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  1. Simply tell your son you'll be eager to hear all about his Ordeal once it's over. 😉
  2. I think you hit on the difference there, NJ. Managing change isn't so much a focus of a profession (lawyer, astronaut, shoemaker, etc) per-se, but a company i.e. BSA.
  3. So true. A Scout who has held multiple POR can have a rough looking left sleeve.
  4. Depending on the severity of the residue, it may take multiple applications, but https://googone.com/products/original/ has yet to fail me. Give it a shot.
  5. ScouterMother, welcome to the forum!
  6. Brian, congratulations! I have enjoyed reading about your journey to Eagle. For me it's been a refreshing antidote to the gloom and doom on the forum. Keep up the good work!
  7. Congratulations on a job well done, Brian. Your Troop is fortunate to have a Scout with so much dedication and enthusiasm. I suspect the younger Scouts will be infected with the same great traits you've shown.
  8. @mashmaster, great thread topic! Once I have access to them, I'll share some pics as well.
  9. Mods it matter be time to lock this one up. We're not being very Scout-like.
  10. @cjmarti welcome to the forum, and thank you for all you do (and will do!) for Scouting!
  11. @Eagle1993 true that, the dollars do seem to indicate as such. I guess since Disney owns Marvel Studios they win anyway?
  12. @SSF you are absolutely right. I have no argument. I have no dog in this fight. I have not seen the Solo movie. I am simply an observer who has noticed and is pointing out your ongoing attempt to compare the Star Wars movies and the BSA. The best indicator one's future behavior is . . . previous behavior. No offense was intended. Awaiting the next thread, Chadamus with two As
  13. I'm gonna go ahead and start the promotions: SSF's Episode IX/BSA thread: opening December, 2019! 😉
  14. @BigDale sounds like a good experience for both you and the Scouts. Well done!
  15. @The Latin Scot do you foresee personal emotional struggles and conflicts over the course of the next 18 months as you deliver the program to your unit? I ask because as of right now your church has decided it will part ways with said program because of decisions the BSA has already made, as opposed to any decisions the BSA could make in the next 18 months. Personally, I would find it hard to be "all in" for a program that my church has already deemed unfit. What will keep you going?
  16. <places another virtual log on the campfire and starts a new pot of coffee> @RememberSchiff you're going to be here a while... ☺️
  17. On Saturday, June 10th, 2017 I was standing in the parking lot near the entrance to Camp Rainey Mountain with a cup of coffee in my hand. It was early in the morning and the Troop was preparing to depart for home. A couple of rambunctious Scouts were horsing around and one accidentally bumped my elbow causing me to dump my coffee all over my Class A. I thought for sure I'd have a horrendous stain, but somehow to this day it's barely noticeable. The stains on my shirt have better stories than the patches. And they bring back far better memories.
  18. I'm Interested to hear what our UK friends think.
  19. Success is rented, and the rent is due every single day. (Or substitute your choice of one of twelve key points of the Scout Law ☺️)
  20. @RememberSchiff thank you for sharing the link.
  21. Brian, what do you think you should do? Any why? I'll echo RememberSchiff: weigh the pros and cons of day camp. My take: I'd rather be poor and happy than rich and miserable. Few people find the sweet spot that combines the best of both.
  22. @thehavensgrey welcome to the forum. Kudos for staying Loyal to Scouting!
  23. "It is necessary for us to learn from others' mistakes. You will not live long enough to make them all yourself." - Hyman George Rickover
  24. This forum is giving Penn State more press than my local laundromat.
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