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  1. To be clear, if the Committee Chair is saying that the adults who help out have to be YPT trained and registered, that is a unit rule, not a BSA rule. There is no such BSA requirement.
  2. I would encourage your Troop's leadership to reach out to the OA chapter absolutely as soon as possible. I say this for a few reasons: They can do a presentation to your Troop explaining what it is and what it does so that the Scouts can be thinking about whom they would elect. Any requirements for membership that are lacking can be made up before the election. You don't miss your chapter/lodge's election window if they have one.
  3. I can't even envision a scenario where I ask a girl to take her Gold Award off her BSA uniform.
  4. And as a lifelong NL fan, I think if they wear the uniform they ought to make 'em hit.
  5. This came to National Capital Area Council a bit ago, but I've been away at camp and rushing a guy to Eagle before that, so sorry for the delay: June 30, 2023 Your National Capital Area Council (NCAC) fulfills BSA’s mission, “To prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law.” NCAC works tirelessly to deliver a safe and high-quality Scouting program to our families in a cost-effective manner. Today it annually costs $240.00 per youth to d
  6. We have 18 new Scouts (12 going to summer camp this Sunday - been good knowing all of you) and I'm not sure we're done. That's double what we usually had in a good year pre-COVID. I know we're an outlier, but I hope we're also a bellwether.
  7. But as noted previously, this completely divorces your unit membership from the charter. The list of chartered members on January 1st is no more useful than the list on January 5th or July 27th, as you might have completely different members registered on any given date based on individual membership lapses and renewals. I am curious to see where they are headed.
  8. And negative repercussions from that kind of treatment don't end quickly or easily. Thank you for posting this, @RememberSchiff. It is good to remember our history.
  9. @skeptic, I believe that was in response to a since-deleted post that immediately preceded it.
  10. We pay the dues for all of our youth members. Sending them a link is insane. ETA: I don't mean we collect dues and pay them for everyone at once; I mean the Troop pays for the dues out of our fundraiser. Now we have to track and pay monthly for the Scouts, and they are getting sent things that mean nothing to them.
  11. Just circling back to say how helpful this thread has been. We just did annual planning this week and the PLC switched all of our Troop's monthly campouts from two nights to one. We had been inadvertently counting those two-nighters towards First Class! But read closely! "Since joining Scouts BSA, participate in 10 separate troop/patrol activities, at least six of which must be held outdoors. Of the outdoor activities, at least three must include overnight camping." So for the past few months we haven't been signing off on any camping trips of two or more nights, as those are not ove
  12. Exactly. This is probably the least sensible interim step to this process yet.
  13. I also hope strict adherence to rules would apply to any forthcoming directives from the BSA concerning the use of Native American traditions.
  14. Which is why Pop Warner still uses the Flying Wedge and disallows the forward pass.
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