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  1. Is anyone else operating under this assumption? Not sure if we should even bother which totally stinks. Is there any alternative to Sea Base like there is to Northern Tier?
  2. The Troop is starting to plan for this trip. With all the uncertainty about the BSA's future, if we pay a reservation deposit and maybe even a few payments what happens if there is a liquidation before our trip. Is the money lost?
  3. Liquidate National only or all of the BSA (Councils, high adventure, OA, etc)?
  4. Ok I will aspire to keep my posts drama free from now on.
  5. Possibly. If they decide to continue to participate.
  6. I know some have mentioned that no Scout has to earn Eagle. That is well and good but the Scouts that have stuck with our Troop through this terrible year do want to be Eagle. Some are moving along very well. What happens when a parent says NO to this merit badge and rank requirements? They say that it has no place in the BSA. They say they will not subject their Scout to this indoctrination agenda. But they have to if the Scout wants to become Eagle or the Scout suffers. Unfortunately I see this as a breaking point. The mighty oak will only bend so far before it snaps. If
  7. https://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2020/12/18/you-can-see-all-65-norman-rockwell-scouting-paintings-at-this-museum-in-ohio/?utm_source=scoutingwire&utm_campaign=swvolunteer12302020&utm_medium=email&utm_content= This is a trip that I am thinking about taking with my family. I would love to see these in person. Also, can't help but think that this is a convenient way of displaying all the Rockwells at one time for appraisal.😥
  8. https://www.foxnews.com/us/mormon-church-boy-scouts-sex-abuse-arizona Here come the lawsuits against the charter organizations.
  9. Maybe the Council or district can get the local blm chapter or lgbtqxyz group to " vet" the mbc. This wokeness will drive scouts, volunteers, and charter organizations away. How much do you think the parents and churches will put up with. Commence with the flaming and down votes.
  10. This may have been posted before. If so, my apologies.
  11. Good question. qwazse, Injecting your bias on how to do a lashing or how to gather and use tender is much different, I hope you would agree, than injecting your bias on sexual orientation or gender identity.
  12. Think about the topics in the proposed requirements. They may not be sensitive to you but to others they may be very sensitive or even offensive. Your lack of sensitivity to their sensitivity is neither diverse, equal or inclusive. All people do not think the same way. I would hate to see the BSA turn into one big groupthink.
  13. No one can teach this MB without injecting their own biases (major, minor, micro, or whatever the new buzzword is, conscious or unconscious, perceived good or perceived bad) into the instruction. Therefore you are influencing on very sensitive matters, and that is why I say it is up to the Parent or Guardian.
  14. It is not my place to teach or discuss any of these proposed requirements with anyone's child. This is the responsibility of the PARENT OR GUARDIAN. Therefore, if implemented, I will require one PARENT OR GUARDIAN of each Scout to become a MBC for this badge and teach their individual Scout. This is such a powder keg how could anyone feel comfortable with teaching something like this to another persons child. There are so many different political, societal, moral, etc. views that this would be impossible unless the goal is for everyone to think of things the same way, which would also be i
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