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  1. So nothing has changed? Didn't 18-20 year olds still have to register as adults and follow YPT in the OA? Hasn't that been the case for over a decade or so? Were people not following that?
  2. I don't see any indication in the screenshot that they are implementing a Rovers program.
  3. Good question. No. This is the next step of "Family Scouting" implementation.
  4. One of the only redeemable sequences from the entire 8th film.... Excellently written, well shot, well acted.
  5. I live in Dan Beard Council. Her Foundation would be the ones to decide. They said in the article you cited, said her Foundation supports organizations removing her name. "The Marge and Charles J. Schott Foundation released a statement Tuesday, saying they support the organizations who remove her name. "While we cannot make excuses for the rhetoric made by Mrs. Schott decades ago, we can ask you to learn from Mrs. Schott’s mistakes as well as her great love for Cincinnati." They didn't object to the University of Cincinnati (my alma mater!) removing her name from the baseball stadium there. I don't think they'll object if things in the Council are renamed. If the Board does decide to rename things, I still would like to see them recognize her contributions in some way. While she had some very nasty views, and said some nasty things about Black people, she was a very generous donor to Dan Beard Council. A generation of youth have benefited from her charitable giving, and will continue to do so. https://www.fox19.com/2020/06/23/trustees-discuss-marge-schott-name-change-uc-baseball-stadium/#:~:text=Marge%20Schott%20Stadium%20was%20named,name%20from%20UC's%20baseball%20stadium. Also in the broader context of whether it's right or not.... who's going around asking for gift's back, unless there is some sort of contract that requires it? If I give a friend of mine a gift, or give an organization money, and we have a falling out, since when do I get to demand they return those gifts to me? That's not a gift, that's a loan.
  6. I believe it was Oliver Wendell Holmes who said "Taxes are the price we pay for Civilization." Regardless we are going to pay money to some institution to provide services that we cannot provide by ourselves. Whether it's a corporation, a HOA, a non-profit, or a government. The only difference between the first three and the government is that the first three are voluntary. Government expenditures can most certainly be investments. Roads and transportation networks are investments. Educating young people is an investment. National Defense, Banking insurance, national retirement programs are all programs too big to be run by anything other than government. That isn't to say the government does a particularly great job at any of those things, but there is at least a purpose in government. The real question for anybody who is being honest with themselves is not, "Do we need government?" but is "How much government should I be paying for?" Americans of both parties are addicted to government spending. Both parties seem to be perfectly happy with spending tons of future American's money and sticking my generation and future generation with the bill. Deficit spending and borrowing money is a neat financial trick, but it eventually bottoms out when the interest payments get too high, or investors are afraid to loan a government more money.
  7. Money will never overcome a lack of will. Both parties benefit from the status quo, so nothing really changes. Or were you thinking something else?
  8. I'm entirely serious. Is it still possible to decide on issues based on values and not whether I'm on team red or team blue? Is the BSA the Scouting movement or part of THE Scouting movement? Is the official BLM organization representing everyone that protests? Or just the most organized and vocal? I think there are legitiment greviences Black people have about how they are treated by the legal system and society. More than that, I've seen the impacts these systemic issues have had on Black and Hispanic citizens. How my white family benefited from access to good educations, safe neighborhoods and good real estate. I'd like to see that reality happen for more Black people too. That doesn't mean I have to endorse all their aims. If I find a common cause, that doesn't violate the teachings of the Church and the law with a Marxist, or a Jew, a Muslim or anybody else, I can cooperate in achieving that objective. Maybe somedays they'll be advocating policies I can't support, and I'll oppose those specifically.
  9. The "official" organizations about us page is here: https://blacklivesmatter.com/what-we-believe/ The Catholic church would object to "disrupting the nuclear family" as we consider it the most basic and important unit of society. BLM affirming transgender transitioning, which the church believes is harmful. Not sure about your priest, but the teachings of the Catholic church are clearly outlined in the Catechism, which can be found for free here. https://www.vatican.va/archive/ccc_css/archive/catechism/ccc_toc.htm That doesn't mean we can't make common cause with the BLM movement on areas of agreement, but it would preclude a blanket endorsement.
  10. @qwazse referenced a thread of mine from a few years ago when I was a moderator. At the time I was concerned that the new software here would act like Reddit (Probably the most popular forum/subforum website on the planet). On Reddit, if a post receives too many down votes, it's automatically hidden. We ran a unscientific experiment, and I had a post with -12 down votes. It DID NOT hide my post. So while that's not conclusive if too many negative reacts will censor a post, it does mean that given the smaller forum numbers we have here, that practically speaking is not an issue. If that feature exists, we likely don't have enough active users to hit the threshold. So down votes and up votes here don't have a prescribed meaning, but we can see the developers intent with the highlighting of posts with significant up votes and reacts. I personally don't care if people down vote my posts, but I would prefer them to post in addition to that so their opinion is out there. Down voting posts with out an explanation doesn't do much to further a conversation or change anybody's mind.
  11. First of all, celebrate and enjoy the success you've had, with your sons and their friends. This is why we became Scout leaders. My recommendation is to create a succession plan. You should always have one because life can come at you fast. Otherwise, keep doing it while you enjoy it and feel like you're good at it. If you find it's more stress than it's enjoyable it's time to hang it up or change roles. It's up to you and your Committee Chair to determine when it makes sense.
  12. There will always be people who will take advantage of crowds and chaos to further their objectives or settle scores. I don't think supporting Black People against injustices is contrary to being Catholic. Rather, I look at racial justice as an essential element of being Catholic and something we should push for. The BLM group has some positions as Catholics that we cannot support in good faith, but like Scouting, where the BSA is just one element, the "official" BLM group is only part of a broader movement for racial justice. Overall I support some of the goals of the movement, but I don't support every position or action they take. There have been activists in San Francisco and California generally targeting St. Sera for a while now. They've been trying to distort his life and actions into an example of white supremacy. If you watch this video, look at the racial composition of the crowd who pulled down the statue... mostly white people. https://abc7news.com/statues-torn-down-francis-scott-key-junipero-serra-golden-gate-park/6257760/. Large crowds in the park gave them the opportunity to do what they have always wanted to. So I'm not ready to pin this on Black Lives Matter or Juneteenth specifically. Especially since Father Sera likely never met a Black person in his life. There is a strain of thought on the extreme left that is a modern day form of Iconoclasm. Anybody who doesn't uphold their ideals cannot be part of the public square. I'd guess getting rid of the statue of St. Sera was something the leadership of San Francisco wanted to do anyways. From my understanding of history, Father Sera accidentally introduced European diseases that did significant damage to the Native population. Him spreading the faith, introducing European technology and practices and building the missions fundamentally changed Native Culture and lifestyles. He's resented for this. But he also did the best he could to educate the Natives, and protect them from the abuses of the Spanish military. The missions he created are the foundations for most important California cities today. The way I see it, the California tribes would have been subjugated and dominated by the Spanish regardless. Father Sera's leadership in California made things better for the Natives than elsewhere in the Spanish empire. Would their communities have been better off without the Spanish? Probably. But that's not the reality we live in.
  13. By the time of the American colonies, and founding of the US, the Miami were one of the dominant tribes in Ohio. I'm not an expert on Native American history, but from my brief researching online, the Miami started in Wisconsin and expanded into the Ohio valley region. It seems like the Lakota may have originated along the Mississippi and Ohio valley and then migrated Westward. It doesn't seem like the "modern" (Post American) Lakota lived in the Ohio valley, but I'm already stretching the limits of my Native American history as it is.
  14. The Lakota had a significant period of time in Ohio, before they were forced to migrate by other hostile tribes. Not going to speak for @TAHAWK, but that might be why.
  15. 29 is absolutely young.... because I'm quickly closing in on it. 😂
  16. Unlikely. There are substantial populations of Christians, Jews and Muslims who have strong beliefs about gay and transgender behavior. Short of the government intervening and ending religious education for youth (that's not happening), then this will continue. I think we are approaching an equilibrium point. LGBTQ rights will be protected by law, but religious exemption rights to run Churches, Schools and Charities will remain. This would likely include the Scouts, unless the BSA intervenes. Which in that case, you can kiss the whole current system of the BSA goodbye. Given this equilibrium point, I can hope the conflict settles, as a majority of each side mostly gets what they want: the ability to do their own thing. More realistically, one side or the other is going to continue to push their claims, and the cultural warfare will continue. It's too useful of a political issue. It's useful for politicians to "other" people in order to motivate and cement voting blocks.
  17. Frogg Toggs are not good gear for Scouts, but could be for Adults. Youth will shred them. I use Frogg toggs for trips where the threat of rain is minimal. One should carry a sewing kit or a needle and floss to stick up the rips that will inevitably happen in frogg toggs. Or Duct tape. You'll likely need it with Frogg Toggs. I mostly use just a rain coat. I find the sweat and extra heat from the rain pants is rarely worth it. If I was going on a trip with a lot of rain in the forecast I'd bring rain pants, but on most trips I leave them at home and have rarely regretted it.
  18. Scandals are a part of the decline. Cost is another. The cost factor combines with another: it's a program reliant on unpaid volunteers in a time where more and more parents have to work outside the home. Particularly in lower income communities, this double effect puts Scouting in a position where it's hard to operate. I don't see a solution to that. I have even less confidence the BSA can fix it, but simplifying and reducing the cost of the program is a good place to start.
  19. While they add another merit badge (agree with @dkurtenbach, not sure that's the best way to address it) can they finally throw us a bone and consolidate the Citizenship badges?
  20. I prefer to let people explain themselves rather than jump to conclusions, but your hunch was correct in this case.
  21. Not sure what you are referring to here. Can you provide some details about when the BSA said that Scouts don't have to follow the Scout Oath and Law?
  22. There is an irony that BP is going to be torn down in England, where his most positive contribution to humanity was made, while his burial site in Kenya (close to where he likely did commit a war crime by modern standards executed a prisoner that was considered too risky to move), he's celebrated with a National Park. BP wasn't perfect. He naively tried to pursue relationships with Nazi Germany in order to bring the Hitler Youth into the World Wide Scouting movement. He was definitely a player in the brutal suppression of southern Africans into the British Empire. The statue to BP in Poole is also modest. It's an endorsement and nod to his founding of Scouting, which is his largest accomplishment, and a positive one at that. It's not a celebration of his military service. I'd like to see it stay, but by the critics logic, there will be no public statues of any historical figures in the UK, since their history is stained with blood and imperialist riches.
  23. NYLT's true value is less in any of the particular leadership skills taught, and more in the Scouts having a chance to live in a model troop, and practice practical leadership among themselves in a setting where the Scouts don't carry the social weight from their old troops. All the social hierarchies from their home troop is temporarily erased. The leadership skills taught at NYLT are the icing on top so to speak. National has directed that there will be no online NYLT. So keep an eye out for a fall course. My council is tentatively planning one, but no news yet.
  24. The Vatican is a sovereign nation. It's very difficult for individuals to sue foreign countries. As far as my understanding goes, the highest in the Church the lawyers can reach is the diocese themselves, maybe the National US Bishops conference.
  25. Yea, we were lucky that this was in the 90's, and the metropark had the funds to buy. It won't work out everywhere. If the council cannot afford the camp, it needs to be sold or go back to it's original owner.
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