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Scoutmaster Teddy

Order of the Arrow for Females?

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My "bias" never enters the situation.  Previously I would get a request to come hold elections in the troop.  I promptly pass that request off to all of the PL's.  It is up to them to set a date for the election.  The last time a troop I was in as SM had an election, we had 4 patrols so I passed the information to the PL's and they had the SPL invite an OA rep in to do the election. 


The OA rep showed up in blue jeans and school sweatshirt.  The SPL rescheduled the election at a time when the OA rep could show up in a Scout uniform.  The OA rep never came back.


At the present, I have one patrol of of new troop where none of them are FC nor do they have enough nights of camping, but I pass the OA request for elections on to my PL.  It is up to him as to whether or not he makes the call.


All my boys know I am an OA member and wear the brotherhood sash at summer camp call-outs.  Yes, it's not proper, I haven't been paying dues for a year, but it is my way of keeping OA in front of the boys so when the time comes for them to be eligible, they will at least know what the program is all about, could get elected, and maybe make a difference in our local lodge to get it back on track. 


I make opportunities for my boys, I never take them away.  I would love to have one of my boys become Lodge Chief and bring it back to life.

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Another late to the party question* ......When did adult female leaders start getting inducted into the OA?

Here at Chief Seattle Council I'm noticing some woman wearing the lodge flap at district and council events.

* away from Scouting for 40 years.

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