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  1. You went from his favorite to not favorite in a pretty short amount of time.
  2. I was responding to @MattRs post. What you call an 18 y/o doesn't change anything. I'm aware that currently a JASM is a youth role.
  3. That doesn't change whether YPT applies to them @18. Whether JASM, ASM or Committee Member the problem is still there.
  4. If people always followed the law, and ethical behavior, there wouldn't be a need for YPT rules. Because people don't always do that, YPT got created. Because some predators make connections in Scouting, but then commit the abuse outside of Scouting, the BSA has tried to expand YPT to apply outside of Scouting activities. I think as a policy it's a good idea, but it's an absolute nightmare to enforce. Well intentioned.
  5. I'm not sure I understand your question.
  6. Was it really that recent? If so, that makes me feel a little better about my own decisions, but really concerns me that it took them that long.
  7. Hey @ScoutWithNecker a really neat function of the forum here is "Multiquote." You click the little plus sign next to the word "Quote" for all the posts you want to quote. Then you hit the button that says "Quote # Posts"
  8. It's a loss for your unit, but I agree. I don't see any way for a an 18 year old to live their life normally and be a registered ASM following the YPT rules as written, if they have younger friends still in the Troop. Obviously, I'm a hypocrite, because I did it. I'm not sure how aware I was that hanging out with my friends outside of Scouts was a YPT violation. I'd like to say I followed the spirit of the rules, but not the letter of them. But I wouldn't recommend that to somebody else do what I did.
  9. Regardless of the application of BSA YPT, I can still make a good argument that many of those professions don't need to alone with a minor all that much. Teachers typically have more than one student in the classroom at a time. After school activities typically take place in groups of students. If a student needs additional coaching from a teacher after school, the library or cafeteria could serve as a more public place than an isolated classroom. After the Larry Nassar/USA Gymnastics situation, I'm really questioning how much 1 on 1 contact with a minor a Doc, PA's, NPs, PT's really need
  10. On that note, whenever you become very informed on a topic, you realize the typical journalist is not an expert on the subjects they report on.
  11. Not two deep. 1 on 1. You likely aren't spending significant time alone with an individual student. They're almost always in groups. There does end up being some very minimal time where a student and teacher may be alone during a class change because a student is first in, or last out. Normally the hallway is filled with activity, so it's not really 1 on 1. Where there becomes some significant risk is before or after school. That can be easily solved by teachers grouping up in a shared classroom before or after school to meet individual students that need extra instruction. N
  12. I meant if the school was to have it's own rules that were similar to the BSA's. If I was a teacher, for instance, I would not want to have 1 on 1 contact with a student, nor would I have any need of it. Applying such a 1 on 1 rule to 18 and 17 year old students would grind the school to halt. When I was an 18 year old ASM, I counted for 2 deep. I will also admit, I didn't stop spending time with my friends outside of BSA events. Mostly me and my friends who were 16-17 hung out in group settings anyways, not that I was worried about applying that YPT rule to them. I did apply YPT rul
  13. If schools attempted to apply such a rule it would grind the system to a halt. A senior QB wants to throw extra passes to an under 18 wide receiver after school? Nope. An 18 year old senior drives an under 18 year old neighbor to school? Nope. A 18 year old student and a 17 year old student meet at a parents house to work on a project? Nope. Again, I'm a big proponent of YPT. I'll defend it religiously. It's well intentioned, and for 99% of situations it makes a good deal of sense. When Parents and Leaders are following it and holding each other accountable to it, it should work well. In t
  14. I just want to clarify, we're talking about an 18 year old high school student registering as an ASM. He has friends who are also seniors.. or maybe they're juniors... and they're 16 or 17. YPT rules state no 1 on 1 contact between adults and youth, during or out side of BSA events. Nobody on this forum should advocate for breaking 1 on 1 contact rules during Scout outings, but pushing an 18 year old to chose between hanging out with their friends outside of Scouting events (hanging out and playing video games, going to the theme park, high school athletics, band, ect...) is a common sense ove
  15. Ah yes, the grey zone of YPT.. The way the rules are written, 18 year olds are Adults for YPT purposes, no 1 on 1 contact at Scout events and outside of them too. I became an ASM at 18 during my Senior year of High School. My Troop and I followed the no 1 on 1 contact rule in Scouting events seriously. The friends I had before turning 18 I still hung out with outside of Scouting. I wasn't going to give up spending time with my friends outside of Scouts just to be a Scout volunteer. The youth I worked with in the Troop that weren't my peers in school or close friends prior to turnin
  16. Certainly possible. Thanks for your work in compiling the proceedings. He'll get a another shout-out on Twitter. 😂
  17. I meant the BSA's leadership self sabotaging.
  18. That belief is one that nearly everybody on this forum can agree on.
  19. Still early, property damage looks heavy, loss of life looks light. We'll see what happens as the storm clears. About half of Louisiana is without power.
  20. I typically don't carry rain paints. I wear nylon/poly pants that are five when wet. My current rain coat is a Frogg Toggs, but I've been looking at upgrading. I miss pit zips.
  21. Smart water bottles or Gatorade bottles for backpacking. Regular Nalgenes for day to day use it car Camping.
  22. Is your Committee appointing the COR, or is the IH?
  23. When did BSA Adult applications start requiring COR or IH sign off?
  24. It does indeed for me. If Kosnoff is reading here, who knows what other parties are watching? It's also highly interesting. He's quoting random, anonymous strangers off a web forum. It's possible that any of us do not know what we claim to know, or aren't who we claim to be. Not exactly trustworthy sources.
  25. Changing membership policies, sponsor orgs pulling out, rising fees, bad press due to sexual abuse, general decline in civic involvement, then COVID.
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