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    Breaking Point

    Yea. I'm working full time while taking classes. I'll look out for ways I can still contribute, but it won't look much like what I currently am currently doing.
  2. Sentinel947

    Breaking Point

    My breaking point is going to be 2019. I'll be starting graduate school, and I just won't have time any longer. When that's over, I'll reevaluate what the situation looks like. My life mentors I've met in Scouting. My closest friends I've met through Scouting. Scouting has been the biggest influence in my life, just behind my family and my church. Looking forward to NYLT Staff this summer, and providing the incoming Scoutmaster in my unit with the experience and institutional knowledge I've gathered from the last 13 years with my Troop. As for girls, I'm all ok with girls in the Boy Scouts, so long as Troops that want to be all male can stay that way. I'm not sure what my Troop is going to do, and frankly, I won't be there for it, so it's not my decision to make.
  3. Sentinel947

    Senior patrol leader eligibility?

    I don't believe there are any BSA guidelines on who can be SPL. My Troop requires the Scout to be at least First Class and that they have attended NYLT. (We pay for our Scouts to go.)
  4. Throughout the Eastern US, we're seeing a surge of tick borne illness. I've read online that some scientists attribute it to mice as the carrier, and that we've done a good job killing snakes, predatory birds and coyotes that would keep the mice in check.
  5. Sentinel947

    I need advice!

    Labor regulations. It's easier to just hire 16+ year olds because they come with less rules and restrictions. As an added bonus they can theoretically drive themselves to work.
  6. Sentinel947

    I need advice!

    I spent my late teenage years and college years working at a Hardware Store. My senior year of college, with my goal of graduating without student loan debt in sight, I took a job as a Rifle Director for one summer at the local camp. I'd been asked for years to be on staff and turned it down, because I had a goal of not having the Sallie Mae monster follow me around after graduation. In High School, College, and immediately after graduation, having an extra thousand bucks or more in your pocket makes life a lot easier to get through. In the Human Resources field we talk a lot about "Total Rewards." Which means all the financial and non financial benefits to a job. There are definitely some strong non-financial benefits to working at camp, but ultimately you have to look at finances first. Just because you didn't work at camp this year doesn't mean you won't have the chance in the future. Good luck with your work this summer. You're building good habits that will last a lifetime, and getting some money to go with it. The youth participation rate in the labor force is abysmally low, so I'm glad you're getting out there and making something of yourself during your time off from school.
  7. Sentinel947

    Motivation Quote of the Day

    "But the real way to get happiness is by giving out happiness to other people." Sir Robert Baden Powell
  8. Sentinel947

    Patrol Method - Best Practices

    My troop is in SW Ohio, and I agree with that. There are virtually no public campgrounds where we can get the ideal 300 feet separation without it costing an arm and leg. We make do with what we can afford.
  9. I'm not going to get hung up on what the name of the program is called. I guess I should attend this month's committee meeting. I typically don't as an ASM. I still think the BSA is making a dumb decision by trying to have Girls Troops and Boys Troops. We are the largest troop in my town, and I don't think we'll get more than a patrols worth of girls that are interested, since the GSUSA troops in our area do fairly well. We don't have the spare adult leadership to accommodate separate troops. I'm perfectly ok if some units decide they want all male troops or all female troops. Or some type of co-ed troop. Let local units figure out their membership. I think the current Venturing YPT rules are sufficient. If I had my way, I'd have a co-ed troop with single gender patrols.
  10. Sentinel947

    Virtual Campfire

    You understood my point. Right?
  11. Sentinel947

    Virtual Campfire

    I'd say most folks here are parents as well as leaders. There are a good handful of folks who's kids are finished and too old for the program. There is an even smaller handful of us who are single or haven't started families yet. Your perspective on what you see in your program and from the BSA is a valuable perspective. I like to pick the brains of parents in my unit that are not volunteers. As for your question. We've had home schooled scouts in our unit. Often when they first join they aren't quite as socialized as some of the public or private school kids, but they adjust quickly. In my experience it hasn't influenced anything.
  12. Sentinel947

    Remind - A Messaging App

    Maybe I haven't kept up to date on the changes to the app, but wasn't the big selling point of the app when it launched was that it didn't save info to your phone?
  13. Sentinel947

    Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    That's really unfortunate if that's how things are in your area. I know at least in my Troop, we encourage every parent to volunteer just a little bit. That might be driving scouts to a campout or summer camp. Maybe it means helping man a Popcorn show and sell with their son or helping out with Board of Reviews before our big post summer camp August Court of Honor. That certainly doesn't always mean "You must be a registered BSA volunteer." Not everybody has to drink the BSA Kool Flavor aid, but even the most gung ho Scouters need some help from the other parents to make the program a success for everybody's kids, or in my case, other peoples kids.
  14. Sentinel947

    Remind - A Messaging App

    Yup. It's funny that the Millennial Generation and Generation Z are the most connected in history, but ridiculously hard to get a hold of. (I can say that as a Millennial.) Snapchat is a terrible medium for important information since it doesn't save messages. So you aren't missing anything by not using it. Plus it's really hard to follow YPT on Snapchat.
  15. Sentinel947

    Can we get donated miles?

    You can always donate a ticket to the troop you bought using your miles..
  16. Sentinel947

    Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    A time where schools were geographically tighter, and the BSA was allowed in schools... Fair enough. I'm pretty young by forum standards. When I was a Cub in the early 2000's most of the parents were involved with their kids in Cubs. Not every single meeting, but helping with requirements, chaperoning on outings, that sort of stuff. There isn't wrong with that, and we don't need every parent to be a registered volunteer. But we do need parents that are involved with their kid's scouting and support it, which it seems @Pselb and their family do well. There's a difference between the "Baby Sitters of America" meme and a family that is supportive of their kid and the program but aren't registered volunteers.
  17. Sentinel947

    Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    Not to mention, Cub Scouting is absolutely a Parents and Child activity.
  18. He mentioned Social media. I didn't mention his church because he has decided not to share more about it and I'm not going to speculate as to what happened.
  19. Social media is basically a screaming match where the loudest voices win and only the most invested in a viewpoint participate.
  20. Sentinel947

    Scouting is doomed

    Giant Meteor for President 2020!
  21. Not terribly related to the topic, but I was given this by one of the parents in the Troop.
  22. Sentinel947

    Cubmaster Retiring

    A plaque or some sort of memorabilia can be a nice touch. I'm a sucker for nicely framed photos. Maybe a picture from some event with the boys in it, with their signatures on the back?
  23. Sentinel947

    Why Can't Adults Trust the Scouts

    I'm an Eagle Scout, and I've been through WoodBadge. Wouldn't say I'm part of the "cult" though. I've met leaders that were Eagle Scouts who were awesome. But being an Eagle doesn't automatically make somebody an expert on the program, anymore than playing High School football makes you qualified to be a Football Coach.
  24. Sentinel947

    Why Can't Adults Trust the Scouts

    Very little I learned earning Eagle prepared me to be an ASM. Sure understanding in general how Scouting worked and having good scout skills has helped, but my Scoutmaster training was an eye opener. Joining this forum and lifting best practices from others was an eye opener. Following Clark Green's blog helped me too. Wood Badge training. All those sources have helped me become a helpful contributor to my troop as an ASM more than being an Eagle.
  25. Sentinel947

    Origin of the Eagle Pledge and Eagle Charges

    I suppose that looked like I was bragging a bit. I'm definitely honored by them, but there's not really a set criteria for who gets awarded them so I don't take the mentor pins all that seriously. I know what I've done to support the various Eagle Scouts, and that's the real reward, is being part of a young mans Eagle Scout journey.