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  1. Didn't say that at all. What I said is that when and/or if any component of CRT is included in the training or merit badge I'M NOT TOUCHING IT WITH A TEN FOOT POLE. Are you saying that you would like CRT incorporated with DEI?
  2. "the minute" is Southern for when and/or if. Maybe not yet. Give it some time.
  3. I took the DEI volunteer training today and it wasn't terrible. Diversity, it is inevitable, even within the same race. Inclusion, of course we include all of our Scouts and Scouters. Pretty much common sense. Equity, I get it to an extent but it can also be used as a crutch. Be a good person. Treat others the way you would like to be treated and I think the world is a better place. The training goes over what any normal, high-functioning human being should already know and be doing. Now, the minute this training or merit badge includes components of CRT all bets are off and I won't to
  4. Scouting’s Tradition and Commitment to Diversity, Our Continuing Journey Elizabeth Ramirez-Washka, BSA’s Chief Diversity Officer & Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion Scouting’s rich heritage has stood the test of time for more than 110 years. Together we have grown and evolved with changing times while always
  5. Has anyone taken the D, E & I in Scouting volunteer training available at my.scouting.org yet?
  6. Whatever. You understand what I'm saying. Put an adult in charge of the feminine products so it can be available when needed.
  7. Fair enough. Then the Pack Adult Quartermaster or the Troop Adult Quartermaster should "Be Prepared"
  8. What a sad time we live in. Pack it yourself, whether you think you might need it or not. "Be Prepared"
  9. Any idea who did and who did not sign the NDA's? That would give an indication of who is or is not going to participate.
  10. Has anyone been able to get a copy of what the Ad Hoc committee sent to the LC's as to what their "bill" is? Probably keeping that very close to the vest but would be interesting to see what the Ad Hoc committee is proposing per Council.
  11. Yes, my son and I went through the ordeal this weekend. Thanks to all that put on the weekend.
  12. Thank you. Looking forward to what the future holds.
  13. I heard this exact thing talking to people at the Induction cracker barrel last night. I am the Scoutmaster of our Troop and I would never think about denying any Scout the opportunity to be in the Order of the Arrow. Very unfortunate for the Scout in question.
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