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  1. I did a follow up on this and one does NOT have to register as a volunteer, just have a parental permission signed and a photo waiver signed. I checked with our local council and there is such a thing as a Red Cross Club that allows members to register and get ongoing partnership communications with the local chapters. Learning for Life and/or Venturing could easily be set up for this (keep the 16 year age limit in mind). First Aid/CPR/AED instructors can be as young as 16. 18+ year old volunteers who register with ARC get all training for free and are allowed to be deployed to nationa
  2. You have to register as a volunteer, have parental permission, be over 16, and be accompanied by your parent when installing smoke alarms. If scouts cannot use power-tools they can't participate in the actual installation but all other help is appreciated. If they wish to canvass neighborhoods on their own and report their survey findings, that is great, but check with the local chapter personnel to coordinate efforts with them and to make sure those that wish to get the alarms actually get them. There is a major push twice a year for installations, one in the fall before the winter
  3. https://www.google.com/search?q=ojibwe+pictures&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=6QC3uvvHpjwCQM%3A%2CtJ9YyDuS0AEGxM%2C_&usg=__gJZvB61xXTHHb_nIbBZYDAO3p7U%3D&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjnxaDa3PDYAhVr34MKHd1-DCYQ9QEIKzAB#imgrc=6QC3uvvHpjwCQM: How many of your OA boys look like the real Ojibwe (Chippewa) Hiawatha's native tribe? Unfortunately they tend to look like what we think they should look like and don't do the real research.
  4. The Buffalo Bill Museum in Cody, WY has displays of the various Indian traditions. No two are alike, but NONE of them look like Hiawatha a fictional character from Longfellow's poem. The real Winnie the Pooh does not look anything like the real Winnie.
  5. I have 2 wool Pendleton red jac-shirts. I also have 1 BSA red jac-shirt. I always have to look closely to make sure I grab the right one. If I grab the wrong one, no one has ever noticed.
  6. Have the boys pick their group of friends for a patrol and all this drama goes away.
  7. And if everyone knew and used Robert's Rules of Order, there would be no need for any stick.
  8. Hmmm, I have a gal that got fired up about doing a recent service project that she organized a group of elderly ladies, acquired the materials and had everyone pitch in and make lap blankets for all the residents of the local nursing home for Christmas. Sound like an Eagle project? Nope, the gal part gave that away. Did she say she had fun? Nope, not that either. Did she get any credit for it? Nope, but she did put in a public notice of thanks to everyone that helped her. I asked her a couple of Sunday's ago at church coffee fellowship about her "project". She was kinda surprised bec
  9. Over the course of about 13 years of running a Venturing Crew, I had 7 boys Eagle. Of all the boys with Scouting backgrounds, i.e. dual registered, troop/crew, only one did not Eagle. I did not have any that earned any Venturing awards. The boys knew I was dual registered as Venturing/Scouting and respected my promptings to stick with the troop and get their Eagle. I didn't need to pressure any of the boys, we were picking up some of the top scouts in the council and surrounding councils and I didn't really need to push any of them along. I simply stated my preferences and like I said
  10. We live in a competitive society. Caring community went out the window back in the '60's.
  11. Are you sure this was written by Murray? It sounds like something my wife would write in my biography now that I'm 67 years old.
  12. I had a '70 Maverick ($1,995 new) the floorboards gave out before the engine.
  13. It is recommended that one change the oil every 3,000 miles. Like that's going to make it easy to keep track of. So I change my oil every 5,000 miles. That's easy to keep track of. 1) '74 Chevy Nova 78,000 miles 2) '87 Dodge Class-B Camper 115,000 miles 3) '98 Saturn 155,000 miles 4) '06 Honda CR-V 198,000 miles 5) '04 Ford F-150 220,000 miles The Mrs. wants a new CR-V. I might have to break down and get her one. She says the new ones have more features and cup holders.
  14. I knew a guy who drove a car 45,000 miles and just kept adding more and more oil as needed. He sold it in running condition. Be thankful you didn't buy it.
  15. No, it's the leadership skill of caring. Take care of your boys. If your boys know you care about them, they are more apt to follow and thus tasks will get done. If they don't follow because the leader doesn't care, the task is more apt to not get done. See it all the time with bossy "leaders".
  16. So just because leadership and management require communication, they are one and the same thing? The problem lies in the fact that our English language does not properly distinguish the two words. Can an individual manage a task by himself? Yep. Can an individual manage a person by himself? Yes and no. Depends on whether they follow or leave. Can an individual lead a task? Not really, the task isn't going to follow. (Thus the confusion in terms) Can an individual lead a person? Yep. So the only two consistently reliable answers are managing tasks and lea
  17. There are thousands of young men and women who join the military to serve their country, not earn rank. To those I offer my deepest and most sincere appreciation. But then there are those that feel self promotion is what the military is all about, a means to personal success, i.e. getting Eagle to jump a rank out of Basics. It doesn't take a lot of thought for me to see the difference. I am exposed to it all the time in Scouting. How many young people join scouts to do their duty to God and Country and help other people at all times and how many join to make it to Eagle. This is the
  18. Hillcourt is right, he omitted be a Manager. There are many ways Leaders communicate without verbalization. Someone's picking on of his patrol members and the PL comes up and gives the traditional Mom Stare until the bully backs off. Yep, that's communication. What is also "communicated" to the young victim is his PL has his back when things get dicey. Young scout is at the campfire making pancakes looking frantically around, the PL smiles and hands him the spatula from the chuck box he had forgotten to get. So what's the tasks being done here? I see it as building a relationship w
  19. Not really, Servant Leadership has very little to do with the mechanical management of tasks. Of course if there's a task to be done and the person votes with their feet, one can pretty much be assured they are not a leader. Teaching is a task even though it involves people, but does one teach because the student needs to get the knowledge for a grade or check box checked, or is the teaching so that it becomes something helpful in that person's life. I havent used French since high school, but to this day I still use my Latin.
  20. The two books from the Scouting EVERY BOYS' LIBRARY that Rockwell illustrated are "Scouting with Daniel Boone" and "Don Strong of the Wolf Patrol". Other Interesting books from the EBL collection are "Crooked Trails" written by Frederick Remington, and of course, illustrated by him. Same for Zane Grey's "The Last of the Plainsmen". Grey used photographs to illustrate his book. "Handicraft for Boys" and "Boat Building and Boating" were written and illustrated by Dan Beard (D. C. Beard). "Biography of a Grizzly" was written by Ernest Thompson Seton and illustrated by his wife Grace. Thi
  21. And one must remember that Servant LEADERSHIP focuses on others and their welfare, whereas Explain, Teach, Application and Communicating are MANAGEMENT of a task at hand. Two entirely different animals in my zoo.
  22. I had a scout who's mom kept track of his calendar of events so he would be sure to show up for everything. I wonder if he remembers to go to work everyday now that he's an adult?
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