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  1. What’s the daily burn rate these days? Not my bailiwick, but if she can ditch a mediator with a flick of her wand, it would seem so. Right? In the event that happens, the “substantial contribution” argument by which they advanced the request (demand?) for payment of BrownRudnick’s fees would almost certainly go bye bye. Substantial contributor and obstructionist perch on the opposite ends of the teeter totter, me thinks.
  2. https://www.reuters.com/legal/government/latest-vote-tally-boy-scouts-27-bln-abuse-settlement-falls-short-goal-2022-01-18/
  3. You suggested several reasons for the cancellation. I’ve been asking everyone I know who might have a clue, including insiders and press. No one has been able to say. If weather, how can that shut down a hearing that is 100% virtual, other than Judge’s chambers? I guess the Delaware forecast might justify that and this is, after all, just another bankruptcy hearing, other than for those fully vested. As to COVID among key players, I suppose we may never know. I have had all three strains, but count myself blessed not to have been extremely sick. For 98% of the people I know who have/had Omicro
  4. As Omni suggested. Knowing a little about some of the firms who used the ballot, I would be surprised if they failed to button up and batten down the hatches on their paperwork.
  5. Sex abuse claimants torn over Boy Scout bankruptcy plan “If West Seneca resident Tracy Peterson had been sexually abused as a child in New York, his claim in federal bankruptcy court against the Boy Scouts of America could be worth upward of $1 million. But because the abuse is alleged to have occurred in the early 1970s in Texas, where Peterson was born and raised, he said his lawyers are telling him he probably will be eligible for no more than $30,000, minus 40% in attorney fees...” https://buffalonews.com/news/local/sex-abuse-claimants-torn-over-boy-scout-bankruptcy-plan/art
  6. I spoke with Omni. The person in the know said, “The tabulation results are going to vary a bit, somewhat of a given between a preliminary report and a final. I don’t see any significant movement other than Class 9, which we called out in the declaration.”
  7. Hearing cancelled. Ugh. **AT THE DIRECTION OF THE COURT, THIS HEARING IS CANCELLED** https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47373/bb83fb5a-7417-48cf-a88d-a1d50d4b257c_8334.pdf
  8. This may sound asinine, but I feel like a child stuck in the middle of a nasty divorce and custody battle. There are some things I'd rather be hashed out in private, especially facts and/or accusations that are as yet substantiated. Unleashing the trebuchets of blame can cause lasting damage and deep in the moment confusion, resentment, fear, anger and self doubt. "What am I supposed to do? Who's telling the truth? Can't you just act like adults and pretend you care about me more than just winning and/or crushing the other? Can't your lawyers or the mediator get you to sit down and be reasonab
  9. Remember this? The Coalition of Abused Scouts for Justice, which is urging a yes vote, has said that most claimants will receive between $3,500 and $2.7 million...“Voting yes will promptly deliver a degree of justice and closure to survivors, and accountability for the Boy Scouts organization,” Rothweiler said in a statement. https://www.oregonlive.com/nation/2021/10/boy-scout-sex-abuse-victims-begin-voting-on-bankruptcy-settlement-plan.html
  10. Some of my earliest comments here were about the lure of hearing BSA was going to "equitably compensate" all survivors of abuse in Scouting. It's all clear to me now. We started at $6100 being the "equitable" amount. Now, we're at $38,000 as the "paid in full" number. Now I get it. We're getting 5x more than is equitable compensation! Wee. Makes perfect sense. Brilliant PR strategy. Bring on the Drum Award! (Who's monitoring the microphone over there?)
  11. https://news.bloomberglaw.com/bankruptcy-law/boy-scouts-slams-victim-committee-for-opposing-2-7-billion-deal
  12. I'm forbidden to post full articles, so my apologies. All BSA statements were per the filing, but plan opponents were quoted for the story. Puchulski and Amala. Jason Amala, another lawyer representing survivors, said the group’s claim on Tuesday that victims will be paid in full is “absurd,” adding that “There’s not enough money to make it work.”
  13. Boy Scouts Says Abuse Claims Likely to Be Paid in Full, With Lowered Liability Estimates The Boy Scouts of America said it now expected it will likely be able to pay in full on the sex-abuse claims that drove it to bankruptcy based on new and lower estimates of how much it owes abuse victims. The youth group on Tuesday said it now projected the total value of claims eligible for payouts to be roughly $3 billion, the midpoint in a range of $2.4 billion to $3.6 billion...The youth group, which has apologized to the victims, says new calculations showed its liability wasn’t nearly as ba
  14. This is what I don't get in the "before" and "after" Reports snapshots, regardless the numbers. The Claims Valuation Matrix was said to be based on the data I've highlighted. So, the Claro and Rebuttal Reports have redefined or uncovered new data? Was ist das? I realized it states, "allowed," but baselines are nonetheless used, supposedly derived from the data noted. The Base Matrix value column for each tier represents the default Allowed Claim Amount for an Allowed Abuse Claim assigned to a given tier, in each case based on historical abuse settlements and litigation outcomes which incl
  15. What changed since 12.5.21 is the Claro Report, which (to my knowledge) we only have by inference via this rebuttal. Absent the Claro Report, I can't see this new one being issued. I may be naïve in that perception, though. Claro apparently created an opportunity to present this updated comparative analysis. But, then again, what do I know...? Okay. The vote also happened, which I shouldn't have been so dense as to omit in my first reply.
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