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  1. (Thanks for setting me straight.) That one sentence boils it down to gravy.
  2. This mirrors my secondhand 4-H experience. No sleeping in the woods apart from parents. Most all activities in public and with groups of kids and parents. If I were to simplify and use the same activity, camping, this is how I would compare Scouting and 4-H: * Scouting (pre-serious/recent YPT) --> Men and boys hiking, swimming and tent camping in the woods for weekends and even weeks. * 4-H --> Overnight camping in a family's backyard with a fire pit and s'mores.
  3. To append, she was also told BSA was excluding mediation parties in favor of others. So much so that the TCC was told to go home from one of them, not contacted in several cases while "mediation was progressing nicely" and Chubb was not included at all in others or for extended periods. All of that should have gotten her off her duff, in my humble view.
  4. I'll give my favorite caveat right upfront: I'm asking, not poking. Are you a 4-Her? As I've said before, I'm not but experienced it through my sister for about six years. We are very close, as I am with her daughter. That's not first hand, but I was at events, their farm, talked with my niece a great deal...
  5. Same. I was naive in not at all expecting this dirge and shamble.
  6. If they're being truthful about August as the trigger point for "headlong into poverty," BSA certainly does. Insurers? Definitely not. Survivors with substantial claims and/or those not wanting an early exit? We can and will be as patient as necessary.
  7. Definitely not just you. I'm twisting in the wind and heat over here. Finally drafting my letter to the judge and touch on what this horrible attenuation is doing to me and other survivors. Recounting the abuse is not so much my thing. I prefer to talk about impacts. I'm pretty sure she doesn't get the psychological explosion the filing alone was to many of us, let alone the Proof of Claim process, the claims aggregating and mining, the fee drain, droning he said/she said in the hearings, and her consistent failure to rule on motions and resulting delay. My daily prayer (I'm short on hope) is
  8. Anyone have any 'what's the skinny' mediation info on the down low?
  9. I'd be careful how you phrase this and attempt to make a distinction. In the midst of my abuse during the 70's, when BSA was fully aware of what was going on, the marketing was pretty hot and heavy. I'm not saying the two contexts are exactly parallel, but a clear comparison is easy. (As to Big Tobacco, fill in any product liability debacle. Let's toss that one if you'd like.) The comparison trips out like this: 1) Defect - broad opportunities for access to boys --> predation and abuse; 2) Knowledge and recording of incidents of abuse impacts arising from defect; 3) Failure t
  10. I'm sorry, but those analogies do not fly in this context. Did these guys really have to be "determined," at least prior to when YPT began to more effectively implemented, as in not too long ago? No argument that they did can be made with a straight face. The yarn about the bad guys can always find the secret door and slip in the back way is simply nonsense here. The front door was unlocked, open and had a sign out front. Yes, Scouting was attractive to boys and families for it's adventure, but that doesn't mean it was wise to put boys in the woods and homes and private places with men like th
  11. I hear you, but maybe something else to consider. The files are evidence of a deeper, and I think insidious, motivation. The IVF existed for a long time before BSA was forced to produce them. And, as they admitted, represented nowhere near the number of IVs that would have been in the files had they not "purged" records. The existence of the IVF, the failure to proactively disclose them (and the incidents in real time) with the full knowledge of the historic pattern of abuse built the case for their own liability. In the moment, it may have seemed like a reasonable thing to do, but if y
  12. I had a lingering ambivalence about pursuing my CO, though that doesn't mean I wouldn't do it if my future attorney deems it both appropriate and necessary. (At this point, that scenario is hypothetical.) I have two reasons. One, the thought of hurting the parish my mom still attends is unpleasant. And, two, the explanation you guys have given about the almost universal low expectation of CO involvement at the Unit-level. I get that doesn't include the LDS church. That ambivalence is now balanced by the idea shared that Scouting was used an integrated/integral part of a "packaged offering" by
  13. Mine has more than 3x that amount in net assets and just a handful or so of claims that aren't time-barred. Overall, they have upwards of 200. I'm very curious to see how they participate in a global resolution or not, both from an academic and legal/risk management strategy standpoint and personally (of course). As has been discussed and debated, if litigated, those several claims could be disastrous for them depending on their insurance coverage.
  14. If I had a role in my former diocese, I would have been on the phone with SEs and searching the Omni Agent site for the number of claims against the LCs included within my turf. That would provide some sense of the magnitude, especially in a highly Catholic-based CO region. Problem is, are they really paying attention to available sources of information and do they have any inkling of the potential poop storm rising that could motivate inquiry? Who’s providing them with info? Even assuming every diocese is truly as involved as has been said, what do they really know? I’m still a tad dubious. F
  15. Trying to get my head around how anyone will wrangle that many COs at any macro level, when doing it with several hundred LCs has been the cat roping rodeo of the decade.
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