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  1. Sad sign of the times

    Everytown for Gun Safety is quite clear on what they consider the parameters to be to call something a school shooting - you can disagree if you want but its rather disingenuous to claim they are being dishonest just because the numbers they are reporting which match their criteria doesn't meet yours or someone else's idea of what a school shooting means. We can have honest differences of opinion without calling other people dishonest
  2. Sad sign of the times

    It depends on how you define school shooting. While the number is off by 1 (the folks who came up with the numbers changed it from 18 to 17 because one of the schools has been closed for a few years) there have been 17 incidents of gun fire at schools since January 1. If you don't want to call some of them "school shooting" feel free if it salves your conscience - but frankly, arguing whether a middle school student committing suicide by gun in his school's restroom is a school shooting or not, or whether a student fires his gun in the air during an argument at school is a school shooting is beside the point. Whether its 5 or 7 or 17 gun incidents, it is 5 or 7 or 17 gun incidents too many.
  3. Sad sign of the times

    Based on past experience, there will be no changes made. If we couldn't get sensible gun control regulations passed after a school shooter killed perhaps the most sympathetic group of children ever (young children who still believed in Santa Claus just two weeks before Christmas), we'll never have any changes - not unless we declare the NRA a terrorist organization and retire every politician who takes donations from them.
  4. Sunday Morning segment on the BSA

    I have no problem with the Skorts - as long as they allow boys to wear them if they wish.
  5. Adult Adventure Weekend at the Summit

    Got to pay for the Summit somehow - and it looks like the Boy Scouts of America is counting on the Man Scouts of Neverland to do so.
  6. Virtual Campfire

    You're kidding, right? Please tell me you're kidding.
  7. Virtual Campfire

    I suspect that B-P would be fleeing in terror at the witchcraft of instantaneous electronic communications.
  8. Virtual Campfire

    Wait - you mean this site has a place where people can click on green or red arrows to express their approval or disapproval of a post? Get outta here..... Seriously, don't go back to lurking - you're adding a valuable perspective. My attitude towards those arrow things is those are for cowards. If someone doesn't agree with something I've said, then A Scout is Brave - respond in the thread and lets have a discussion about it. Otherwise, I just can't be bothered by it.
  9. Scouting is doomed

    * Female Scoutmasters * Liberals * Conservatives * Heavy influence by the Church of Latter Day Saints * Elimination of merit badges for farming Scouts * Public schools no longer sponsoring units * Churches no longer sponsoring units * Trail Life * Guide to Safe Scouting rules * Helicopter Parenting * Troop only Merit Badge counselors * Popcorn Sales (product too expensive) * Parents afraid of the outdoors making their children afraid of the outdoors. * Millenials * Baby Boomers and etc. etc. etc.
  10. The legend is that if he sees his shadow, he gets scared and runs back to his burrow to continue to hibernate. If he doesn't see his shadow, he doesn't get scared and he stops hibernating. In the real world, make groundhogs emerge sometime in February to find a mate. Once they have mated, the go back in to hibernation until sometime in March. The tradition of Groundhog Day started in post-Catholic Germany. Until Germany became a mostly protestant nation, the German's celebrated Candlemas Day (conveniently on February 2) where the Catholic Church would bless and distribute candles for "second winter". The candles represented how much longer winter would last. The Protestant churches did not celebrate Candlemas day so rural Germans adapted the weather forecasting part of the day into an animal prediction based celebration using badgers as the animal of choice. It is no accident that Groundhog Day originated in Pennsylvania, specifically around the Pennsylvania Dutch areas of the state - lots of Germans settled there, and brought their traditions with them. It was celebrated earlier than the famed "First Groundhog Day" in Punxsutawney, but they were small local celebrations amongst neighboring farmers. The Punxsutawney Groundhog Day was created by the Puxsutawney Elks Club, mostly as a replacement for their Groundhog Feast which was held in September. With more readily available farm raised meats, they decided that it was no longer worth it to hunt groundhogs for their feast. They still had their feast in September but mostly with pork and chicken instead and not wanting to lose their association with the groundhog, they modified the German candlemas day badger day tradition using the groundhog.
  11. Maybe even less. Phil's accuracy is about 36% from 1969 to 2016. I've heard it said that being a weatherperson is the only job in the world where you can be wrong 95% of the time and still make more that $250K per year.
  12. To quote Tevye (Fiddler on the Roof): Tradition! Its just a fun little way of keeping some tradition and history alive - Just sit back and enjoy it.
  13. Can Scouts use campers?

    As long as the Scouts and the adults are in separate pop-ups, there's nothing that says you can't.
  14. Woodstock Willie (Illinois - home of the movie Groundhog Day) is currently hiding in the witness protection program to avoid being whacked by the Chicago mob - they paid him off to not see his shadow and he betrayed them - he saw his shadow.
  15. Am I the only one?

    If I've got this right, the District (Council) sent out an e-mail inviting the district volunteers to a meeting where they would answer (or try to at any rate) the questions they posed in their letter, then you (without apparently attending the meeting) made up your own answers to the questions based on how you think/assume the District/Council is going to actually answer those questions - and now you post on that face-thingy thing and then in here and you're looking for what? Validation? Confirmation? Sympathy? Did you go to the meeting to find out what their actual answers were? If so, care to share? Otherwise the answer to your thread question is no, alas no, you aren't the only one, not even the only one in this forum, to get e-mails and letters and notices and see announcements from District/Council/National and read in to them whatever you have decided to read in to them and then work yourself and others in to a frenzy of negativity because you somehow just intuit what is going to be said without even bothering to attend the meeting. And because you aren't the only one, you will get plenty of folks giving you validation, confirmation and sympathy for something you have essentially imagined.