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  1. Adding Girls to Pack

    In what way? Seriously, I've not read these guidelines so if you think I am doing something wrong, I'd like to know what it is. I've only met with the CC once less than a week ago. What policies and procedures they followed to get to this point didn't come up. Again, I am a DL of all of a week. I've not asked those questions as they don't particularly concern me - I was more focused on how many we would have in our den and how successful they had been in recruiting other Webelos. I do know that the council is aware of the Pack (someone from the council was copied on the announcement of my selection as the DL) and that same person was invited to be at our next leaders meeting, IIRC. Beyond that, I have no more answers for you. This is a new Pack for us in a new district (same council) so what prep work they did prior to all of this, I simply don't know. For all I know, there might be a Den of 3 Tigers being formed as I type this. *shrug*
  2. Adding Girls to Pack

    No, as I am a newly minted Den Leader (about a week old), my focus has been on my training, not on the number of girls in the rest of the Pack. Not really my issue per what I have seen in my training so far (2 of 3 learning plans completed so perhaps there is something about recruitment in the 3rd plan but nothing suggests such from the modules). We might end up that way. We certainly haven't closed our doors to new applicants.
  3. Is BSA Sustainable?

    This is one of the aspects I like the most as a parent. BSA helps me reinforce this more than I could do alone as a parent. The first time my son camped (I think as a Web2 at the time), I had him take the packing list and hand the items to me as I packed his backpack for him. The second time I read the list and had him pack. The third time I had him read the list and pack himself while I watched. The fourth time I simply reminded him that he needed to pack. Now I don't even do that. Occasionally, I will remind him of the weather forecast but I leave it up to him as to whether or not to pack rain gear or warmer clothing. He has learned that lesson the hard way a few times and it isn't a lesson he would likely have learned from me. Your signature quote says it best. "Experience is the hardest teacher. It gives the test first, then the lesson." It is also often the best teacher. The lack of recent experience for the other members of that canoe trip certainly illustrates that fact.
  4. Adding Girls to Pack

    Good questions. The pack we are in has other girls that are on standby waiting until the Fall to join (the one that decided not to join the den will join the pack in the Fall) but all of those will be Web1 and lower. My "den" should be AOL by then and on our way to crossover. Considering our Den of 1, in the Fall when the normal application process starts, we may simply change packs to one that is closer to home and continue as a Den of 1 with some joint activities with any other Web1 dens. If I had known that that the pack was going to be this unsuccessful in their recruitment, I am not sure I would have committed myself and my daughter but that is water under the bridge now. In for a penny... As far as troops, I have heard rumors but no confirmation that my son's CO will be sponsoring a girls troop but we will have to wait and see. I could see myself having some sort of active role in that entity but not likely much higher than my current level of authority. I simply lack the time to be able to give it the attention I would like to give it - especially starting from scratch. This weekend, Webelos Walkabout and maybe some work on Cast Iron Chef.
  5. Adding Girls to Pack

    Lot's it seems. There is a Facebook group with over 1000 either interested or involved in such. No idea how many girls that translates too. My Pack has not been very successful in their recruitment. I am currently a Den Leader of 1 (we had one more that backed out for some reason) and I don't know how many others there are in the Pack. I am going to spend some time trying to recruit more Webelos to get us up to 3 or 4 for the Den.
  6. Is BSA Sustainable?

    ? Can you elaborate on your beef? What has BSA done to suggest that it is exempt from going bankrupt? Based on what? Why all the doom and gloom? I am personally more committed to scouting today than I was yesterday and will probably be more so tomorrow. And the day after that, and the day after that...
  7. My son recently went to Workshop that included Programming. The Prereqs were: 1. Cyberchip (check) 5a. With your counselor’s approval, choose a sample program. Modify the code or add a function or subroutine to it. Debug and demonstrate the modified program to your counselor... The Programming merit badge website, http://www.boyslife.org/programming, has a number of sample programs that you could use for requirement 5a. However, you have the option of finding a program on your own. It’s a good idea to seek your merit badge counselor’s guidance. So my son went to the above link, found a "sample program" and added a function exactly as the directions stated. He also debugged and demonstrated the modified program. We couldn't get the counselor's approval in advance obviously but thelanguage of the referenced link is right there on the worksheet. 5b and 5c are similar. The counselor refused to sign off because my son did not create an original program. Nowhere does it state it must be original (it clearly states chose a sample program). I did not learn of this until the event was over and I wanted to be sure we were correct in our interpretation. What recourse do we have now? Are we correct or is the MBC correct? The MBC originally signed the card but then scribbled out their signature.
  8. Programming Merit Badge

    I disagree. Please don't assign beliefs to me. We will play by whatever hand we are dealt, just give us clear rules at the start of the game. We have no desire to cut corners, especially when they are well defined. If a workshop stated, "You will need to complete XXX after this class and meet with a MBC for final credit," then that would be well within reason and we would comply eagerly (which is what we will have to do anyway). My quest for clarity is not a quest to cut corners. We could have easily cut corners for the Wilderness Survival MB and my son would have walked out with a signed card but we didn't. I am a MBC for Wilderness Survival but I wanted him to meet with someone other than myself if possible (as is the goal of the program) but I will be the one signing off when he finally builds his last fire, not before. Agreed.
  9. Programming Merit Badge

    It wasn't possible to seek their guidance in advance. You understand that right? It isn't as if we are told the name of the MBC prior to registration or attendance. Additionally, if the MBC wanted something different than what was written on the worksheet, then publishing that as part of the prereqs would have made sense, don't you think? Provide said guidance in advance. Again, the worksheet specifically referenced a resource to use, and that is what he used. As a MBC, why even volunteer to host a MB class if you know that you have likely set up your scouts for failure due to your interpretation of the requirements? It can't be any fun for the MBC to spend their weekend on a class where no one gets full credit. If this is not a good MB for hosting at a workshop, then dropping it makes sense. As I stated in another thread, my son also was working on his prereqs for Wilderness Survival for the same workshop. The prereqs for that class were to build a natural shelter and sleep in it (done) and to build three fires without matches (only two done). He left with incomplete credit and he was OK with that fact as he could not get his third fire to work (magnifying glass). He will try again soon so he can get final credit. My son said all other scouts also did the same (except for one, maybe) and also didn't receive credit so this MB probably needs clarity brought to what is expected if "sample program" is to be considered the same thing as "write...a functioning program." Sample means already in existence. Write suggests create new. https://boyslife.org/merit-badges/programming-merit-badge/ GET STARTED PROGRAMMING Get help with Requirement 5! Select a programming language for sample programs, resources, tips, videos and more. Use the dropdown menu to filter languages by industry. -----------------
  10. Programming Merit Badge

    Don't disagree - but "don't hate tha playa, hate tha game" is my motto. In this case, the req states, "It’s a good idea to seek your merit badge counselor’s guidance." Well, if the MBC wanted to give different guidance for the prereqs than what is printed, they certainly had ample opportunity to tell all applicants that they had to use a different source than what the worksheet states. My son would have complied. They do the same thing for summer camp when it requires an extra fee for supplies or when they want to impose an age restriction or recommendation for the class. We do have one Programming MBC the Troop so I will encourage my son to reach out to him. Thanks @ItsBrian
  11. Swimming Merit Badge Questions

    LOL. A bit of a tangent but your comment made me chuckle and instantly think of a scenario last week where one of my son and daughter's volunteer running coaches went on a short tirade about not asking her when practice was over and to not tell her that you are tired and you are ready to go home. Us parents looked at each other and giggled. She then went on to correct some rude/inappropriate behavior when a kid was talking during her tirade (same kid that said he was tired) and she pulled him up and had him stand next to her when she continued her speech. Basically the same thing as scouts - no one else talking while an adult is talking. I thought to myself and later said to my kids that, "I like her, I hope she is your running coach when you get to middle school." My kids, not realizing why I liked her, immediately thought that I had a crush on their running coach. Turns out that my "crush" will be their weekly volunteer coach as well as the official coach for my son next year. He may not be as excited about that prospect as I am.
  12. Family Scouting Update

    Interesting. Is this not a domestic/American thing? My family has used one of these for as long as I can remember camping. We make ham and cheese and hot apple pies in them (white bread and pie filling from a can). Just did a quick internet search and indeed, the first entry I found was an "Australian" Jaffle Iron on Amazon.
  13. Why Did You Leave Scouts ?

    Nearly all of the above seem to be a symptom of the problem and not the problem itself. The problem is that it wasn't fun. If the SM is a jerk, it wasn't fun. If the scout sees it as dorky, then it wasn't fun, if they don't like dirt and bugs, then it wasn't fun, not enough camping, it wasn't fun, A bully wasn't making it fun, I am involved in other activities that are more fun, the requirements are not fun, lack of leadership is not fun, summer camp was not fun. I push my son hard in scouts and there are many times I question whether he is still having fun. I know when he says he isn't having fun, something is wrong and either I need to change or the program does. Perhaps not enough Packs are asking each scout what they want to do to have fun and then designing a program (that includes the requirements, leadership, etc.) that emphasizes fun. *Shrug*
  14. Swimming Merit Badge Questions

    And here folks we have a specific definition of what is strong to you - and if THAT was listed in the requirement, it would be measurable. Since it isn't the verbiage used, "strong" remains subjective. I am in favor of using your verbiage, all of it, for the MB. But since it isn't the verbiage, another MBC might determine "strong" differently. That is what makes it subjective.
  15. Swimming Merit Badge Questions

    Ahem... Unless you can quantitatively measure what makes one swimmer strong and another not where both of them swam the entire distance with the correct strokes, then as the OP and others have stated, the qualifier is subjective. It is determined by the opinion and the interpretation of the instructor, not a specific measurement.
  16. Swimming Merit Badge Questions

    I don't think it will be an issue, to quote: Level off and swim 75 yards in a strong manner using one or more of the following strokes: sidestroke, breaststroke, trudgen, or crawl; then swim 25 yards using an easy, resting backstroke. The 100 yards must be completed in one swim without stops and must include at least one sharp turn. After completing the swim, rest by floating. ------------------------------- "Strong" being subjective, should probably be removed from the language. As long as he can swim using a combination of the above strokes for 75 yards, he should be OK. The strokes don't have to be perfect (Do Your Best). The float does not require the scout to remain completely still, just demonstrate that you can float without a doggy paddle or other active swimming method. I don't see any reference to his butt needing to be at any specific depth so as long as he can remain on his back afloat with minimal effort, he should be OK
  17. Family Scouting Update

    Agreed. And, if there was indeed such a clamor for join BSA, then it should not need to change to accommodate a different gender. We should assume that they wanted to join because what we already have to offer, not we would somehow morph into GSA with more swag and camping.
  18. Family Scouting Update

    I hope for both our sakes (and BSA too) that neither of us have to wait that long. I think we can ALL agree that BSA could have handled this in a manner where this level of ambiguity was not present.
  19. Family Scouting Update

    No vilification, just confusion how someone can make an informed decision when we don't know what BSA4G will look like. As I stated, perhaps now for the third time, if troops are forced to have girls, then those leaders have my sympathy and support in their decision. Step away if it turns out as bad as some seem to think it will be but don't step away over the fear of what it could be.
  20. Family Scouting Update

    There were girls at the Jambo last year.
  21. Family Scouting Update

    If you write out a check to "Save the Whales" does that mean your a consumer of whales? If you are a consumer, what good or service is it that you are buying? I don't have the years of service you do but I can't think of a good or service I gained through my years of volunteering (and paying registration fees). My son and other scouts obtained a good or service but all I gained was miles on my car and bigger holes in my wallet.
  22. Family Scouting Update

    I don't disagree, but how can ANYONE in advance of what this will look like even come to an informed decision that they can no longer function as a leader? Again, if BSA forces a troop to take on girls, then I both sympathize and support the decision of leaders to step away if they is how they feel - but we are not there yet. We have only the FEAR of what BSA might look like in 2019 and to make a decision in advance of that conveys that the decision is not about inability to function as a leader but more a dislike of girls anywhere at all in BSA. Quitting over a fear of how a policy will be implemented, not over how it actually works.
  23. Family Scouting Update

    Except as adult volunteers, we are not consumers. Our scouts are the consumers. We are the instruments of the Law and the Oath. When we remove our expertise from this process, we are not deciding to buy a cheaper or better product, we are deciding that we longer want to help this group of youth learn the Law and the Oath. Quitting on our existing scouts might be the final "lesson" about the Oath and the Law that we ever teach them.
  24. Family Scouting Update

    I am trying to understand why you would disadvantage your own scouts by removing your years of expertise from your boys and I just don't get it. Unless (and some say until) BSA forces you to have girls in your troop, then what direct impact does it have on your boys? Even if they occasionally see one at a District camp out, certainly your boy scouts are well adjusted enough to not freak out or behave differently. Have you always avoided the World Jambo based on the same concern of seeing girls there? I get (and support) that there are many scouters that do not want full coed. I don't want such a decision forced on you and for your sake (and ours) I hope that doesn't happen but if BSA rolls out a program that is separate, as they claim it will be, then what negative impact are you expecting to experience by having another Troop have girls but yours doesn't? Removing yourself from scouting seems to hurt your troop more than the fact that there are girls in some other troop.