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  1. For dens, meet in homes. Does anyone have enough space to host the pack on their property? Call your park director and/or mayor and ask for free use of the pavillion for your non profit once a month.
  2. I am loving the open-ended, campsite gadget idea !
  3. Oh the kids, er, Scouts, have made what we call "tripod with a lever". They LOVED it.
  4. My mistake, they were playing a game of catch.
  5. Kiddo #1 has two of four signatures so far on his Eagle Project Proposal. He plans to build a split rail fence at the local nature center to encourage people to stay on the trail in an area where some people have been wandering into the woods.

    His goal is to have it done by early November. Very proudt that he presented to the parent committee, next he needs the scoutmaster and the district sign offs. 

  6. OK, I am a new assistant scoutmaster, and we have two other new assistant scoutmasters. In addtion, the kids in our troop trend younger. We do not have a strong command of scout skills. However, the bright side is that the kids are having fun at the meetings. At our last one, scouts made an activity to play dodgeball and when you're out, you have to answer a question about hiking / outdoor safety to get back in. This was a good idea and they had lots of fun but they did not have a ton of questions prepared. But it was a good effort. At our recent Zombie outing, the kids fi
  7. I will brag about how awesome our local fire department is. They are very community oriented. Our fire chief is extremely into community partnerships and outreach to the schools and other community groups. They are also working to promote work as firefighters and paramedics, dispatchers, etc. They need good people in the future generations. I think that the only difficulty is that every troop in the metro area would want them as CO. But talk about positive adult association. It's possible that our PD's would also do this for outreach and community building. Our fire chief is in
  8. This totally sounds like they want to reduce liability in case of future abuse lawsuits.
  9. One of the things I enjoyed at scout camp this year was seeing the trailers and flags of units from all over, as well as seeing who some of the sponsors were. Fire departments sponsor units. VFW's sponsor units. There are a lot of places that will help with this, and a lot of people who see the value in Scouting. Our units are sponsored by parent-teacher school organizations. If we had to look for more sponsors, I would likely approach our local Friends of the Library and Friends of the Nature Center non-profit groups,
  10. I am late to this and have not read all the replies but instead of giving out titles, delegate tasks -- hey, would you have time to do our Scout Shop shopping for all the awards? Let them do it once. Then ask for repeat help. Then slip them an advancement guide... little baby steps. Hey, would you come along with grocery shopping for our campout? Would you help plan our October outing? I'd start off with one-off, low commitment jobs. Then see how they do with those, then give PROFUSE THANKS and invite again. Do not forget the Profuse Thanks stage. People need to feel
  11. I was talking to another adult leader at camp who asked me, "is this your only camp this summer?" And I was like, "what? you go to more than one camp?" And they said, "yes, earlier this summer some of our scouts went to Tesomas and now we are here." He mentioned that they sometimes struggle to get enough adults for the camp that's farther away. This sort of blew my mind. Two summer camps? I discussed this with my husband, but he quickly said that he does not have enough time to do two summer camps. I also wonder, if anyone here knows, how hard is it to get into Tesomas
  12. This is something that I heard for the first time while at camp, the Scout Vesper second verse... Listen Lord, oh listen Lord,As I whisper soft and low,Bless my Mom and bless my Dad,There is something they should know.I have kept my honor bright.The Oath and Law has been my guide.Mom and Dad, this you should know,Deep in my heart I love you so. The thing that struck me is the "mom and dad" mentions. When I was recently having a discussion about culturally responsive teaching with our school superintendent, she mentioned an example from a kindergarten class with a young teacher who w
  13. Sorry if this is a big ramble, but I want to thank Scouters here for the discussion. We just returned from the first time at a new camp outside our council. It was overall, very nice and obviously nicer, more well maintained, and more functional/updated than our own council's camps. We're not talking luxury or modern camping here, but you can tell that the property is loved, cared for, invested in. I so appreciate the discussion about camps closing becuase we immediately re-booked for next year, anticipating that availability might start to get tight. (We are booked in with a deposit
  14. I am going to keep talking because I am torqued up. Sorry / not sorry. I have a couple favorite things about camp. One of our camps has a big castle and it has a big mine. These are basically huge play structueres with rooms, bridges, tunnels, etc. The castle was used a a setting for our Wood Badge dinner, and you can have events in it. It is outdoors but also has a smaller indoor room with a fireplace. But some of my best camp memorie are with Cubs in the camp kitchen and having dens do breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Kids love cooking and helping in the kitchen and it's even bet
  15. I'm going to say that as a female, I really want a flush toilet at camp. Especially when I was a Cub mom. Especially when it is that time of the month. I know we are getting crazy off topic but recruiting Cubs is a lot about the moms.
  16. There was a time when we went to Cub family camp and there were no joke, like 5 or 10 families there. It felt like we had the whole place to ourselves. Camps seem to be under-utilized for sure. At the same time, kids need places to swim and shoot BBs and do archery. Where can the little cubs go shoot BBs? We need people with big backyards and good umbrella insurance policies.
  17. I get it but that is not 100% true. The training provided by national, the publications, all of that is important. And a good reason for keeping some camps reaonsbly close is that more adults need to be trained on how to camp and lead. Especially now. Adults need the outdoor skills to be able to work wth the kiddos. I need more outdoor skills. If we build the program, we recruit the kids and train the leaders so they can be confident with the kids and have good supportive teams and communities of adult leaders.
  18. I am thinking I would cash out our retirements to save the Cub camp portion (Camp Doerr) at Indian Mound. It's not enough and I don't want to be a bag lady, but dang. Who wants to buy some lottery tickets with me? Really, faced with losing a camp, how many Scouters would throw in more cash? How many businesses? I get that it is unappealing to pay off another person's crime but saving a camp? I guess the reality is that we will keep donating time and money to our Troop.
  19. Thanks for that detail. Yes we must be in the same council and I also thought that the attachment to the service center building was too strong. It's not a great building. It's not used all that much. The scouting heritage museum, could be packed up and not many would care that much, or it could be relocated to camp. I did not buy that it would cost a lot of money to relocate the scout shop either. Of course it would be an expense, but let's prioritize -- a CAMP vs. a scout shop!
  20. I thought that, for having very little concrete information to share, it was a good and informative call. The council mentioned that their team visited three other Scout camps in our area, not too far away, operated by other councils that may be good resources that can be shared. I am of course concerned that these camps may be lost as well, but our council has communitated with the other councils and those camps may be in a more stable position to keep operating. I am only familiar with one of the three camps mentioned. Our Troop is going to Camp Long Lake (Potawatomi Council)
  21. I understood it to mean our council's two camps. Sorry, $400,000 (not million) Perhaps I misunderstood, but it sounded like they were talking about us.
  22. Our council had a Zoom call last night. I learned that our camps lose $400 million annually. The council was already considering selling camps. We did not get our council's obligation numbers, those will come out later after court papers are made public. It sounded like from the # of councils in America and the total dollar amount, an average amount per council would be $2 million. But that is not the exact number. I felt that the people making the presentation were all very professional and they are putting in a good effort to figure things out. Since we have no numbers and
  23. Yes, I have three Scout camps within an hour drive of my home. But we also live in a larger metro area. As I think more about this we need to keep our strongest cub camp and let the other, and the council building go, if that works financially.
  24. I think that Scouters need to plan with a 10 year time frame at a minimum, and that concedeing too many camps now is a recipe for slow death. These are important decisions.
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