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  1. Welcome to Scouter . com, @Dis-fan12! I applaud your Scout's ambition!
  2. Same here, @T2Eagle. I thought it was just me. This wasn't the first time it has happened either. šŸ˜•
  3. $25.00 per unit, regardless of whether in-council or not.
  4. Welcome to Scouter . com and thanks for all you do for your Scouts!
  5. An aside - Old eyes downvote that horrid font in your OP, Shiff.
  6. Scouter . com : "The helpful repository of passioned experience."
  7. I'm addicted to the woods. When a week goes by and I'm not camping or hiking or just sitting around a campfire, I get antsy. I crave it. It's like a weird primal urge to get oudoors. Also, at summer camp I really enjoy a salad for lunch and dinner.
  8. That's it. ~ 1970 - 1972.
  9. Yes, and yes! I love that one as well!
  10. @SteveMM congratulations to your Eagle!
  11. @Pale Horse remind us again please - what is your role in your unit?
  12. @greenreddew welcome to the forum and thank you for all you do for scouting!
  13. Do any Troops out there assign one or two specific ASMs to their Scout Patrols? For those that do, what is the ASM's function(s)? Signing off advancement for members of that Patrol, possibly? Any pros and cons of this practice? Thanks in advance for any insight.
  14. @Scouter_Chris welcome to the forum! Though not active here on scouter dot com in over two years, maybe if we tag @SeattlePioneer we'll see a return visit.
  15. @Jim2195 you asked the question, now come back for the Helpful answers!
  16. Interesting observations, thanks for sharing. Two crews from my son's Troop returned middle of last week. Assuming they were on the island with you at the same time. I would add: generously reapply the provided coral-safe sunscreen constantly as it washes off quickly. bug nets are a plus if there is no wind. Avon skin-so-soft helps immensely.
  17. I suppose if you're the type of thief that favors the "Storage Wars" television show approach, you would prefer the nondescript trailer that could lead to unknown riches. šŸ˜•
  18. We'd have to ask all the thieves that have stolen Scout trailers. There are plenty out them out there.
  19. Thieves gonna thieve? Probably so. Our Scouts absolutely take pride in their trailer's appearance. I like @Jackdaws comment about marking the top of the trailer. Makes it easily identifiable when the local police helicopter flies overhead looking for stolen trailers. Our Troop's trailers are stored on the personal property of our ASMs. Never the CO's property.
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