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  1. Well, you can click on the "comment" option at the bottom of a post. (flag, quote, COMMENT Like)
  2. Ahhh... so you can start a sub thread by clicking on the active thread...
  3. Off topic, but I understand the latest thing proposed by Feminists is a weeks paid menstrual leave per period.
  4. <<The basis, I'm told, of the church is for individuals to find their own God. >> Man creating God in his own image.
  5. <<t I do remember touring the local newspaper and watched them set print with a lithograph machine. We all got a chunk a print that we got to keep. >> Not to be picky, but you mean a lineotype, which cast slugs of type to be printed on a press. Vastly more efficient, but the same idea Gutenberg had, Linotypes were MARVELOUS Rube Goldberg machines!
  6. << If Cub Scouts is supposed to be kept simple and made fun, why is everyone burning out?>> Oh, my! Cub Scouts is hugely complex for volunteer leaders and for parents of Cub Scouts. And they keep ladeling on the complexity, more and more every year. I find it VERY BURDENSOME to coach someone through the multiple steps needed to become a registered leader, and increasingly I just don't bother.
  7. I agree ---contact the COR. Unfortunately, few CORs have much of an idea of what they can and should be doing. As a COR myself, I led opposition to an ineffective District Chair and District Commissioner. BSA rules REQUIRE that a district nominating committee recommend district leaders each year, although this requirement is widely ignored. However, as a COR I did insist on a district nominating committee be appointed, and they found new and highly effective leadership for the district. In Scouting, pretty much all adult leaders quit. It mostly just a matter of how lon
  8. Perhaps Girl Scout should begin admitting boys. That would solve all the problems, right?
  9. I was the district membership chair for eight years. I wore the Recruiter strip, because then I always knew where to point when I was talking to Scouts about peer to peer recruiting. Personally, I'd encourage anyone who actively does recruiting to wear the recruiting strip --- and I'd award it to adults who take a hand in unit recruiting. Getting more adults involved in recruiting is FAR more important than BSA trivia about who should wear the strip. I only wish it were a more powerful incentive than it is.
  10. <<I for one feel that if the parents are happy and the boys are happy with this leader, leave well enough alone. >> I agree. I ran our pack's Tiger program for eight consecutive years. The first year I led the Tiger Cub Den is two separate packs. ​With the new program, my old methods and programs which I recycled each year were obsolete, so I've retired from doing den and pack program, by and large.
  11. Just yet another example of how BSA is so hagridden with complex administrative rules and regulations that--- 1) volunteers can't administer the program 2) councils can't administer the program 3) BSA national can't administer the program. In my opinion ---- BSA should get rid of about 90% of its rules and regulations and get back to trusting people instead.
  12. <<1) Didn't like camping. 2) School/ Sports 3) Perfume 4) Car fumes 5) Job ( to support their perfume and car fume habit). 6) college/ military>> Girls?
  13. <<I was going to sit in on part of a meeting once when i dropped her off at the church. I sort of hung in the back of the room with my younger daughter to observe a few minutes. They were doing some sort of gathering activity craft thing.... the leaders looked like I had three eyes, and they nice told me what time I could pick her up!>> Off the cuff, I think I'd look any such adult in the face and ask them what they are trying to HIDE from parents and adults. If that didn't get the point across, I'd tell them that due to the hazards of adults molesting children in y
  14. << No, they are not being unreasonable or selfish. They are being engaged parents savoring what little time they have left before they become the dumbest people on the planet.>> I agree. BSA is WAY too used to dictating to everyone when they should be accommodating interested people instead. Man, am I tired of that. At present I've spent two months and dozens of e-mails trying to get a Den Leader registered. He can't get the my.scouting.org website to give him a user name. Such things are SUPPOSEDF to be easy. When they don't work
  15. <<A well done Eagle COH can be an inspiration for young scouts.>> That is true. Too bad regular Courts of Honor aren't similarly motivating.
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