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    Sea Base adventure trip report

    Thanks for sharing! I think I am looking forward more to this event (hopefully next summer) more than any other HA destination.
  2. The way we act and dress are entirely social and cultural (and religious) constructs that have clearly evolved since the time of Abraham (and prior).
  3. This was posted on a different thread but I didn't want to create an in-thread tangent. I've been a cub scout committee member and a popcorn kernel for my son's pack. When he crossed over, I did not take an active role in the troop (I needed a break from 3 years as a popcorn kernel - I ran it like a year-round position). Even though my son's SM did a good job of trying to teach the parents how boy scouts was different from cub scouts, I still didn't get it for many months later and much through my own self-education. I would imagine that the vast majority of parents (especially those not active in any leadership capacity) never really get it at all. As a Webelos Den Leader, I don't recall any of my official training that focuses on transitioning from scouter to scout led. I know that there are some tasks that ask the scouts to perform as a patrol but those are exceptionally limited. For example, on requirement #3 of Scouting Adventure (AOL requirement), the Leader Guide doesn't even tell the leader what is different about a patrol vs a den. The Guide assumes that the reader already knows - and I don't imagine very many Webelos den leaders know the difference if they have not been a scout before. My son's Den Leader certainly didn't since she is a woman and could not have been a scout prior. If she spent any time focusing in how a patrol is different than a den, I certainly don't recall such. If I had no prior experience with Boy Scouts, I would have no idea as a Web Den Leader that patrols should be any significantly different than dens. Seems like if we really want scouts to be scout-led, we need to have a much more structured (and printed) guide to what that should look like. If such already exists, please link it to this thread.
  4. https://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2018/05/04/do-you-wear-your-neckerchief-over-or-under-the-collar/ This board has helped my change my thinking on the necker (was previously opposed to it due to the added cost and the fact that scouts always seemed to lose their slides). I also never would have imagined that there are so many variations in how it could be worn. Hawkwin Necker convert
  5. Hawkwin

    LDS Question

    I don't know exactly how to respond to this, but I know that it rubs me the wrong way. As a guy that keeps professing their commitment to getting their Brotherhood and to being the best Den Leader they can be through the end of next year, your condescension of BSA certainly appears to have increased lately. Maybe you don't intend such a change in tone but this is not the first time that it struck me as out of character from your previous posting history, especially as it pertains to esprit de corps between BSA and LDS.
  6. Hawkwin

    BSA Executive Salaries

    *cough* Wrong Avenger *cough* Try Star Lord 😎
  7. Hawkwin

    BSA Executive Salaries

    Who? Seriously. I had to google him. Other than being a field paleontologist, I don't see how his profession would be a strong advocate for Scouts. Does he sleep in a tent? Does he build fires without matches? There is a long list of Eagle celebrities. One of them might be a better fit: https://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2018/02/08/bsa-turning-108-heres-list-108-famous-former-scouts/ I see quite a few on that list that would bring a lot of media attention as well as new applicants. Chris Pratt would be at or near the top of that list.
  8. @lakes_stu Absolutely! I have two Webelos girls that would welcome such contact.
  9. Thank you. This illustrates part of my frustration. My son was a Patrol Leader and I was not even aware that such a handbook existed and I am quite confident that one was never provided to him. Something like this for Denners would be a nice touch. I know my son, now a Den Chief, had to complete some training too. Unfortunately, we both know it is a lot more complex than simply what to do on camp outs. Things like communication - that the scout should contact scouters and not the parent contacting the scouters. I know our troop often sends out email about service events and all parents are copied on the email. It is (and has been) very easy for me to simply sign up my son for some service event but it really should be him. There are a myriad of little things like that. Again, our SM educated the parents on this topic (at least those parents that came to the meeting) but I feel like I should be educating the parents as a Webelos leader as to how scouts are different than cubs and how parents will need to take a step back. This is education that should happen before a cub crosses over.
  10. Thanks, I've been to his site before and the stuff there is useful, just not in a consolidated format that I would prefer.
  11. Has no enterprising Scouter tried to create an unofficial modern day document that details the patrol method? I've seen some of those Hillcourt materials but only pages at a time. Was there a single book where all of this was once written? Is there a book I can buy that covers it now? Seems like good required reading (for scouts and scouters) if so.
  12. Hawkwin


    I have the opportunity to take just BALOO (locally) or both IOLS and BALOO on the same weekend (but a bit of a drive away from home). 1. How do the courses differ? 2. Does BALOO satisfy the same requirements for IOLS (e.g. Scoutmaster required) or would a BALOO-trained leader also need to take IOLS if they want to be a Scoutmaster in the future? I've so far been unable to tell just what is different about the two courses and some districts offer them at the same event but my district appears to only be offering BALOO this summer. Any other feedback or insight you have is welcome.
  13. Hawkwin


    Thanks @jjlash I will take a look at the courses to see. All I know is that the district level training coord told me that I would get credit for both - and yes, I NEED BALOO as I will be both leading and taking part in various Cub Scout outdoor activities over the next year. I don't actually need IOLS.
  14. Would this be a situation in which the district could provide some assistance? I have no idea and am just asking.
  15. Hawkwin


    Thanks, I got confirmation over the weekend that if I take the IOLS combined course, I will also get credit for BALOO as long as I have completed the online prework. I believe I need BALOO as a Web Den Leader and since I wont be such for long, IOLS should give more information I can use in the future.
  16. We got our second girl tonight in our Den. She is the granddaughter of a 40 yr LDS Scouter from the next county over. He has more ribbons on his shirt than any other scouter I have encountered. He stated that he has raised many Eagles both with in his family and of course in his Pack/Troop experience. He indicated that probably only a few families in his Pack (he is a Den Leader currently), will be continuing past 2019 but he is doing EVERYTHING he can to ensure his LDS granddaughter can be a scout. I found the dichotomy very interesting but did not press for deeper details.
  17. Hawkwin


    Thanks everyone. I think I i will make the little extra effort and take the combined course. It seems better organized than my local course any way since I can't seem to get an emailed response from the training coordinator from our local training.
  18. Hawkwin

    What is the protocol?

    Regardless of the severity of what actually may have been said, I find that lack of investigation prior to the phone call and the letter being sent to be disturbing. Feels like a guilty until proven innocent action on behalf of TPTB. Who called you, someone from the troop or the council? If it was the troop, I would want to know just who made this decision. Why were you, as a parent, not invited to that discussion - was this at a committee meeting? I also think I would be calling my council to complain if this originated at the troop level. Is your scout being told to cease with the Troop or cease with BSA?
  19. Hawkwin


    The time commitments you mention are interesting. The local BALOO starts at 6 PM and ends at noon the following day. The IOLS & BALOO event starts at noon and ends at noon the following day. Both end up being overnight. I have no current plans to be an ASM/SM in the near future but I thought it might be nice to still have the training under my belt in case that changes in future years. I would imagine that it is once and done - that it never expires? Currently, I am a Webelos/AOL Den Leader and I am not sure what I will be asked to do come 2019.
  20. Hawkwin

    Condom Distribution at World Jamboree

    And further credit to how BSA responded. I know I would have personally called out the Chairman of the Board of Trail Life for his falsehoods and BSA instead took the high road.The damage to BSA is done and a press release clarifying the truth does not undo the misleading narrative.
  21. Ya, I'll pass. You got me on that one.
  22. Hawkwin

    Condom Distribution at World Jamboree

    Well, that was readily apparent from day 1 as it was the Chairman of the Board for Trail Life that was trying to advance this false narrative. I am rather disappointed that this organization that portrays itself as more Christian than BSA would be so intentionally dishonest and misleading.
  23. How about Maroon? Real men wear berets.
  24. Hawkwin

    Breaking Point

    I don't think you believe that. Even with an increase in so-called paper Eagles, only something like 2% of all scouts make Eagle.