man program, where he did a shortened expedition and earned his first arrowhead. I participated in the Webelos program and had a blast! It was certainly a highlight of my Cub Scouting years and really helped prepare me for Boy Scouts.

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BY all means, take him along!


My family attended Philmont Training center August, 2004. I was at Cub Scout Trainers training, while hubby was busy with his Silverado group and my 2 sons, (14 & 12) were busy with their groups! My 12 yr old was in the trailblazer group and they were kept VERY busy! He couldn't wait to wake up in the morning to get back to the group. AND the overnight campout plus the hike was the best thing he said! The group gets to hike and see things that we, at training don't! He took his own camera, and the pictures were phenomenal! They get a taste of what Philmont contingency crews get to do on their week long treks!


We had a wonderful time, and the boys loved it! The staff are "unbeatable" and Philmont is the best place on earth!


Will we ever go back again! YOU BET!


HINT: Every afternoon we had a thunderstorm (not always had rain, but lightning). Raing gear is a must! If you have any other questions, please don;t hesitate to ask!

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I took both my kids to Philmont when I was there in 1997, 1998, and 1999 for training - the boy got along better than the girl did, but both had a great time. Programs for boys are either troop-type activites with an emphasis on scout skills, camping, & hiking, or they emphasize more general activities for those who are less physically active. The co-ed groups focus on less intensely physical stuff and the groups take short day trips, ride horses, and do crafty things.

Son attended Bear/Webelos activities 1st year we were there, Webelos activities 2nd year, & the co-ed program for 11-14 year olds the 3rd year. Daughter attended the co-ed group for the 15-17 year olds the first 2 years, but wasn't with me the 3rd year.

The troop activities Philmont offers the kids is so good I'd almost call it spectacular. Staff is wonderful, very good with the kids. They have things for everyone to do from infant to adult, regardless of gender.

Yes, I'd go back again... and I'd take my kids along again in a heartbeat if they were the right age and wanted to go. In fact, son is now 18 and says he'd have a dilemma if I went back this summer - he'd have to choose whether to go with me or go work on staff at one of the other camps.

Plan on 2-man platform tents - the camp will keep a family together if more than one tent is needed. Cots and a tiny closet are provided. Meals are usually held in shifts.

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Our family went to PTC in 2000 and I echo the above sentiments. Everyone in our family had a great time and I recommend the experience. However, that being said, it's a great supplemental camping experience but it should not be considered to be a replacement for a Scout's regular summer camp experience. There's no MB program and a Scout will not get the opportunity to experence a week of camping with his regular patrol. Plus, his parents and siblngs are there every day, which vastly changes the whole camping dynamic.

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Philmont recap:

Me - Strictly for Scoutmasters (PTC)

Wife - Silverados (COPE !!)

13/14 yr old son - (birthday at Philmont) Broncos

12 yr old son - Trailblazers

9 yr old daughter - Ropers


Who had the most fun? Tough question. The staff is excellent. The kids and my spouse made friends from all over the country that they still stay in touch with today. You and your son will love it.


P.S. Philmont was in addition to, not instead of, summer camp.(This message has been edited by acco40)

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Unfortunately we do have to make a choice because of the timing window of the conference, my son will have to miss summer camp with his Troop. He realizes there is no MB earning at Philmont but he said he didn't care either way. Dad really wants to go, he's going to be taking the training "Strictly for Scoutmasters" and I don't blame him, he's practically jumping up and down at the prospect of going to Philmont! LOL And he has kept putting the registration form on top of my desk as a hint.


I was invited to go to the Training too. But we have two small daughters ages 4 and 2 and I think it would be too much for them, though I would love to go. I have nowhere to leave the girls and so I decided to forfeit my going to stay home with them.


After reading all your posts, I checked the registration form for errors, wrote the check and sealed the envelope! I guess my boys are GOING TO PHILMONT!!!! :)


Thanks all!

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