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  1. Quote from Bill Clinton, @@NJCubScouter.
  2. The only person who can definitively say how the term 'snowflake' was intended is @@ianwilkins. @@NJCubScouter since I haven't been a part of this forum long enough to know that the term has been used "almost always in THAT way, for many years" I have no reason to interpret it as such. I can only go on what I know from personal experience, which in this case is zilch. Since I've never called or heard anyone call another person a 'snowflake' I don't think of the term in the negative. And no, I don't live in a desert where they're never seen. Thus my comment earlier about how I interpr
  3. David CO, I interpreted that as meaning 'unique' or 'one-of-a-kind.'
  4. Moderator: please consider merging this post with the one ASMinVirginia started within 'Open Discussion - Program.'
  5. Glad to hear he had a good time Zaphod! ☺
  6. Drop the period at the end if the link gives you trouble. Thanks for sharing qwazse!
  7. Zaphod, I'd be curious to hear how he felt about the week as a whole once it's over. My son's first experience with summer camp progressed from a reluctant Sunday to an ecstatic Saturday. It's fascinating to me how one week can have such an effect on a boy, good or bad. (Hopefully good! ☺)
  8. Scout Salute! As an aside, almost as interesting to me is the website. I've never heard of it and I even live in Georgia! Thanks for sharing.
  9. No apologies necessary. Welcome to the forum!
  10. Our most recent: Four color front screen print on a grey moisture wicking tee: $18 Seeing son wear it proudly: priceless
  11. Crossever in March, commit to meetings, outings, summer camp, etc and you're at Scout rank before 6th grade even starts. Possibly Tenderfoot. Back to my popcorn...
  12. Wow nice simoleons there. I'm in the wrong profession. Not making anywere near that. As a volunteer
  13. David CO, I'm curious - are non-Catholics allowed in your Troop?
  14. UncleP, he should absolutely go. When my son was at that stage, he resisted going. I pushed him. He now tells me thank you for that. Never underestimate what a boy can handle. Obviously you know your nephew better than any of us, but if you're at the point of considering he go off to summer camp, IMO he's ready to have an experience he'll remember for the rest of is life. And possibly the hook to make a lifelong Scouter out of him.
  15. Good suggesions so far. I agree with MattR in that there should be consequences. As scoutldr said, no forms, no camp. Taking the outing out of Scouting can have an effect.
  16. Welcome to Boy Scouting, Zaphod!
  17. This stood out to me as well. Our Troop meets at 6:30pm. Much more reasonable IMO. So s'morestashe, any update?
  18. Hahah that's my story as well Tampa Turtle! Originally from Michigan. Married to a sweet Georgia peach. Thanks for the kind words, all.
  19. Hello all. Long time lurker, first time poster. Discussions on uniforms brought me here. The discussions on topics I hadn't even considered have kept me here. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. And thanks for having me!
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