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  1. Thank you all for the info and direction.
  2. I thought the BSA has agreements with the NRA and USA Archery. As a result I thought they can be worn. But reading the article it states it cannot be worn. Thanks all.
  3. Hello are we allowed to wear the NRA patches for instructor and the USA Archery patches on our uniforms? Thanks.
  4. Okay looks like I needed to add more. The parent that screamed at my son is the parent of a bully. This bully is bullying my son and has received detention this past week. So in that regard my son has done nothing wrong. But as stated and thanks to all for talking But I will back away.
  5. Thank you for the idea and info
  6. Thank you very much. I truly feel the SPL told us both to calm down. I did ask the other parent to calm down twice. I agree with the fact there is more. I spoke with the Committee Chair. He ultimately told me last night. We can appeal but be advised the SM has stated in not so many words, he does not want to work with you being me. So the best way to ask the question is, if the scoutmaster doesn’t want you working with the troop, is this allowed. How can this scoutmaster be objective about other issues when he cannot be objective about other people in the troop?
  7. Hello. So here is the scenario. I was at a popcorn sale this past weekend. At the popcorn sale a parent came up to me and started screaming about how my son should stay away from his son. I asked him to calm down. But it only escalated on their part and the screaming continued. I continued to ask him to calm down. In the end the SPL asked to calm down. The parent calmed down. I informed leadership and I was told to step down as asst scoutmaster and I cannot be near the building when the program is in process. I asked the Committe chair how could this be? He told me they spoke to everyon
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