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  1. an_old_DC

    Linked troops won't work

    I too believe they will become co-ed. In a few years, BSA brass will announce troops can officially be co-ed and they will say “this is what parents and volunteers want.” It’s the same argument they currently use for mixed gender packs
  2. @qwazseYes, I do know. I have been a Crew Advisor for 10+ years, have taken mixed crews to Philmont and other HA, etc., even had one young lady from my crew additionally serve on the Council’s VOA. So I have plenty of experience with female Venturers. And yes, a young lady was the most efficient, organized and effective President our crew ever had.
  3. an_old_DC

    Linked troops won't work

    @qwazseall of the BSA Family Scouting FAQ say linked troops will have their own PLC, which is responsible for planning their own troop’s meeting and outings
  4. No. I don’t have the time and energy for the baggage that would come with starting a troop for girls. -ongoing struggle to find registered female leaders to be at every meeting and outing -repeated meetings with Samantha Second Class’s parents to explain that unless they are registered ASMs, they cannot sign off for rank req in her handbook -repeated meetings with Tammy Tenderfoots parents to tell them they cannot sign off on her merit badges because they are not registered MBC -Paula Patrol Leader does not like to camp and quits attending meetings because she is in marching band. After scheduling multiple SM conferences with her—and the registered female ASM as a witness—to explain the responsibilities of a POR and clearly stating the consequences of not doing the job, her term ends with her never doing the job. As SM, I won’t sign her book saying she satisfactorily completed the term—because she didn’t. This throws off her timing and plan to be the first female Eagle Scout in the troop and among the first in Council, so Mom and dad call the SE alleging sexual discrimination because I don’t want a girl to be Eagle
  5. an_old_DC

    Completing Troop Detailed Assessment

    Do a beautification project for wherever they meet: VFW, Moose Lodge, etc. paint a building, trim trees and bushes, plant flowers or whatever.
  6. an_old_DC

    Just curious about background

    @Eagle1993why aren’t the CM and ACM or CM and CC being the “acting DLs” to keep the boy Tiger den afloat?
  7. I am curious how the leaders get away with flagrantly disregarding several National policies. Do they collect membership apps and dues from the girls? Do they submit Advancement reports for the girls? Is “Sam” really Samantha? Or are the girls really tagalongs? are there registered female leaders over 21 at meetings and campouts?
  8. an_old_DC

    Just curious about background

    @Eagle94-A1 Yes, I fully agree with you for most of your post. Anybody who has been in Scouting for very long can see what will happen. The volunteers on the National steering committee know it too, as does the CSE. They are playing the long game while boots on the ground are trying to figure out the day to day operations. that said, the volunteers in @bearesssons’ Troop clearly disregard National membership policies as well as YPT. She has posted several times that her sons Troop is co-ed. The fact is: Girls cannot be members of a Boy Scout Troop. if they will ignore these policies, it makes you wonder whatever else they ignore.
  9. an_old_DC

    Completing Troop Detailed Assessment

    Well, all the details get loaded into the Detailed Assessment form in the electronic Commissioner Tools. He wouldn't get all he needs from the JTE scorecard, but he would get everything he needs in a detailed conversation with you. He could take notes during the visit, and then complete the form on-line later.
  10. an_old_DC

    Completing Troop Detailed Assessment

    That's not how our Council does this and it is not the process outlined by National. A Unit Commissioner, Assistant District Commissioner or District Commissioner should be scheduling a face-to-face Unit Visit with the Key Three and then discuss "unit health," during which time the Commissioner fills out the form. When is the last time any sort of Commissioner visited your unit? By the way, a diligent Commissioner of any type can pull all of the Section 2 numbers and reports themselves in advance. @MikeS72posted this too but it bears repeating. It sort of defeats the purpose of the Assessment if the unit is doing it on their own without a Commissioner even present.
  11. an_old_DC

    Completing Troop Detailed Assessment

    @SaltfaceYes, I have completed a similar form...as a Commissioner during a Unit Visit. This is a Commissioner task. Has he asked for a time for the unit's Key Three to meet with him? That's when he should be filling it out with your help.
  12. an_old_DC

    And yet more changes - even Pedro is not spared

    I get the sense National just wants girls to join, wants their parents to join, and wants the parents’ money—and is not too concerned about pesky details like Program requirements. Now details like selling pink “Scout” t-shirts, new neckerchiefs and revamping a magazine? That’s a different story. National is all over brand management.
  13. an_old_DC

    Goodbye and Thanks for all the Fish.

    @Tampa TurtleI am sad to see you go. If I didn’t know you were in Tampa, I would often swear you were in my council. i will pour you a cup of coffee around the virtual campfire. thanks for all the thoughtful posts, and for the lighthearted ones too.
  14. an_old_DC

    What is the protocol?

    Call the Scout Executive. You need to know what somebody told him or her—especially since the Troop CC is not forthcoming. it is very odd nobody contacted you before contacting the SE. there is more to this story somehow.
  15. an_old_DC

    What is the protocol?

    The Council SE does not have authority to remove a Scout from BSA; only National can revoke membership. Now, the SE can absolutely request that National revoke membership. If the situation merits removal, National will then--after investigation-- revoke membership and that's that. However, that is usually for something criminal. The same goes for removing adults. I think OP needs to call the troop CC.