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  1. OK, I believe I can conclude that Feb 1969, I turned 8 yrs old. Graduated 2nd grad in May 1969. I would have started 3rd grade Sept 1969. Feb 1970, I turned 9 yrs old. Graduated 3 grade in May of 1970 So the magic year for my entrance as a Wolf as shown in my photos would have been 1969. If I enter into the Scouts at 11 yrs old, it would be the Boys Scouts NOT the Cub scouts. What happens if I joined Cub Scouts at 8 yrs old, but did obtain my Wolf or Bear requirements until 11 yrs old, would I still be considered a Wolf or Bear since I was "working" on my advancements? If y
  2. Yeah, that's why I'm thinking I joined as a Wolf in third grade (8 yrs old) and then that photo was "printed: out three years later in 1972 when I was actually 11 yrs old.
  3. But the middle photo does have the top part of the red Wolf diamond patch.
  4. WAIAnakwsu: Here is my confirmed 2nd grade photo for comparison. I would have been 7 yrs old.
  5. WAIAnakwsu: THANK YOU for your perspective. You're right. It would make sense a photo was taken of me and my mother because it was a new thing. That photo was taken at my Grandparents house, so that would be the novelty of just joining the Scouts. I was worried it took me 3 years to earn my Wolf diamond, but I could be mischievous at times. I think that's why my mother joined me into Scouts. lol You're also right, I do kinda look slightly younger in that photo, even though those photos are about a year apart. That makes sense that the date stamp is when the photo was printed and not when it wa
  6. So far, I've studied everybody's replies and done more research online. So here is what I've put together so far as a timeline. It appears that my uniform has defiantly been confirmed to be a Wolf (yellow neckerchief). So I decided to join the Cub Scouts in 2nd grade (1968 to 1969) in order to start out as a Wolf. Unfortunately, the above 2 individual shots of me are not date stamped. The one with my mother is date stamped 1972. I noticed I did not have the red Wolf rank patch on my uniform in that photo. Either it wasn't sewn on or it took me from 1969 to 1972 to earn that red Wolf patch as s
  7. Thanks for your input. Would unit numbers have been 2 digits or 3 digits? Maybe I can find a pack list throughout the years. I lived in Oak Lawn IL and stayed at my Grandparent's house a lot near Midway Airport on the Southwest side of Chicago. UPDATE: I found a current online pack list for kids to join based on zip codes. It lists 3 locations based on my Oak Lawn zip code. Unit 3481 in Burbank (5 mins from Oak Lawn), Unit 3465 in Chicago (30 mins from Oak Lawn) and Unit 8475 in Chicago (20 mins from Oak Lawn). I was wondering if the word Chicago on my patch could be Chicago Ridge which i
  8. Thanks you're giving something to work with. 1. I used a magnifying glass on first photo. Some Bear & Wolf nose and ears photos look extremely similar online. So you're saying my slide is a "wolf?" I can not see it on the gold necker. 2. So my uniform would have been the same for Wolf, Bear & Webelos in the 1960's? 3. My birthday is 2/1/1961. I have a 2rd grade photo dated 10/23/1968. I would have turned 7 yrs old. I would have graduated from 2nd grade in May 1969, which I would have turned 8 yrs old. The photo with my mom is dated 5/1972, which means I would have tur
  9. Looking at some old school photos, I'm thinking I was about 8 yrs old in 3rd grade in these photos. The photo of my mother (den mother) and I is stamped 1972. Can you be a Bear at 11 yrs old? I assume if you "enter" into the Cub Scouts at 11 yrs old, you would be a Weblo. I used a magnifying glass and my neckerchief slider looks like a Bear even though the Bear & Wolf look identical. Hope this info and photos help. Also can't figure out the unit patch number due to the angle. Appreciate any help from Cub Scout historians.
  10. I was in the boys scouts around 1968 in Chicago. I have a few photos. My mother wrote on the photos that I was about 7 or 8 years old. I believe I was a Bear according to the advancement levels & neckerchief slider. However, I have a photo dated 1972 which would have made me 11 yrs old. Too old for a bear. Is there anybody who could view my photos to confirm if my uniform was a bear or wolf? Maybe by the color of neckerchief? Also the council patch appears to say Chicago and the unit patch seems to have a 74 or 84, which does not appear to be an updated unit. Is there anybody with a great
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