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  1. So I have been seeing a lot of posts on FB with people passing their Eagle Board of Review, and having Eagle neckerchiefs, slides, and in a few cases medals being worn immediately after the EBOR. Now I am seeing folks either planning their Eagle Court of Honor before their paperwork comes back from National (5 cases), and in the instances last night before their Eagle BOR. Yep, sat on 3 EBORs and their joint ECOH is this Sunday. In all the cases, the SM was able to purchase the presentation kits. One SM purchased "replacement" presentation kits because he is an Eagle, and used his credentia
  2. There are many in my neck of the woods that are so tired of the lies and lack of transparency, that they are hoping that the council mergers happen sooner rather than later. We've already lost one camp, and slated to lose another. Money from those two camps will go to the the main camp' s improvements. And the main camp needs an additional $5 million in improvements, so they willhave a capital campaign,. Either the pros are not telling the board what is going on, or the board has their head in the sand. And considering the last SE was fired by the board, a lot of us think it is the former. It
  3. I know when the June 2015 Program Changes came out, they started releasing info in January 2015. However when the December 2016 changes came out, they gave no advance warning, including no warning to the committee that created the June 2015 program. There was so little notice when December 2016 came out, that my pack decided to continue using the June 2015 program until the end of the school year since the changes made would have affected the plans we made for the rest of the school year.
  4. @lithigin, It may be considered adding to requirements if you attempt to discuss what was said in the family meeting. I would be extremely ticked off if a counselor attempted to discuss what went on at the meetings with my sons. Don't even get me started at how angry I would be if other Scouts were around for the conversation. Let me summarize what happened a similar situation I encountered regarding Requirement 6.B.2. IT CAUSED AN ARGUMENT AMONGST THOSE INVOVLED (major emphasis). The discussion led to remembering events better forgotten. Folks were accused of making up stuf
  5. We did a 5 day/4 night summer camp on our own durng COVID. $10/ person was the cost to use the camp for the entire week, and it was a primitive camp. Food was less than $8 a day, and our guys can currently get a weekend for $20. We were able to use another troop's canoes for free. It was well under $100 I would talk to the Scouts and see what they want to do. Also make sure the schedule is flexible. The only thing we had fixed is Thursday Night BORs because we had committee members drivng in to do them. Our bike trek took longer than scheduled, and wore them out. So we had free time aft
  6. My CC who said the comments is a 20 veteran who has been to Philmont and WB with no kids in the program anymore. YOB TOVU MAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Non of my Scouts could afford that.
  7. If I had my way, instead of summer camp, we would be doing our own HA trip. Unfortunately not only is my CC pushing MBs and advancement, but that is what the Scouts want as well. Heck the camp we are going to, which is charging $330, suggests having the last period open to take advantage of free shooting, swimming, and boating, and the comment made "you are paying for classes, need to take advantage of them." When we were looking at camps, most were over $400. Few, if any, of my Scouts could afford them. I suggested a weeklong backpacking trip on the AT, and was told it would be a wasted
  8. @InquisitiveScouter, That was the 2022 price. Here are the 2023 prices. And note they are subject to change. That is over $100 more than what we are paying.
  9. OH MY WORD! Did you see the prices for their summer camp. And that does not include tents or cots, which are extra. My Scouts were interested, until they saw the price tag My worry is that when all the council mergers start, and camps start being sold, Summit will be the closest option for us. On a different note, I wonder what those council camps that are "leased" by councils will do.
  10. You mean pull from members and volunteers via councils.
  11. @Mrjeff, in my area, the problem is the council execs. Because they can do whatever they want, if adults question them they are removed. And it is not just OA. I can not tell you how many folks have been removed by CEs at the district and/or council level. And the LEC cannot do anything about it. Something I learned recently, it is customary for lodge chiefs to sit on council exec board for 3 years, their term of office plus 2 years. Some of the lodge chiefs who protested to much interference were not placed on the ballot for the additional years. And yes, the national committee are
  12. @KublaiKenlistes some great reasons. I will add some more 1. Costs, Scouting is getting more and more expensive. Over 1/2 my troop cannot afford the yearly national registration and council fees. Add on OA fees and event costs, and it is too much, 2. The quality of today's Arrowmen. My boys grew up hearing my Scouting tales, including my OA stories. They know the OA is supposed to be an honor society. But today anyone can get elected. My family switched troops, but the boys still have friends in the old troop. Several of the Scouts, that got elected from that troop were from the f
  13. Actually prior to the early 1990s, some lodges did offer a lifetime membership in the OA, similar to the NESA Lifetime membership. Do not know when lifetime memberships got banned by national, but they in fact had them. Met a few folks who had them.
  14. Apparently a lot has changed. Back in the day, the only PORs a COR could hold were IH, COR, and CC. And yes, I knew an IH who held all three, plus district chairman. Most COR's may have done either the IH and COR or COR and CC. At least since 2019, and probably earlier, the COR could hold the COR and CC, or MC PORs. That info comes from the 2019 membership registration book. Recently, there was an Aaron on Scouting post stating that the COR can fill any POR.
  15. That's the main problem with the current training and program, it went backwards. Webelos has NEVER been intended to be another year of pure Cub Scouts. It was intended to transition into Scouts, hence the Webelos acronym: "WE'll BE LOyal Scouts." In the 1980s, BSA did research that showed it takes longer than 9-12 months to transition Cubs, and their parents. That research led to the 18-24 month long period we are supposed to have, The transition is suppose to start in 4th grade because the research the BSA did in the 1980s. The problem packs have in my area, and I bet in a
  16. My Comments in RED I hope only up to AOL. IHMO trying to cram 8 adventures before Crossover could be a challenge and lead to pencilwhipping. I believe that was how it was prior to some time in the 1970s. I know my brothers had Bobcat pins DANGER WILL ROBINSON DANGER WILL ROBINSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This will set us back 30+ years. Prior to 1989, Webelos and AOL was 9-12 months total. Studies showed that 9-12 months was not enough
  17. Saw this on a district's webpage today. While the post and at fireside chat meeting, the council said it was to focus on the main camp, one Exec Board member, told me that is not what they were told. It was to cover the cost of the settlement. Either way a great primitive camp is lost. To: East Carolina Council Membership Youth and Volunteers Subject: Sale of Camp Charles, Bailey, N.C. The Board of East Carolina Council would like to notify our membership that we have finalized the sale of Camp Charles in Bailey N.C. This was a difficult and complex d
  18. BWAHAHAHAHHAHA . WE had so many issues with the recharter process, I had to make a bunch of calls and emails before I could finally pay it. Did pay and it is still messed up last time I checked. Hopefully they will fix it, but with everyone rechartering at 1 time, instead of staggered like it used to be, the office staff is overwhelmed.
  19. Sadly the folks running the Cub Scout Program nationally have little to no real life experience. I am told BSA use "experts" to write curriculums, programming etc. And from reading training materials, I can believe it.
  20. In several troops I've been in, that is the case. Even adults who know better, go into "DL Mode." It takes 12-24 months for a Cub Scout Leader to "unlearn what you have learned," and become a Scouter.
  21. Also they want Scouts BSA to be family camping. The Scouts planned a fun camp out, and it morphed into a family camp out because all the new families decided to show up as well. Since we had canoes, we did go over strokes so they could go around the lake and have fun. Races, "War Canoe" obstacles courses, etc. Just basic stroke practice. One Scout and his mom showed up late.. She got ticked off when she found out that we were not doing that warranted advancement getting signed off, just having fun. She yells, '"What is even the point of this camp out?" I replied "To have fun." I got a look of
  22. Kinda. Prior to 1989, Wolfs= 3rd grade, Bears = 4th, and Webelos=5th. Tigers was added in August 1982 officially, and was for 2nd graders. In 1989, they dropped Tigers to 1st, Wolfs to 2nd, Bears to 3rd, and Webelos became an 18-24 month program to better transition Cubs and their families to Scouts. sadly the WDL training has regressed, and Webelos are not beginning the transition until 5th grade again, and in some cases with 6 months OR LESS (emphasis). My idea 1. Make Lions and Tigers a separate program. 2. Revise Webelos requirements to include SCOUTING ADVENTURE as a W
  23. Let me tell you what happens when the folks with no kids, but all the knowledge, skills, abilities, time, treasure, and dedication leave: THE DISTRICT SLOWLY DIES AS THERE IS NO ONE TO TAKE THEIR PLACE (major emphasis) I know this for a fact because it has happened in my area. The professional staff has ticked off those folks, and they no longer have anything to do with the council. Training numbers and quality has plummeted. Program is very parochial, if it exists at all. The number of activities has dropped because the volunteers who ran events, usually those without kids in the program
  24. One mentor of mine never had children of his own. He came back from WWII, and the troop he grew up in needed a SM, and he filled the role. He served as SM of the troop until Uncle Sam called him to Korea. Came back from Korea, and resumed SM job because everyone wanted 'Sarge" back. Stayed on for over 20 years. Even then he worked summer camp until health started failing him. Man who made the biggest impact on me, more than may father, was my SM. He was the role model for me growing up, and my role model now as SM. He also never had children of his own. HIs nephew's troop needed an SM,
  25. Biggest complaint has been the council level pros for some time. . We are large geographically, but an economically poor region. BUT the folks with money usually were involved in Scouting as youth, knew the need, and gave of both their time for their children, and treasure to help others. Usually those folks would serve in district and/or council roles. Who knows the community better than the ones living in it? Well you got pros coming in, wanting things done their way. No amount of explaining that the things they want done were tried before and were failures will get through their heads.
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