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  1. Congratulations. You win. You've been trying to drive me out of these forums with your personal attacks on me for years. Your bullying finally worked. This will be my final post.
  2. There is a bit of a misunderstanding on the ban. The BSA does not ban laser tag guns, paintball guns or squirt guns - the BSA is fine with these activities as target practice. What they ban is using these simulated weapons to have games of tag or gun fights where Scouts target other Scouts - they do it to be consistent with their gun safety teaching on the range. I find it a bit ironic how we often complain about the BSA not being consistent about things then when they are consistent about something, we complain about that. More importantly though - understand that the BSA isn't going
  3. Let me be upfront with my bias on this. The POR I used for all of my rank advancements was Den Chief. Yes, I served other positions in the Troop - Scribe, Patrol Leader, Librarian - but I was a Den Chief starting at 12 years old through my aging out at 18. I always considered Den Chief to be a service to the Troop - its one of the best recruitment tools out there - a good Den Chief is an ambassador to your Troop - not only within the Pack they work with but often to the Cub Scout community as a whole if they get involved in District level events like Bike Rodeos and Pinewood Derbies. I
  4. This quote from the story says it all to me: “There is always going to be someone that’s going to try to be more daring and go out, beyond where the stairs are, or say, ‘Hey look at me — look what I can do.’” I'm not going to point the finger at selfies. I'm not going to point the finger at increased crowds of people. I'm not going to point the finger at lack of fences, lack of signs, lack of respect for nature. This is not a new phenomena - things like this have been happening since the beginning - and have been reported as the follies and foibles of people since at least t
  5. If the BSA simply "blacklists" someone without making any comment other than the person is removed and barred from Scouting, that would not rise to the level of character defamation. If they were to make pronouncements on what led to a Scouter being removed from Scouting and there is no legal proceedings that support their statements, that could be considered defamation. For example, if the BSA were to announce that they were removing Russell Henderson from Scouting because he was convicted of murdering someone, that wouldn't rise to defamation - there are facts behind the statement. On the
  6. Every one of us can look at other units and find something being done that just isn't right, without exception. Just reading through the years worth of threads in this forum should be convincing enough of that statement. How many people complain about Eagle Scout mills, about Merit Badges being taught at Troop Meetings, about people not following the requirements or being enabled not to follow the requirements. Yes - this is not the way it is supposed to be - but - the BSA is a volunteer organization with no real method for maintaining "quality control" other than the Scout Oath and Sc
  7. Is he being removed from the BSA altogether or is he being removed from a Unit. If h is being removed from Scouting, then National will have reviewed the case file before blacklisting him. If he is being removed from a unit, he can always go to another unit.
  8. It is an internal governance document for BSA staff. Not everything the BSA has documents for are available or even should be available to volunteers. This is one of those documents. If you know of a volunteer that should be removed from Scouting, your role as a volunteer gives you only one option - report the person to the Scout Executive. That's all you can do. Volunteers do not remove people from Scouting. Volunteers do not investigate people for removal from Scouting. If you think someone should be removed from Scouting, then report it to your Scout Executive. Your Scout Execut
  9. I think a clarification may be needed. To earn Ordinary in the Sea Scouts, one must serve as an activity chair. Since their is no corresponding position in the Boy Scouts, it won't serve as a POR for the Boy Scout ranks (there is a list of the leadership roles in the Boy Scout Requirements book that are acceptable Sea Scout alternates). Media Specialist will, however, serve as a POR for the Boy Scout rank. By the same token, Media Specialist will not serve as the leadership requirement for Ordinary because it is not a substitute for activity chair. For Able, one can either serv
  10. High Cliff State Park, on the other side of Lake Winnebago from Oshkosh has 2 tent only group campsites and 6 "standard" (ie rv but tents can be used too) non-electric group campsites. Could be booked for Airventure. About an hour away, near Waupaca, is Hartman Creek State Park which has 5 standard group sites - each with a capacity of up to 50 people.
  11. I call shenanigans - something just doesn't make any sense about this story at all - this is a single tenant building - just houses the BSA - it would be pretty odd for some random person off the street to park in a random office parking lot, enter the building, and then pretty calmly leave while "eating a cupcake". Something is fishy about this whole story.
  12. So now moderators are closing threads because they may have veered off topic but are not devolving into anything offensive or disputative just because reasons? See thread on OA and Arrow of Light Ceremonies. Is this going to be the new policy around here because if it is, every thread on here should probably be closed now.
  13. Question - did you personally own the regalia that you sacrificed to the sky or did you take it upon yourself, based on rumors and hearsay to burn costumes and equipment belonging to the chapter? And yes, I used the word costumes - not regalia - regalia has a specific meaning and is related to the ceremonial dress that is worn by monarchs and royal families.
  14. As one who also has some Scottish in my hereditary line, may I say it's the knobby knees that I find most offensive 😁
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