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  1. In 1974 I do not recall any elections in our troop. In a troop of 30 boys, maybe one per year were tapped out at a camporee. If you did not attend the camporee, you missed your chance. The scoutmaster identified the candidates to the OA during the big campfire ceremony. Besides first class, one needed to be a PL for some time. At the time, maybe 10% of the unit was in OA, and none of the troop's goof-offs.
  2. Scouting is doomed

    How is this different than any other part of life? Scouting is what you make of it. A Scout is Cheerful. A Scout is Brave.
  3. When to wear uniform

    I believe he is registered as a committee member, and would like to be an ACM. He's not wearing an adult position insignia, he just kinda looks like an adult in uniform. I found his spoof knot ...more of a social statement item, an "inclusive scouting knot." I will ask him how all this silliness strengthens his application to be an ACM. Thanks for your help, everyone.
  4. When to wear uniform

    He is wearing this spoof patch on his uniform, not the proper one posted by EmberMike. Sorry for the confusion
  5. When to wear uniform

    There is no "trained" patch just "paper trained."
  6. When to wear uniform

    I believe the issue is that he is appearing as an adult leader when he is not. Young cubs cannot tell difference between one adult from another, in uniform.
  7. When to wear uniform

    We have a parent wearing his adult uniform to Pack meetings and activities. He does not hold a leadership position in the Pack, nor has he completed any position-specific training, ever. He wants to be an Asst. Cubmaster but has not completed any of the position training for that role. He has current YPT, and operated in years past as a Committee Chair without any position-specific training, as indicated in his record at my.scouting.org Simple Question: Am I correct in saying he cannot wear the uniform to activities since he is not a "trained" adult leader in the unit? To make matters worse he is an Eagle Scout, and has adorned his uniform with a spoof knots and a silly "_______ trained" patch.
  8. What Do You Look For In A Summer Camp?

    Two merit badges max. Chow Hall. 1/2 day per troop at rifle range Baker Tents with cots 20-mile day hike Salt water Mile Swim. (same summer Jaws came out) Daily free swim & boating. Wild Pigs in camp ever night while the adults hiked 2 miles into two to the bar. Contraband fireworks (back then). Patch trading Making amends by serving on KP or KYBO cleaning Faux indigenous campfire ceremonies Night fishing Night hikes
  9. Top 10 Reasons for Summer Camp

    # 12 Interact with great roles models I remember many of the camp* staff showed that one could be accomplished, skilled, true to the scouting ideals, and be cool all at the time. Most all of them were Eagle Scouts. Far more impressive than the adults we had with us. *Camp Emerald Bay, Camp Cherry Valley, Camp Pico Blanco
  10. I recently applied to NESA. They could not find a record of my Eagle award but they had those of my father and grandfather. Luckily my original documentation from National remained safe all these years. My NESA contact was very helpful and professional. I contacted my original lodge and council for OA records. neither seems set up to search files or reply to email.
  11. Scouts are like Squirrels

    The program was called "Strengthen the Arm of Liberty" program and kicked off in 1949. I believe it was in response to a growing Cold War threat. You can find brass neckerchief slides on eBay with the Statue of Liberty and the same tagline, Strengthen the Arm of Liberty. The were available with the Cub and BS logos. Wikipedia and Facebook have pages dedicate to the statues. 1949 newspaper clippings from my father's council-wide ECOH told off a huge and impressive presentation for this program, as part this big event.* The scouts were a logical vehicle for such a patriotic campaign with their history civil defense preparation, war bond sales, and positive public image. *1700 in attendance
  12. Laziness?

    I'm torn between the laziness/ignorant concept ...... Why not huddle the POR team and have the SPL lead a session to document POR job descriptions and prerequisites. Then have the SPL and former POR holder see that the replacements accept, understand, and can execute* their new responsibilities. The SPL in the keeper of the PORs, current and future. * Obviously this requires some coaching and a transition period, but surely the boys can handle this.
  13. Closed Toe Shoes

    To me this thread comes down to a simple question: As an adult leader which is more import, personal choice or roll modeling common sense outdoor behavior that the scouts can emulate and succeed at. While I may wear sandals on a personal trip with my buddies, I'm not going show them off at scout camp if the kids are expected to be in closed shoes for obvious safety reasons. I'll find something that works for me and the guidelines. I also have no problem telling a parent their kid's chance of completing an outing, healthfully, is going to be less with improper footwear. I believe it is asking a lot of an energetic 13-year old not to cream his feet , on rough terrain, in a pair of outdoor sport sandals. A kid leaving an outing early, is a lost opportunity.
  14. District meetings - what's the point?

    No body at ours, old guard*, wood badgers, or new-no-nothings are going to come up an introduce themselves. People are shy or exclusive. Round tables are what you make of them. Wear a name tag, come with some good questions, work the crowd, and find the person who can help you or at least you are willing talk to again, next time. In my case, after three meetings the DE knows me by name, answers my calls, and has advised my CC on some bad-adult behavior in our unit. *Make those rows of knots and wood badge neckerchiefs work for you. Tell the know-nothings what someone did for you. Lead the change...you are the customer.
  15. Order of the Arrow for Females?

    Another late to the party question* ......When did adult female leaders start getting inducted into the OA? Here at Chief Seattle Council I'm noticing some woman wearing the lodge flap at district and council events. * away from Scouting for 40 years.
  16. When to wear OA sash

    Your OA flap and arrow dangle should be enough to indicate membership in the Order for an ECOH. Add the sash to your personal history display, if you have one.
  17. Some patients should look at the custom mouth piece option for an off-grid solution. The mouth piece replaces the CPAP during sleep and effectively changes the shape of the airway enough to eliminate snoring and the need to use the device. A family member with mild to moderate sleep apnea was able to make this change.
  18. Merit Badge Class . My Thoughts

    When did the MB U phenomena start? Who is driving this corner-cutting: national, council or misguided parents? My Webelos son will be in a troop in about 14 months and it would benefit to more about this. As a scout in the early to mid 70's no one came back from summer camp with more than 2 MBs, and these were usually ones unique to camp, or super time consuming to do at home (lifesaving, oceanography, pioneering, canoeing, etc.) During the school year one was lucky if they averaged three per quarter.
  19. Polish scout escapes Auschwitz by impersonating German officer. In yesterdays Washington Post. https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/obituaries/kazimierz-piechowski-early-auschwitz-prisoner-who-led-a-risky-escape-by-car-dies-at-98/2017/12/17/e77ded92-e33e-11e7-a65d-1ac0fd7f097e_story.html?utm_term=.d45ba54d9fbd
  20. Veteran Unit

    In Chief Seattle Council it was as simple as sending an email to the council office and getting the original chartering date back a few days later. Our Cub Pack is 78 years old and no one knew it.
  21. Wearing Jamboree patches?

    I attended the 1975 WSJ as a participant. Which patch should be worn? US Contingent (rather cluttered with Bicentennial stuff) or the International issue (elegant woven silk one). Is it worn above the right pocket or in the temporary location? This would go my COH shirt and not the weekly user.
  22. 1960's uniform questions.

    Thank you, Tahawk. Does anyone have a picture of this patch?
  23. 1960's uniform questions.

    My grandfather completed his Eagle at age 38, as an ASM in 1947, Buffalo, NY. Other pictures show him as a youth Life Scout in approximately 1922-1925. My father earned his two years later. The 1949 COH* picture I have of them shows the elder wearing his Eagle rank patch and medal on his ASM uniform. * All council COH, 7 Eagles awarded, 8 Silver Beavers, Numerous Scouter's Keys, an elaborate "Strengthen the Arm of Liberty" campaign kick off, and 1700 in attendance. Any idea what the diamond-shaped patch would be on the adult's right sleeve near the cuff? DSJ_FOS_Easgle picture.pdf
  24. Wayback machine... 1983-ish

    The shinny, fully embroidered leader position patch indicated "Trained".
  25. I cannot imagine what this guy saw. "Daniel Konzelman was one of thousands of commuters barreling along a highway outside Seattle on Monday morning when the emergency response training he learned as an Eagle Scout kicked in." http://komonews.com/news/local/commuters-help-people-out-of-derailed-train-comfort-victims