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  1. Hello, I’m a tenderfoot scout who just turned 15. I started Scouts in sixth grade, at the age of 12, with no Cub Scout experience. My mom had me repeat kindergarten so I’m months or even a year older then most of my peers. Because of my very low knowledge of anything, I didn’t get scout rank until I was 13 years old, in seventh grade. I got tenderfoot at 14, in eighth grade. I have a lot of trouble getting the requirements done as I’m horrible at memorizing things, as well as not having much time for scouting. I have a few requirements left for second class. I wanted to spend this summer working on scouting, but I decided to put myself in a summer class, so I can skip geometry and go to algebra two in the ninth grade. I get a lot of tests and homework from this class so I don’t take too much time on scouting. I also have things to do at home such as caring for my pets, of which consist at least 100 baby fish. I plan to rank up every other court of honor. I have tried to get second class the court of honor directly after tenderfoot but it didn’t work out. Im really scared I won’t make it to eagle. I’m starting high school this August and I’m paranoid about it. Since I forget things a lot for some reason, I keep a journal and record my life in it. However I lost my journal recently and I’m still looking for it, and that is what’s been clouding my mind recently. The few requirements I have left for second class includes the first aid, fitness, and compass orientation. I have a friend in the same troop as me, he is fourteen and almost first class rank. He has seemed to get requirements so much easier then me. For the fitness ones all he had to do was tell a leader that he improved his scores, and he got it signed off. However I had to keep a written day by day record on my fitness, and I hated it and it was really stressful. Also I had to do that requirement twice because they didn’t believe me the first time. There are kids in my troop as young as twelve on second or first class rank, and thirteen year olds on star. I feel so ashamed of myself. What can I do to rank up a lot faster? ,