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  1. CalicoPenn

    And yet more changes - even Pedro is not spared

    Mike Rowe is an actor with a degree in communications studies. His acting roles have given him a platform to make his opinions known but he has zero experience in running a multi-million dollar business. Yes, he is an Eagle Scout - his Eagle Scout Project was reading to the blind. Based on comments many have made in the past on this forum, if someone were to ask if reading to the blind would be a good Eagle Scout Project, most people would say no and lament about the quality of projects going downhill making the Eagle Scout rank less prestigious. Michael Surbaugh is an experienced administrator with the BSA, working his way up from DE. He has a degree in youth agency administration. He is also an Eagle Scout - unfortunately, there is no handy information about what his project was. I suspect that even Mike Rowe would say that Michael Surbaugh is better qualified to be CSE than he is.
  2. CalicoPenn

    Mike Rowe: Death of Boy Scouts?

    Yep - I missed it - since its now in an appendix that deals mostly with working from heights and what the OSHA requirements are for doing so. Thanks for pointing it out.
  3. CalicoPenn

    BSA Executive Salaries

    The LDS is driving the LDS out of Scouting - not the BSA. The biggest growth area for the LDS is not in the USA - its overseas. The LDS has been using the BSA as its youth program for its convenience. It is no longer convenient for them because larger and larger chunks of their organization cannot access the BSA program so the LDS is creating their own program which will be consistent globally rather than have a BSA centered program in the states and a "separate but equal (??)" program overseas.
  4. CalicoPenn

    Mike Rowe: Death of Boy Scouts?

    I have to ask - where-ever did the idea that a Cub Scout couldn't go out in a canoe with their parent? Canoeing is allowed in the Cub Scouts - they just can't canoe in moving water (aka a river or creek) or on float trips.
  5. CalicoPenn

    Mike Rowe: Death of Boy Scouts?

    No youth drivers This has been true for a very very long time - at least since the 1970's - and now, many States actually have limits on the number of people a youth driver can have in a car. No skinny dipping This was pretty much true in most places back in the 1970's as well. Even the all-boys private (read Catholic) schools were ending the practice of swimming classes and practice without a suit back then. SM/SPL screen every song/skit We did this back in the 70's as well - though mostly to prevent embarrassing the Troop at a Summer Camp or Camporee campfire but it also made sure that skits weren't mean spirited or singling out any individual. No boxing I hate to break it to Mike Rowe but boxing wasn't allowed back when he was a Scout in the 1970's. No independent patrol overnights Patrols can certainly go camping on their own - they just need approval from their Scoutmaster and have appropriate adult leadership around. My patrol camped on its own every June - and always had a couple of adults on the troop who just sat back in camp and read (we did feed them) - we needed someone to drive us after all. No one-on-one contact, down to electronic correspondence And in what way is this a bad idea? Pioneering project height limits No longer in the G2SS - have at it. Power tool restrictions I'm not sure that this is a bad thing at all - at least not these days. Lets think about it - we moan and groan about all the adult volunteers we are able to attract who have no outdoor experience, don't seem to be interested in taking IOLs, and whose presence tends to "dumb down" the outdoor adventure aspects of the program. I would argue that the majority of our adult volunteers aren't experienced enough with power tools themselves to be able to safely teach and supervise 11 year olds in the use of power drill, let alone a circular saw. People get so bent out of shape whenever that dreaded, evil National announces something new - imagine the outcry if National were to put together a "Safe Power Tool" program? No PL sign-off in Scoutbook Who, at National, ever said a PL can't sign off a requirement in a Scout's handbook? Uh uh - this is a unit decision - that has infiltrated the far reaches of Scoutdom like a bad cold virus as people in their units make up their own rules then go on to District positions and then start training other people in the way's of their Troop instead of the ways of the BSA program.
  6. CalicoPenn

    Mike Rowe: Death of Boy Scouts?

    Right you are - why, the BSA should be the leader is teaching youth how to shoot other people - not church youth groups. /s
  7. CalicoPenn

    Deterring thoughts of discrimination w/girls?

    Title IX does not apply to the membership practices of the Boy Scouts of America. That's actually in the regulations. It will apply ONLY to those parts of the program that received federal financial aid. For instance, Title IX would apply to the Soccer and Scouting program in those Councils that received HUD grants for the program. When it comes to the Cub Scout, Boy Scout or Venturing program, I do not believe that National, Councils or any local units receive any federal funding to support it so Title IX would not apply.
  8. CalicoPenn

    National, Religion, Membership, Oath and Law

    National can't fix youth retention issues. It truly has limited control on how individual CO's operate their units or how unit leaders operate their units. National provides the tools for local volunteers to run a successful unit program that attracts and retains members from 11 to 17. (Adjust to your age group program as needed). Then they pretty much rely on the first part of the Scout Law and trust that people will do it the right way. National can provide all the tools in the world but if people at the unit level don't bother to use them, then its really not National's fault. Unless people would prefer to have the BSA run on the Girl Scout model where the councils actually control the units, we, at the local level, have got to stop blaming National for membership losses and start looking in the mirror. Losing older scouts? In my experience, the units that lose most of their older Scouts are the units where the adults run and control things instead of trusting the boy-led program because, well - they just know better than the BSA. What can National do about membership losses? Exactly what it is doing - expanding the market. The Mormon church decided to create an internal youth group due to pressure from their "foreign" branches, where their growth is greatest. From a business perspective it makes perfect sense that the BSA would open their doors to girls to try to make up for that membership hit. Blaming National for a redirection of resources and efforts by a religious organization is blind to reality and unfair to National.
  9. CalicoPenn

    National, Religion, Membership, Oath and Law

    I always thought the soul of the program was the volunteers at the unit and district level that made it work either because of or despite National and Council priorities and despite any political differences that volunteers may have with one another. If the program has truly lost its soul, then that's a sad reflection on us, not on BSA corporate. People can claim that it was the BSA that left them, not the other way around, all they want but the fact is the BSA has made many changes over its existence and has marched ahead because of the volunteers who refused to take their ball and go home but stayed and adapted.
  10. CalicoPenn

    From National: Official Name

    I still wonder the relevancy of a 1912 Royal Charter to an American organization founded in 1910.
  11. CalicoPenn

    From National: Official Name

    You are confusing conservative with political parties - it was southern conservative democrats that opposed those rights.
  12. CalicoPenn

    From National: Official Name

    We're the Boy Scouts of America - we don't have a royal charter so what's the point of bringing it up? As for the 1913 Scoutmaster handbook - my response is it doesn't matter what it says - the Scoutmaster Handbook has changed a number of times since 1913 - and it will change a number of times in the future. A Scoutmaster Handbook from 1913 is irrelevant to 2018. Like a physics or chemistry textbook from the 1960's, its now mostly just a window to the past - with many outdated concepts. You can probably even find a more contemporary Scoutmaster(s) Handbook that uses the word Boy a lot - and it will be superseded and outdated when the BSA simply replaces Boy with Youth. Society evolves - always has - there are things that were done 200 years ago that we would just not put up with anymore. There are things that were done 105 years ago that we would just not put up with anymore. Why should anyone be shocked if the BSA handbooks change to emphasis youth over boys? If that instrument that many consider to be the infallible word of G-D can change (spelled that way out of respect for others) to change Thou Shalt Not Kill to You Will Not Murder, then by goodness, the Scoutmaster Handbook isn't exempt from being changed.
  13. CalicoPenn

    From National: Official Name

    They are waiting until next year so that some of the first female scouts to come into the Scouts BSA program will be crossing over from the Cub Scout program - that's how they've always said they envisioned the timeline. I've asked this numerous times - and no one has ever been able to answer - exactly how do you see the program itself (not the YPT stuff, not the logistics - the actual program - rank requirements, merit badges, camping/hiking/summer camp program) changing? What rank requirements will change? Will lashing be changed to macramé? Merit badges on cosmetology? All the girls I've talked to (current Venturers) have said they wanted to join the Boy Scouts because of the program that the BSA already has - they wouldn't want anything to change program wise.
  14. CalicoPenn

    From National: Official Name

    Sounds great on paper but consider what might happen 3 or 4 years down the road when the Pack's Webelos, who are now used to being around girl cub scouts all decide to move to the Scout Troop that is linked with the Scout Troop the girls join - what will that do to your membership numbers?
  15. CalicoPenn

    From National: Official Name

    I believe it might be a violation of YPT for boys to pee in front of other boys, let alone in front of girls. So the proper answer to "As a Scout" would be "heck no".