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    Solutions to letters falling off?

    I haven't checked the Scouts BSA shirts, but the current khaki shirts being sold are embroidered.
  2. MikeS72

    Selling Camp Cards

    In most councils camp cards earn money both for the council and the unit. Here in Central Florida scouts can earn free Cub Day Camp, or a free week at the council summer camp. The cards are sold for $5, $3 of which goes to the council and $2 to the unit. We credit our scouts with $2 for every card they sell, so even if they do not sell enough for a free week of summer camp, they can lower their total cost.
  3. MikeS72

    How tight are your scouts?

    My mid-60's shirt did not have a collar, which was kind of a moot point since necker's were a required part of the uniform back then. My uniform in the 70's had a collar, but we wore it turned under; same way we wore the original tan De La Renta shirts. My current troop does not wear a neckerchief, so the only time I wear one now is on occasion when I wear my Woodbadge necker to Roundtable, or when I wear one of my 60's/70's uniforms.
  4. MikeS72

    Neckerchief Slide

    My nephew's Webelos DL also told him he could not wear the one he made on a 3D printer, until I showed her in writing that scouts are welcome to make their own slides.
  5. MikeS72

    Most and Least Popular Merit Badges

    We are fortunate here in FL that there are hundreds of miles of trail within easy driving distance. Our problem is that we have to try to get it in during our very brief foray into "winter", when we are less likely to fry our brains in the wonderful FL sunshine. We did a 20 mile hike a month ago, where it was 45 degrees at the start of the hike, and 86 at the finish.
  6. MikeS72

    Most and Least Popular Merit Badges

    I think it is a combination of the two. I see more and more adult leaders who were never scouts themselves, and have little to no interest in strapping on a backpack and doing a minimum of 15 miles. I also see a lot of new scouts who hear 15 miles with a backpack on, (or the dreaded hiking MB 20 miles in a single day) and think, I could never do that; not realizing that only equates to 5 miles each day of the trek. One one of our recent 15 mile trips, the boys made that 5 miles in about 1.5 hours, and spent the rest of the day enjoying themselves.
  7. MikeS72

    Youth Protection Clarification Question

    An updated version of the new YPT was released on March 1. Mostly minor additions dealing with the introduction of girls into Scouts BSA, although I did think what they have done with the bullying segment is good. There is no need for those people who did last year's version to retake YPT until they expire next year. I did it again so I can answer questions I may get as an ADC.
  8. I very much agree. With the current election procedures allowing every scout on the ballot to be elected, it seems that more and more troops expect every First Class scout should be in OA. Many of them do lack the maturity or character to be an Arrowman. When I was elected 50 years ago, we were able to elect a maximum of 4 scouts, regardless of how many met the rank and camping requirements. As I recall, I was the only person elected that year, and we were a fairly large troop. I am all for progress, but changing OA election procedures is one change I wish had not happened. We saw much less 'sash & dash' in the distant past, as it was never a given that eligible scouts would be elected.
  9. MikeS72


    The merit badge counselor list provided to the SM should show the names of people who have registered to work with all scouts. It should not make any difference whether that scout is male or female. I think this is something that I would make my district chair aware of, so he can find out why these counselors are not willing to work with girls. It may be that they are not aware of the fact that for merit badge counselor 2 deep leadership, the parent counts. If the scout is a girl, mom would be the preferred parent. In our district, there are also many female MB counselors for most MB's.
  10. MikeS72

    Attending Events Solo

    If your lodge is anything like mine, they will have chapters camp together at conclave or fellowship. I think you will find that jumping in feet first and attending whether solo or with someone you know from another local troop, is a great way to get to know other members of your chapter. Our spring conclave begins tomorrow, and I am sure that there will be several chapter members who will enjoy the fellowship while being the only member of their troop in attendance. This is actually the first time in quite a while that I will not be the only person from my troop, as I have 2 new Arrowmen who will be attending their second lodge weekend since being inducted in January.
  11. Sounds a little like the military troop I was in 50 years ago. Patrols all stood a attention for inspection, then at parade rest during announcements. We would never have considered fidgeting or talking while our Drill Sargent SM was speaking. This was the troop that elected me an Arrowman 50 years ago in April. We did not have the problem being discussed here, as elections were a lot different back then, as in we had a maximum number of scouts who could be elected in a year, based on the number of scouts in the troop.
  12. MikeS72

    How tight are your scouts?

    I see that as well with the roll and slide positions, although the collar should be the same troop wide.
  13. MikeS72

    How tight are your scouts?

    Wore all of those at one time or another; as a 4'4" 7th grader, platform shoes were a must!
  14. MikeS72

    How tight are your scouts?

    Yes. There was a period where the lighter weight pants had that built in belt with a backpack style locking clasp. We have a couple of pair like that in our uniform closet.
  15. MikeS72

    How tight are your scouts?

    Not sure I have seen a current scout turn their collar under. My troop does not wear a neckerchief, although I do occasionally wear my Woodbadge one, and will on occasion wear an older 60's uniform and do wear a time period neckerchief with it. If I am wearing the collared 60's shirt I turn the collar under, if I am wearing a collarless shirt, it is a moot point. I do make sure that it is rolled tightly, and to a length of 6 inches when I wear any neckerchief, with the slide up to the last buttoned button.
  16. MikeS72

    Why was Jamboree Split in 1973

    I will agree with several items on that list. The ISP, skill awards, and that period where camping and cooking were no longer required MB's. I earned Eagle in 1971, prior to those changes taking effect. Swimming and Lifesaving were the last two merit badges I needed, and were last for a reason. I did not live anywhere where learning to swim was feasible, for years the closest pool was 100 miles away. If swimming had not been required for First Class, and the 2 MB's required for Eagle, I doubt I would have ever learned. As I have stated several times in response to the many on here who seem to have disliked the berets intensly, I loved them, still have one, and will on occasion wear it with one of my 60's/70's era uniforms.
  17. MikeS72

    What is the proper term now?

    I like this one. Our pack is doing crossover this Thursday night, I may suggest that to them.
  18. We were way ahead of the culinary trends when I was a young scout in the 60's. Many were the mornings that we enjoyed Cajun Blackened Pancakes.
  19. MikeS72

    Scouts and UFOs

  20. MikeS72

    What happened in 1973?

    I am also a product of scouting in the sixties, and as such agree that while it is now possible to blitz through with the minimum time in rank, and reach Eagle while still 11; that was not the case back in the day. As you state, you had to be 11 to join a troop and become Tenderfoot. From that point on, assuming minimum time at each rank, it would have been possible to reach Eagle while 12.
  21. Amazed at times how many scouters do not fully understand the concept of 2 deep leadership. We had a parent show up at 10pm last month during our chapter ordeal (one of 3 chapters at the camp that weekend) because the SM had told him that they only had one adult there from the troop and had to have 2 deep leadership. Between the 3 chapters, along with lodge advisors, there were easily 20 or more adults, not to mention the adults going through ordeal. Imagine how unwieldy things like ordeals and such would become if every scout had to have 2 adults from his troop present.
  22. MikeS72

    Snow Days?

    Not sure how it goes in Iowa, but here in FL it is not just the number of days we are in session, but the number of hours of instructional time. Thankfully, we did not miss any days this year (in my district at least) due to hurricanes. We have had several times in the past few years that we have missed a week at a time.
  23. Not here in Florida. Hiking is a little easier here at this time of year, when it can still be relatively cool. Much of the Florida Trail tends to be fairly level, although trekking through water, mud and sugar sand can slow you down a bit.
  24. Times do change. When I was a scout, there were no alternate MBs. We had to have camping, Citizenship in the Community & Nation, Conservation of Natural Resources, Cooking, First Aid, Lifesaving, Nature, Personal Fitness, Safety, and Swimming. The following year the requirements changed, 24 were required for Eagle rather than 21, but Camping, Cooking, and Nature were no longer required, and several alternates were introduced.
  25. Don't forget the killer one - 20 miles in a single day. We just had a couple of scouts for whom the 20 was the last thing they had to do to be complete; we did that with them while we were out of school on Monday. At the end of the day, both remarked that they were pleased with earning the MB, but that they would not be doing another 20 again any time soon.