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  1. I don't think anyone can lay the odds, but I would say better chance of approving than not. I believe the Notice of Agenda Matters landed today. I'll see if I can find a few to review. That rhymed. It is usually in English, but you need a special incandescent bulb to decipher the legal lemon juice.
  2. That be me. I'm calling making this connection a "good get" on your part. He was all about him and how things looked and projected on "his Troop." How we presented and performed was a huge part of his identity. As to Mr. Pink Shirt Hater, I say the same. All about how he thinks this "looks" to others who see one of "his" kids wearing a PINK shirt. Pah-lease. "No Scout of mine is going to be caught dead wearing a PINK shirt...!"
  3. I don't see anything in the terms. Someone should be made aware of this gap, though. Are there other documented instances among members here that would put together a pattern beyond isolated examples? Regardless, it shouldn't happen at all if anyone wants YP to really work as a core element of culture and practice.
  4. Possibly only relevant to my musings on the state of play, but as fate would have it, NESA was born 50 years ago today and 50 since I joined Scouts. “What a long, strange trip it’s been.” And how.
  5. Just landed on the docket, whatever this means. Minute Entry: The Court will not be ruling on confirmation at the omnibus hearing on May 25. The only matters going forward at the omnibus hearing are those listed on the agenda. - RE: [9714] Order on Omnibus Hearings scheduled for 5/25/2022 at 02:00 PM US Bankruptcy Court, 824 Market St., 6th Fl., Courtroom #2, Wilmington, Delaware (LJJ) (LJJ) https://cases.omniagentsolutions.com/documents?clientid=3552&tagid=1153&dateFrom=05/15/2022&dateTo=05/21/2022
  6. His reading (and expounding on his ruling) was over six hours long. Pop some corn and grab a beverage...
  7. Of course. From my understanding, BSA doesn't control the selection of survivors and, I think, it would be reasonable to trust the TCC and SWG. That is what I'm trying to say, for the most part. Consider the applicant pool, as well. My sense in this particular conversation is you both are assuming BSA is in control of this Committee. At least half of the members will be survivors, per the plan provisions. If the members are anywhere as close to as accessible as the TCC has been, which I believe they will be, survivors from all quarters will be heard, in the most active sense of the word. You a
  8. My bet is on completely and totally fractional. Also, I am NOT advocating for other than a diverse group, but my understanding is the vast majority of claimants are men. Then, there is some commonality of age, as well. Simple facts, no? There MUST be diversity of experience - which includes multiple factors - but shouldn't it be in keeping with the proportions, whatever they are? Is this a fact-based assertion or assumption, or crafted out of whole cloth? I really don't know. Not poking. Oh, I was being somewhat jocular. YP is critical, but I think she trusted the TCC and SWG on that s
  9. Looking down the menu of the many potential issues she's wrangling, I don't see this one listed as so much as a footnote. I went back and scoured the fine print between the warnings about "undercooked fish," nut allergies, GF and VE items, and wine during pregnancy. Nary a word. Not on her radar. What is your proposal (or hope) for "clarity and empowerment," as to survivor members of the YPC? I don't want to presume.
  10. The only description and directives are as noted below. BSA CSA survivor members are apparently TBD. Per the SWG member's testimony, one of their members is a woman. 2) On or as soon as practicable following the Effective Date, form a Youth Protection Committee (“YPC”): The BSA shall form a committee including members from the BSA, Local Councils, Chartered Organizations, and nominees of the Tort Claimants’ Committee, and nominees of the Survivors Working Group. Assuming there are a sufficient numbers willing to serve on the YPC, members nominated by the Tort Claimants’ Committee and
  11. I'm not sure if I am picking too much of a nit with your choice of language, but "putting in place safeguards..." is somewhat desultory or mechanical. Structure without comprehensive, consistent, enthusiastic application, oversight and upgrades is a skeleton without a brain, muscle, organs, blood, etc. (Apologies if those things were inherent in what you meant.) For example, I think the new YP measures in the plan "force," facilitate and enhance both the processes and protocols and cultural reinforcement in high-leverage areas that were lax. My nickels.
  12. Can any of our more knowledgeable forum members provide some enlightenment as to why this is the case? From whence cometh this excerpt?
  13. As to the photo I posted above, are you able to explain what it takes to become a certified time logger and fee application preparer? Mama "needs" a new pair-o-shoes. I'll cut down the hourly from $298.237519 to an even $250.
  14. Back to introducing my noggin to the desk. By now you'd think they'd be very well acquainted.
  15. I noted on the docket that some professionals have submitted their 26th monthly application for payment of fees. Anyone have an idea of the aggregate total, even roughly? Strange person that I am, I took my lunch break and thought I needed to slam my head against the cherry wood for a few minutes. Easy way to induce such a reaction? Enter "fee" into the keyword search on the docket, hit "Load" and get your forehead in position. Randomly: Morris Nichols for January - $467,000 and change Morris Nichols for February - $517,000 and change Berkeley Research Group (an oldie) August-O
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