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  1. Those that joined the forum to track the news, share their perspective as abuse survivors: Thank you I've learned a lot from your posts , please keep coming around, sadly this still isn't over, and for you all, it never truly will be. It makes me sad that an organization that has so profoundly shaped my life for the better has had such the opposite effect for so many, and it gives me a great burden to carry as a leader today, to do the best possible to make sure that the youth entrusted to me are safe from harm. It's really hard to say. For an example of a highly public case righ
  2. @mrjohns2 @yknot I appreciate the context. I'm entirely unfamiliar with 4-H and how that program operates.
  3. So we hope. Beyond leadership of the BSA not having the spine to do the right thing, what makes 4-H less likely to have abuse than the BSA did historically? While many victims who were abused by BSA volunteers were abused at BSA events, there were some that were groomed at BSA events but the actual assault took place outside of those BSA events. Not sure how 4H would have tackled that issue before "Grooming" became something adults were publicly conscious of.
  4. It can be hard for folks who hang it up to watch other people in the job and not be critical. If the Scouts, their parents and the CC are happy with your husbands performance as SM, he should take the old cranky SM's opinions with a huge grain of salt.
  5. Better chances for positive publicity for higher office investigating the BSA rather than UofM: https://www.cnn.com/2021/06/10/us/bo-schembechler-son-robert-anderson-abuse/index.html Similar sad story here, authority figures that knew about it, and at best turned a blind eye. Moving predators around after allegation. Like the BSA, in the Churches, or the Military, a consistent failure for those in power to protect the vulnerable.
  6. He has about as much impact on the outcome of this case as those of us posting here does.
  7. Unless it was a claim against one of the organizations that merged into the BSA, like Dan Beard's group.
  8. If my organization was facing an existential bankruptcy, I'd be looking for the exits. I have obligations, I have no intention to be the last one on a sinking ship out of loyalty to any employer.
  9. The cost to own urban core property is outrageously expensive, and Scouting is an outdoor activity? I'm all for making Scouting more accessible, but what is an "Urban Adventure Base?" What does it have to do with Scouting?
  10. Not sure if this is the right subforum. Anybody here participating in the pilot updated course this year? https://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2021/05/11/national-youth-leadership-training-updated-to-better-serve-youth-leaders/amp/
  11. You have a right to be upset and frustrated. These people took the easy path out. They choose sweeping it under the rug vs dealing with it properly. It's painful to see that, even more so when its personal and relevant to you.
  12. Millennials are age 25-40 currently and have had a hard time starting families due to cost of living and the 08 recession. I'm 27 and the youngest of my cousins. All of my cousins are older than I am, in a range of 28-34. None has a child over the age of 4 currently. I think of my extended family as a fairly average Americans as far as income, occupation and educational attainment is concerned. Granted, we're all in the younger half of the Millennial generation. My point, is if we see Millennial parents in Scouting, the parents and kids would most likely only be involved in Cub Scouts at
  13. National and Local Council should hiring freeze all but truly mission critical open jobs. Hiring somebody into a job that has a decent likelyhood of not existing post bankruptcy is not very kind.
  14. This made me think of the ongoing case with the Archdiocese of Santa Fe: News Article "Levi Monagle, an Albuquerque-based attorney who represents dozens of the victims, said he couldn't comment on the total value of the archdiocese's assets. A settlement will be complicated, he said, "but I have every belief that we are in a position to achieve one if all the parties continue to put in the necessary blood, sweat, and tears." "The survivors in this bankruptcy have been tremendously patient thus far — they are warriors in every sense. If they can hold out a little longer, keep fight
  15. Agreed. It's unfortunate to lose the HA bases, but if that's a price to keep council camps, then it should be paid. Plenty of wonderful state and national parks and forests to do HA trips in.
  16. That's my council. It'd been in the works for a while. They've been talking about doing this since at least 2012. The timing is unfortunate, but perhaps it will increase the value of the property if/when it has to be sold.
  17. That makes Boy Scouting very much like Cub Scouting. I can't speak for other units, but my Troop has always encouraged parents to come along on outings if they want. Most often they choose not to attend, because camping outdoors all weekend either doesn't fit their schedule or isn't their thing. That report doesn't surprise me. Getting school districts to create and follow policies is just as challenging as getting Scout Troops and Councils to follow YPT, and the BSA has the advantage of a "centralized" command. Teachers and administrators fail to report, or sometimes administrators "
  18. I imagine very few. Sexual predators tend to have multiple victims. It starts to add up quickly in such a large organization.
  19. It's certainly not off the radar of the Diocese's lawyers, especially with the abuse cases against Catholic clergy and parishioners. There's a reasonable chance that some of the abusers involved in the Church may have been involved in Scouting.
  20. If the BSA comes out of bankruptcy having managed to hold onto the Summit, while LC's lose their camps, there will be alot of upset local volunteers.
  21. I know the first scout we should award it to. One of my NYLT quartermasters a few years ago would be the first one up to get breakfast supplies organized, and he'd put the coffee on.
  22. Speaking of Ebola, there is an active outbreak in Guinea.
  23. Good for him to accomplish Eagle so early. On the other hand... 3k for benches? I agree with other comments, while above board, I don't know if it's the best experience for the Scout to zip through the advancement program so quickly. Hopefully this Scout stays involved so he can really benefit from all that being a Scout has to offer.
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