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  1. @SubSM some further reading from an April 2019 scouter dot com post: Tenting: 2 years apart
  2. Agreed. While the fancy paint jobs, decals, emblems, etc can be great advertisement for your Troop or Pack, you're also advertising your goods to thieves.
  3. Our CO's Pack crosses over in late March / early April as well. From my my observation, the Webelos are eager to join a Troop and their leaders are ready to be done. Personally, I like that extra month to have those crucial consersations about summer camp.
  4. Great points, Barry. Definitely a challenge for the lone (and lonely!) Scout who would be at least 100 yards from any other Patrol or adult. Wilderness Survival MB comes to mind... I'd hesitate to say "never" as that word negates all opportunity for growth and learning.
  5. @SubSM the participation by the Scouts in our mixed age patrols has been sufficient enough that finding a tenting partner within the age range has not been an issue. That said, half of the Scouts would prefer the hammock over the tent. Ad hoc patrols, perhaps?
  6. That would make a good one for Eagledad's A Scouter's Motto thread.
  7. I'm confused. @mds3d states in the title of this thread that the constant reminders that "There is no Class A" bring nothing to the conversation. Is it me oversimplifying? We seem to be disagreeing to agree.
  8. @logistician24, welcome to scouter . com !
  9. @ArmyScout welcome to the forum!
  10. Yeah, almost 30 years ago: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Cry_in_the_Wild Great book, btw.
  11. Definitely helps to be sure when the tick is tiny. Too tiny for fingers, often.
  12. Agreed, Fred. I've seen it. This is one of the main reasons I try to avoid signing anything for my son.
  13. Best thing I've read all day, Barry. Thank you for this sentence, it will be part of my next Scoutmaster minute.
  14. @Samuelwelcome to the forum! @MikeS72you did reply. There are two threads on the same topic. @RememberSchiff
  15. Same color as the Class A: tan.
  16. I cannot recommend a specific trailer, but I can vouch for the effectiveness of an old school bus modified for Scouting.
  17. @Onslow, welcome to scouter dot com!
  18. Agreed. Earlier this year I had the opportunity to attend a speaking event with Dr. Kevin Elko. He spoke to how our culture has morphed into one where people get irrationally offended at the drop of a hat. Let the kids have some fun.
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