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  1. How about throwing a scale under his feet and seeing if he can pull harder?
  2. We take the top 4 cars from each den and run them to find the over all pack champ (1st, 2nd and third).
  3. from the Guide to Advancement:" In units with fewer than three registered committee members available to serve, it is permissible to use knowledgeable parents (not those of the candidate) or other adults (registered or not) who understand Boy Scouting's aims." Would like to have had this reflected in the training.
  4. Also, talk to the cleaner before you pass it over to be sure he will not fold over the patches and crease them!
  5. Camping - I'm there Pack meeting - I'm there. Parade - yep, there too. Den meeting? only when invited.
  6. BSA24: you were saying??? http://www.onmyhonor.com/troop/welch.jpg
  7. We can always count on Ship/shore/lighthouse. One end of the room is the shore, the other is the lighthouse and the center line is the ship. you call out any of the three and the scouts run. If you yell out SURF, they drop to their bellies where ever they are. At the scout level the last to do as called is out. at cub level they don't care to win just to play for as long as you let them so no one is out. Always love pointing to shore and yelling lighthouse. Twice as much fun in the water.
  8. I love how they hired a group of child development experts to study if cubs could learn it.... Why didn't they just ask a few cubs and their den leader? Would have been faster, right and free.
  9. It's not the why or the if that bother me, it's the when! If we're going to do it, do it today!
  10. My W II's cost the pack more than any other group in awards/pizza... and We still ave to pay a full year reg and BL on them. The local troops discount bases on the membership fee already being paid on them.
  11. Most camps here (CT) have more fire wood laying on the ground than you can shake a stick at.
  12. Thanks, My den leaders are downloading them to their phones now...
  13. He was a hero to me, but till the day she died my grandmother never forgave him for messing up the weather with his rocket. Every hurricane and blizzard was blamed squarely on him and the rest of the astronauts. Along with anytime her TV wouldn't tune in just right. Maybe now that they are both gone he can explain it to her himself.
  14. smoothmom: Please tel me you are somewhere near Waterbury CT. My daughter's unit is a Snack and a craft unit. One field trip/party each year (candy factory party this year). Other thna that, they have never left the room they meet in. Worst part is they meet at the YMCA right up stairs from the pool... Maybe? maybe? nope. (men need not apply).
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