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  1. In case anyone is interested, Tillerson's words employed the title of a book by Steven Pinker (2011) entitled, "The Better Angels of Our Nature". The book describes the historical decline of violence and possible reasons for this. Here is a testimonial from Bill Gates: “If I could give each of you a graduation present, it would be this—the most inspiring book I've ever read."—Bill Gates (May, 2017) In case anyone is interested. It's a thoughtful book. Pinker has some other titles that are worth considering as well.
  2. And they've been really good years too. I can tell.
  3. So....Barry, how many years ago has it been now....?
  4. LOL, agreed, I can sure attest to some heated 'discussions' of just what that right way is, among unit leaders at cracker barrel. To me, respect is something felt in each of our hearts and minds and unlikely to be imposed from outside sources if we don't already feel that respect. Anyway, I admit that I hesitated to post that short video. Reading the discussion about how to retire the flag in a respectful manner just brought the image of that video back in my memory. It was, to me, more disrespectful than dumping the flag into a latrine. But that guy was not alone. There were at least two others in the same community with exactly the same display. And no one, NO ONE, in the community objected or really even made a comment that I know of. So I took the risk of making this thread controversial, but mostly wanted to give the discussion of the 'proper way to retire the flag' a little perspective about what is respect....or not. Edit: I just dumped the video in the spirit of avoiding controversy.
  5. LOL, I've had this happen in college classes. Students are amazingly 'entitled', some of them. So what I've done is stop the lecture, announce to the offending persons that they should stop being rude to the rest of the class and to me. That usually results in a resentful acknowledgement. But a couple of times they ignored me. So I announced to the entire class a 'pop quiz' on the subject of today's lecture. Enough points to make a difference on the final course grade. Surprisingly, I have never had to repeat this tactic to the same class...perhaps they CAN be taught.
  6. TFrancis, I tend to agree regarding some kind of innate difference. As for what we call them, it's a label. I refer them however they ask me to (within reason, 'Your Highness" is off the table).
  7. Welcome to the forums. And welcome to Cub Scouting.
  8. LOL, that's much better. Might want to extend that rest to stay safe.....just sayin'
  9. If you're advocating this for most of scout leadership, I see coronaries in the future.
  10. I am saddened to report that, as I scan my memories, it was in the forums on Scouter.com that I first learned about so-called, 'tea bagging'. And following up on that thought, this is in the category of things that, sadly no matter how hard we try, cannot be 'unlearned'.
  11. We had a SM who was obese. On land, he was not destined to win races and he eventually would huff and puff up hills. But in the water he was master of the universe, full of grace and power. He had complete mastery of that environment and while he still probably wouldn't have won many races in the water, his weight didn't seem to be a handicap. Thinking about some of the responses here, as I approach the beginning of an eighth decade, I can attest to the fact that age, while it seems to impart some negative things, is nevertheless inevitable not to mention that the alternative is worse. I offer this encouragement: Those who are past age 55 (which seems to have been the age when I began to appreciate the 'true' effects of gravity) can take heart. With our decades of experience, as we lose our physical edge, we can instead employ guile and perhaps an accumulated psychological edge. After all, it's all we've got left, lol.
  12. Interesting question and I don't know the answer. But I can soothe you a bit by informing you that this is far from the worst problems that a DE can present. OK, I know that rule but we often did things like this and the DE signed off on it. Council too.
  13. And this SPL is most definitely not his friend. But violence is not the answer. The SPL is obviously, as they say, unencumbered by the thought process. It could be that this could be a life lesson for him as well as for the others. Your son is already experiencing enough 'life lessons'. The SPL could simply be monumentally stupid or there might be a mean streak. Bring in the parents asap. Our unit had its share of boys who were vulnerable in this and other ways....and a few bullies as well. You know the situation far better than any of us. I suspect that you'll be able to better gauge your response once the parents of the SPL have 'processed' all this. Could be that they will make the decisions for you regarding their son. If they step up to this situation and take control in a manner that you think is appropriate, that would allow you to focus more on your son who probably could use it.
  14. That is a really good precautionary consideration. I know many of those lake well and even at lower elevation some of them could threaten hypothermia if care isn't taken.
  15. When I take groups on day hikes or backpacking, if their preparedness is unknown I start with some 'creampuffs' and then progress toward the real deal. I confess that I was greatly heartened a couple of years ago when I overheard one of the hikers on the phone to mom, "Mom, I just got my ass kicked by a 67-year-old heart patient". Right on! They did just fine after that.
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