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  1. I'm sure this has been discussed before but I believe there was a change in 2018. In the event of a Troop dissolving who owns the assets. Troop bank account, trailer, chuck boxes, tents and all the other stuff that has been acquired over the years. I always thought the CO owned the Troop and all of its assets but now I'm reading that the Council might have claim to some of it. Our CO has given the Troop a place to meet and nothing else. Not a dime. The Troop has acquired everything on its own. I just need a clear answer as to who owns what and what they can do with it if the Troop is not re-chartered.
  2. My COR got a call from our CO, which happens to be a First Baptist Church, this morning. The Executive Pastor has seen the referenced article and now the CO wants me(Scoutmaster) and COR to meet with the Executive Pastor and the church's lawyer. Not sure how this will turn out.
  3. I agree and I discourage the "First class in a year" mentally.
  4. The point is that Scouting is not a race, it is a journey. It is a disservice to a female or male Scout to simply rush through. The journey is there to build friendships, comradery, self-esteem, self-worth, self-reliance, social skills and all the other things that come with spending time doing something well. I do not agree with attaining the rank of Eagle in such a short time, whether they be male or female.
  5. Will this mean that Philmont is no longer open for treks until this is settled?
  6. Do you really think the Middle Tennessee council has a target on it's back now? Will they be unfairly targeted?
  7. If we lose 100 councils will there not be areas of the country that will have no Scouting at all? Do you think surrounding councils will really want to absorb other councils that may be poorly run?
  8. Why would the BSA feel the need to wade into this? Does National not know the Scout oath and the Scout law? I just marked a Scouts rank advancement tonight about how he lives the law and the oath in his daily life. As Scouts that is what we are called to do. Does National not think we take take the law and the oath seriously. We must all share in the collective guilt, right. Purely political. Sad.
  9. Ok. Wow. Above my pay grade as a volunteer.
  10. Then it looks like National is factoring in Council properties as total assets.
  11. This from the Washington Post today: A key question will be whether the Boy Scouts of America will be able to protect the assets of the local councils, which own camps and properties in prime real estate throughout the country. The local councils are incorporated separately but hold 70 percent of the Boy Scouts’ wealth, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis. Pfau and other lawyers bringing abuse lawsuits against the Boy Scouts said they were skeptical the organization would be able to shield the local councils. “That is wishful thinking, because in every Boy Scout case we file, the local councils are named,” along with the local sponsoring organizations, such as churches or schools, Pfau said. Many of these institutions could be implicated in the claims, making for an even more complicated bankruptcy case, said Pfau, who specializes in representing victims in abuse cases against institutions such as the Boy Scouts and Catholic dioceses.
  12. Thank you. The Troop is storming right now. Adults and Youth alike. I'm not sure how to get it back on track. I am a new Scoutmaster and the help that I was promised has not come to fruition. It's hard to get help when you don't know who will show up week to week. No consistency. Scouts seems to always take a back seat to whatever else it going on. Plus, I don't think anyone knows what their position entails, including the CC.
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