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  1. But in fairness on the annual fire station trips, I always told my Den parents that those trips were so that the dads could look at the trucks and the moms could look at the firemen, and if the Scouts learned something along the way, great.
  2. I'm confused by your comment, @jcousino: the article never claims that all 1000 nights were spent that way, only the one thousandth itself (though others may have been spent that way as well). Did I overlook something (a common occurrence).
  3. By 2030 we should be seeing in utero trips to the fire station.
  4. In other words, exactly how it was when I was in, 1975-1978.
  5. I'd wager that's very true, and that most would agree with you. I'd also contend that it's a radically different statement than what you opened with, which was more akin to that they won't allow their children to camp with anyone but suburban dads, and didn't deal much with preferences. I'd likewise contend that the "all else equal" doesn't ever (often?) exist. But I don't disbelieve your point that your wife is not unique in her concerns, not by a long shot. I'm not a Millennial, my wife and I are Gen X, and "late to childhood" in some cultures and areas of the country, but my wife certa
  6. I wonder if there will be a challenge since BSA requires a belief in a god.
  7. While YPT is required of all adult leaders, we also require it of any parent who camps with us. But I have heard that the 72-hour loophole might be disappearing as a result of the settlement, and I am hearing that some camps are already requiring any adult who stays the night to be a registered leader.
  8. We and our "affiliated" Pack have found a new CO, the Episcopalian church a few doors down. For now at least we are under a facilities use agreement with our old UMC, but the plan is to move over to the Episcopalian church over time.
  9. I agree. I can't imagine why I would have submitted a name on the ballot if I didn't intend to allow that candidate to be elected. I was pretty stunned when I was asked, especially because in my distant youth I was a Lodge Unit Elections Committee Chair at one point.
  10. Yes, that is a decision each of us must make.
  11. True. But that could apply to any number of things in Scouting or elsewhere. Getting rid of roads because people keep speeding would seem extreme, right? 😁 It's in our nature to try to fix things, not throw them out.
  12. Correct. But it isn't done globally. And given that the OP's Chapter told him he needed 20 for membership and seems to have neglected to mention Scoutmaster approval at all, I would be skeptical of their adherence to standard. Forewarned and all...
  13. That isn't true globally; in our Chapter all candidates are on the ballot and the SM only uses a strike if the candidate is actually elected.
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