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  1. an_old_DC

    Tap Out Question

    It figures a parent is involved in this nonsense—and probably one who is not an OA member. you should be able to find contact info for the Lodge Advisor, adult volunteer, on your lodges website. Your Chapter Advisor might know (some are really knowledgeable and some not so much).
  2. an_old_DC

    Deterring thoughts of discrimination w/girls?

    @Eagle1993 @Gwaihir yeah, I get what you mean. The problem is parents are seeing this drip,, drip, drip steady stream from National about how “Scouting is for the whole family.” What happens when their son wants to join Troop 123 out of their Catholic Church but it is a boys-only troop so the daughter can’t join? So she can join a small, girls only troop out of the Lutheran Church, but it’s program isn’t as good. They will end up feeling BSA, or whatever it will be called by then, lied to them. Then the complaining will really begin
  3. an_old_DC

    National, Religion, Membership, Oath and Law

    If they are good and are dedicated to helping their unit, Yes. Admittedly, UC are hard to recruit and really good ones are few and far between.
  4. an_old_DC

    Deterring thoughts of discrimination w/girls?

    I hope you are wrong but I absolutely can see that happening. I have a hunch this whole thing has already been planned out.
  5. an_old_DC

    Deterring thoughts of discrimination w/girls?

    Absolutely agree with David. Anybody with any real-world experience knows this “linked troop” business with everything shared between two troops except the SM will often lead to mixed patrols in one troop. Especially after parents and girls get used to seeing it in packs. I can hear the “but that’s how the pack did it” complaining now. Then Scouters will realize just how difficult it is to start a new unit—especially without a critical mass of girls. I am hearing from unit’s in my Council and seeing all sorts of social media posts across the country about how their unit flat out intends to go co-ed with girl and boy patrols mixed and the professionals do not correct them. Council-level professionals I work with are already saying they cannot prevent unit’s from doing that as long as on paper the unit’s are separate.
  6. an_old_DC

    National, Religion, Membership, Oath and Law

    So, you mean Unit Commissioners?
  7. an_old_DC

    From National: Official Name

    It isn't the sole reason but it certainly is a contributing cause. Every story from National's PR juggernaut and every story in the media has a quote from somebody saying something to the effect that, their daughter has always tagged along and done everything with the boys and they are absolutely ecstatic now because she can finally do it "officially." When the professionals acknowledge and cite it for the record, you realize how prevalent it really must be.
  8. an_old_DC

    From National: Official Name

    I have done it too, and most people dont realize how exhausting it really is. You have to focus on the long game of putting all the pieces in place, recruiting and training adults, and recruiting boys (yeah, I said it) for future growth while still getting meetings and campouts done in the short term.
  9. an_old_DC

    How will you talk about girls troops and packs?

    Call me cynical, but I am experienced, and as long as packs sell enough popcorn and bring in enough FOS money, the professionals will ignore packs having co-ed dens. And as long as council and districts can grow their number of units, they wont care if its on-paper only and the troops are functionally co-ed
  10. an_old_DC

    Parent on Registered Sexual Offender list

    I would bypass the DE and go right to Scout Executive over sex offender concerns.
  11. According to the new marketing material, girls would just call themselves Scouts
  12. They could say they are a Boy Scout but there will not be a Boy Scout program
  13. You are probably right. Of course they never cracked down on rogue packs full of tag along girls “unofficially” earning badges, and they never cracked down on rogue troops with tag along girls on outings...but that’s different.🙄
  14. No Boy Scout troop with a long and proud history is going to drop Boy and call themselves Scout Troop Xxx
  15. @RememberSchiff check out the Scout Me In resources here https://www.scouting.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Scout-Me-In-and-Scouts-BSA.pdf no mention of Boy Scouts after February 1. Youth that age will say “I am a Scout.”