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    Troop Pressure for OA

    Yep. OA is something extra and requires more investment of time. By all means, I think a Scoutmaster should do his part to facilitate OA elections and try to insure that those elected attend the Ordeal stuff. Beyond that, it is purely up to the Scout to determine his plan and purpose in the Lodge.
  2. And, we will see a lot of that in Lodges around the country. The girls in my council are gung-ho about getting involved in OA, Mic-O-Say, and camp staff. Where it sometimes feels like pulling teeth to get a boy to step up into a leadership role, it seems like there are more than a few girls that are wired for it.
  3. Hopefully some replacement ceremonial team members were discovered and trained in time, (under short notice, I know). The camping situation will be what it will be. That part is probably out of your hands. Decent ceremonies around a roaring fire will be impressive, and the day of cheerful service should go on, even if the Scouts sleep inside.

    Troop Trailer Stolen

    A trailer, especially one that is all decorated with troop and scouting logos and such, is just awkward to drag around town. I imagine most of the good stuff stolen from these trailers gets sold.

    Scouter.com Slogan Contest

    Don't Walk The Trail Alone!

    Scouter.com Slogan Contest

    Be Prepared For Anything!

    BREAKING - Fee Increase Numbers

    Here's how it's rolling out in my corner of the world. http://www.hoac-bsa.org/Data/Sites/1/media/membership/hoac-membership-fee-structure-overview.pdf

    Grace before meals

    At a Troop level, in my experience as both a kid and as an adult, a prayer before the meal sometimes happened and sometimes not. There was always some type of Sunday morning gathering on campouts where prayers would be said. Summer camp was quite a different story. "Grace" was and is said before every meal. There are a couple of favorites from my youth. At camp we would often sing (as a group of about 500 people in the dining hall) an old Methodist hymn: "Be present at our table, Lord, Be here and ev'ry where adored, These mercies bless, and grant that we May feast in Paradise with Thee." When I was on staff as a kid, I really loved when one of my brother staff-men would give the prayer in the dining hall. He was Jewish, and would do the prayer in Hebrew and give the translation: Barukh ata Adonai Eloheinu, melekh ha'olam, hamotzi lehem min ha'aretz. Translation: "Blessed are You, LORD our God, King of the universe, Who brings forth bread from the earth."

    Old Guys on Forum?

    I had to look at my profile, because I honestly couldn't remember. I've been here since Dec. 29, 2003. It's been fun and informative. The Issues and Politics Forum was quite a show back in the day. I was just thinking, that maybe the reason it has quieted down is that all the hot political, social and religious topics get hashed out to the max on Facebook and Twitter. It may be that a lot of us get so burnt-out on it on those platforms that we don't want to drag it over to this space. Just a theory. To be honest, the frisky debates of the past here on Scouter were far more rational and polite than what we see on social media these days This is still my go-to source for the latest things going on with the program. Many times I learn about the latest "news" here before it gets out through our council's channels.
  10. WAKWIB

    New Things...

    Spinning this from another thread. Regarding the "new BSA," I am very happy to report that in my Council many of the volunteer folks that are driving the program into the future have 30-50 years of Scouting experience. We intentionally mentor and listen to our future leaders who are currently in the 18-30 year-old age demographic. This is mostly done through cultivating relationships with dozens of people who serve on our summer camp staffs for 6 or so years. Our goal is to infuse the New Things with as much of the old traditions and practices as possible. In short, old guys and gals are embracing the changes and are doing our best to influence the outcomes. Will everything be perfect and meet everyone's expectations? Obvious answer is NO! But, we are trying.....what say you?
  11. WAKWIB

    New Things...

    The thing that drives me and my peers (old codgers by most standards), is the desire to deliver the best program possible. All of us have had to take a leap-of-faith in the face of the recent changes. In our council, the girls who participated in our summer camp program loved it to the max, and we changed absolutely nothing about it. We were quite surprised and it has motivated us to drive forward because we know the interest and participation from young ladies in our community is only going to increase.
  12. @John-in-KC When was the last time you were at camp Brother John? True, there have been good times and bad times when it comes to food at Bartle-Land, but this year there were few complaints. Neither you or I can fully comprehend the challenge of keeping the cost low and the quality acceptable.
  13. WAKWIB

    Faith and Chaplaincy Issues

    True! And maybe I could share this lack of Zeus' integrity with the Scout in this very goofy scenario. Keep in mind that the original poster of the Zeus comment was doing it in jest. I seriously doubt that I will ever have to deal with such a situation.
  14. Believe it or not, we have a Troop from Oregon that has been coming to our camp for the last few years. Admittedly, one heck of a journey!
  15. WAKWIB

    Summer Camp during a heat wave

    Glad you survived @ItsBrian! Despite the conditions, you made Scouting happen for a bunch of kids. I hope you return to be a staff man or a unit leader at your camp next year!
  16. How far do you want to travel?😃 If you want to come to Missouri, I highly recommend the H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation!
  17. WAKWIB

    Faith and Chaplaincy Issues

    I have a "Duty to God" conversation with several Scouts every year. I would simply ask them, "What does Zeus expect of you?" "Do those expectations align with the Scout Law?" "How are you meeting those expectations?"
  18. WAKWIB

    Faith and Chaplaincy Issues

    Trail Life and the churches that are CO's for their units view inclusion of non-Christian youth as part of their evangelistic outreach to the community. They don't require "faith" as a requirement for the youth. They are hoping they can plant the seeds of Christian faith through their program. However, that's a side outcome for the most part. Most of the men and boys who participate in Trail Life just want to camp and enjoy outdoor fun.
  19. WAKWIB

    New Round of Abuse Lawsuits...

    Yes. The sensationalism in all this is pretty apparent. I think part of the strategy for the plaintiff lawyers is to score a lot of points in the court-of-public-opinion in order to influence the outcomes of their cases. Financially, I'm fairly positive that BSA will get over the hurdle somehow, but there will be a taint on the reputation that will take a lot of time and work to overcome.
  20. WAKWIB

    New Sex Abuse Charges

    Given the date of this post and what has come out in the last week or so, I say that you saw into the future. Unfortunately, the reputation of Scouting is going to take quite a hit even longer into the future.
  21. @Kudu Glad you returned to our campfire!! I was going to answer a question in this subforum about Patrol Method and I was planning on trying to remember a lot of what you said about it over the years. I hope you have the time to comment on it, because you describe how it should work in a very eloquent and accurate way.
  22. WAKWIB

    BSA Adult Application

    @Samuel Go with what some other forum members have suggested. Get everything worked out to complete what you need for the ASM position. That is a very critical need for your unit and will be the foundation for anything else you will do as a Scouter. Once that is all in place, applying for the other positions will be an easy road. Thank you for your willingness to serve Scouting!
  23. WAKWIB

    long time lurker, new participant

    Thanks for joining us @tk71!!
  24. WAKWIB

    First ceremony

    Where there is a will, there is a way! My advice to the chapter you mention, is keep whatever they are up to off of social media. Also, while "in ceremony" the team should just be scouts doing a presentation. No need to wave the OA flag to have a good production. Kids will catch on that it's a thing that older scouts do and they will, on their own, connect the dots that it's Arrowmen involved.
  25. WAKWIB

    Summer Camp Staff

    @chief027 You are getting a lot of good advice on the what/what not to bring stuff. And you will learn more about that with experience specific to your camp and accomodations. In my opinion you are working in a super fun and super important position on the waterfront. Your full attention will be required at all times, and it may sometimes get a bit tedious. An added bonus is that you should end up with a fairly nice suntan. We called the guys that worked the pool and lakefront at my camp, "bronze gods."😂 Every Scout that attends your camp will be at your program area at some point or another. You have the best opportunity in the whole place to influence and inspire the younger Scouts who will be looking up to you. Devote yourself to that opportunity! One of the coolest things from my experience on the camp staff in my area was that I made many lifelong friends. Guys I met and served with on staff for 6 years are still my trusted buddies to this day (and that staff time was 40 years ago). Most of us returned to the same camp with our kids and served as unit leaders. Many of us still volunteer a bunch of time to help the camp during season and off-season in a variety of roles. Your time on camp staff will greatly equip you for future non-scouting jobs, and will also form a solid foundation for any future duties you may take on as a Scouter or volunteer in another organization. Have a great summer!!