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  1. Has any one here participated in a Presidential Inauguration‏ ? My Troop (I'm a ASM) has been selected via lottery to participate. I was just wondering what we were in for. The only thing I've heard so far is that traffic will be awful, but we have a commuter train straight to downtown DC,so driving wont be a problem, Thanks
  2. Just wondering what others had in there adult firstaid kit's. I know what BSA says for the boys, but I feel that as a leader we need to carry more than just the basics
  3. I hoping someone can help clarify for me. We have a camping trip this weekend, and most of the leaders and scouts will be leaving on Friday night. Three of the scouts have a basketball game on Saturday and will be leaving for the campout after the game. One of our Assistant Scoutmasters cannot leave on Friday and has volunteered to drive the three Scouts up on Saturday after the game. The Asst. Scoutmaster is 18 years old. Can he drive the scouts to the campout? The Guide to Safe Scouting says in part: 3. An adult leader (at least 21 years of age) must be in charge and accompany th
  4. I dont think your over-reacting. However, in an emotional event, e_mail is Evil. For day to day information and comunications, it works great(dont konw how we got along without it!).But for something that envoles feeling and emotion, there is no substute for the human voice, hopefuly with a face attached. We all tend to say things with the commfort of no direct contact, or we read things into the typed word that arn't there. I dont mean this for just you as the victims parent, you may type the greatest, most well thought out letter in history, but everyone who reads will get somrth
  5. It is that time of year again. Just a quick question about "steping on toes". Is there a line in the sand when having an open house? We live in a smallish town, 1 feeder pack from the local elementry school.The next town over has the same deal Middelscool gets more complcated. 1 middle school with boys in 3 different toops. I think we should open the open house to all the cub packs in the area, because this scout thing is not a 1 size fits all program. My SM feels that we may hurt the other troops What do you think?
  6. as an add on, there is another boy who has new a stepbrother who is also special need and may want to join the troop. He seems much more problemmatic, but can you say where the line is?
  7. Hi, I am an ASM in a our troop.Last committee meeting we were discussing Weblos recruiting. We have 1 feeder troop with 6 Weblos II. 1 of those boys has special needs, but he has made it through the cub program with all the boys in his den. My question is should we encourage him to go to our district special needs troop or try and get him to stay with the other boys? If he was to stay, I think 1 of his parents would need to acompany him on outings and no hiking/backpacking.Otherwise,I think he would be fine. Some adults feel that may drag down the rest of the boys, and where do you draw
  8. We had this problem in cubs. Strictly speaking, I dont think smoking is alowed at ANY Cubscout/ Boy scout functions. We simply pointed this out to the smoking parents,and asked them to move out of site of the scouts nicley and we never had a problem. If fact, after the first time, the smoking parents were more of the "policy police" than the nonsmoking parents and I think that people were less likely to take offence when it came from a fellow smoker. The key is to remined/point out the policy to peolpe one on one rather than accuse and confront them as a group, and to put in the form of
  9. While i was there this summer, I asked the camp director about the trading post and he told me that the one they have now is the original.I am sure that it isnt the same camp I went to my first year
  10. My first year in Boyscouts was 1984 in the Mason-Dixon council. We went to a scout camp that had 3 totem poles at the entrance and had the trading post connected to the crafts area. I was thinking that this was Sinniqupie in PA.,but this past summer we went and it wasnt it. Does anyone know the name of a BSA summer camp in the MD-PA area that fits the bill? I was just currious. thanks
  11. hello tagguy, nice to have another NCAC scouter here.
  12. We also have a Weblos woods. It is always a big hit with all the weblos. the scouts have a seperate area that the weblos arnt alowed in after 6:00 pm. that way they are seperate at night and it gives the "scouts" a little break from the "little guys" (some are only 1 or 2 years older but it makes a difference to them). I was with the Weblos last year and I saw a biger push from those "little guys" to be "BOY SCOUTS"after the camp out that wasnt there for all of them before. I belive it is also a requirment for the weblos to do a camp out with Bot scouts to get the arrow of light
  13. our thoughts and prayers are with you.
  14. sorry about that. in keeping out the names i confused myself. Parent 2 had the bad behavior parent 1 had the son with the tool
  15. Ok more info scout 1 hit scout 2 with a plastic tool no blood,no headache, no request for any first aid. both scouts are First Class the on site leader (scout 1s parent) told him to "knock it off and apologies" SM was working with the other boys in a different area(this was a service project)and didnt know about it till that evening when the e-mails started. the face to face was held at our charter org. church as an organized meeting Beavah, Parent 2 was a commity member(fundraising chair) some of the e-mails that want flying went to our district, the charter, and counci
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