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  1. Any idea who did and who did not sign the NDA's? That would give an indication of who is or is not going to participate.
  2. Has anyone been able to get a copy of what the Ad Hoc committee sent to the LC's as to what their "bill" is? Probably keeping that very close to the vest but would be interesting to see what the Ad Hoc committee is proposing per Council.
  3. Yes, my son and I went through the ordeal this weekend. Thanks to all that put on the weekend.
  4. Thank you. Looking forward to what the future holds.
  5. I heard this exact thing talking to people at the Induction cracker barrel last night. I am the Scoutmaster of our Troop and I would never think about denying any Scout the opportunity to be in the Order of the Arrow. Very unfortunate for the Scout in question.
  6. We are newly minted Arrowmen. A long, hard, hot day but we made it. Definitely a unique experience. Middle Tennessee Council. Wa-Hi-Nasa Lodge 111. Chickamauga Chapter.
  7. My Son and I are going though the ordeal this weekend. He is 14 tomorrow and this should be a memorable birthday. Wish us luck.
  8. I assume that the camps listed in the document above are the camps that the claimants want. The two largest camps in my Council are listed but the two smallest are not suggesting they are not in play. Not whining just stating a fact. The two camps that are left will not service a council of our size.
  9. Not what I said. This is what I said. Here is a newsflash for you. God is in control of everything. If you don't think so I'm sure He will be happy to discuss this with you when you meet Him. Not a conversation I would like to have.
  10. The cold, hard reality is that there are no guarantees in life. No guarantee of that next meal. No guarantee of a warm bed at night. No guarantee that you won’t be sexually abused as a child. Unfortunately these 80,000 plus people are the unlucky ones along with countless others. This has been their journey, their plight in life. At some point you must accept your circumstances (not to say that you haven’t), and with the grace of God, move forward. Not looking back for man’s restitution. That will destroy you. Your restitution comes through Jesus Christ the Red
  11. If you are signing up for Sea Base make sure your e-check payments actually go through. I made my 30 day payment 5 days early after the initial deposit. Everything looked fine. Got a confirmation email of payment. No problem. This week I wanted to check when our next payment is due and I noticed that I was overdue for my 30 day payment. It said the payment had been cancelled but I never got a notification of this. Contacted Sea Base and they said they would check and assured me my Crews were not cancelled. Called the bank and the funds had never been transferred but there were suff
  12. As do we. Still dose not change the fact that people will sue no matter what guide you follow.
  13. After a recent camp out that ended early because of a lightning storm my Father asked me if, as Scoutmaster, I am responsible for all of the Scouts on outings. I said "Yes". He said, "You know you could lose everything if one of the Scouts gets hurt or worse. You might want to think about that." So I started thinking about it, again. I know that it is a possibility and I'm not sure if the BSA would have our back at this point in its current situation. I know that we are supposedly covered under the BSA but I'm not sure I want to stake everything that I have worked for on that. I hav
  14. Cynical, Bless your heart. Your self righteousness must be a heavy burden, like a millstone hanging around your neck. We all seem to get a dose. I stand by my original statement.
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