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  1. skills not advancement, I like that. but he doesnt want to do Scouty skills stuff. Cant be bothered with participating in KP duty, sits in his tent eating sugar puffs. Everyone is tying knots or whatever, he sits by himself on his phone. But yes, thanks Mr. quazse, for the advice. You make a good point sir.
  2. He goes on campouts infrequently, but yes he went this past weekend to Camporee. He participated some. And apparently the range officer asked him and his buddy to clean rifles at the end of the day, and they did it. Yes he can be disruptive at times. Bored with "scout stuff", he will change the subject to Ukraine war or whatever. He is a likeable fellow, funny and charismatic. No one, including me, would want him gone. His best buddy in the troop - they didn't know each other before Scouts - will certainly be Eagle someday. So he's not affecting everyone. But we have definitely se
  3. Our troop has a Scout that cant be bothered with advancement. I'll call him Bobby. He joined before pandemic and he's probably 15 or 16 now. He told me, years ago, he didn't want to do rank advancement. I told him he couldn't disrespect it to the other Scouts. That's been our agreement. Sure enough, he's never done a thing (except I told his parents they had to do the Scout rank youth protection or he couldn't participate, so he did that). I have heard the other Scouts rib him for it, and tell him how embarrassing it must be, but it doesn't bother him. He wont do it. And sure enough, Bobby has
  4. Yeah I was expecting Scoutbook and SignUp Genius, and Ive learned some troops use CheddarUp. One Scoutmaster I spoke with locally is enthused about troopwebhost for all this. InquisitiveScouter, you guys are light years ahead of us. If I quit my job and started now, how long would it take to set all that up?
  5. How do your Scouts sign up for outings? And, is there a cut-off after which they cant sign up?
  6. There are many activities my Scouts do outside the troop, hockey, skiing, loads of stuff. If only those coaches were merit badge counselors. Perhaps I could get in touch with them and ask. I always ask the Scouts parents to ask the coach but Ive never gotten a favorable response to that. Question: if the coach has already done youth protection from some other organization, would that count or does it pretty much have to be the Scouts BSA YP program? boy, not enough hours in the day...
  7. The Scoutmaster at a nearby troop says they are all in with Discord, with a troop server, and each patrol has a channel or whatever its called, and a PLC channel, and a parent channel. He said wow its great. I've done a tiny bit on Discord and yeah it's good, and would be fun to use. So I brought it up at a PLC. Our SPL said it wont work because you have to be 13yo to use Discord, so that would exclude a good many Scouts in our small troop. I just found this reddit thread. I guess all those services have a similar age limit and we ignore it. So why different for Discord? Meet em where the
  8. I.WANT.HIM.GONE dun dun DUNN! Last week I got a call from Committee Chair, great guy. He told me he was expecting Mr. Pillar at Committee that night. He's not on Committee, he's listed as ASM. I wasnt at the Committee meeting, of course. I was at the troop meeting. But apparently they took care of their other business then gave Mr. P the floor. I was told he started with I.WANT.HIM.GONE and then proceeded to attack me. They listened to him. Apparently he brought up the summer camp episode, the long ago, never explained suspicions from a Webelo mom, and the fact that a Scout
  9. 🙂 Thats cool. I'm just talkin' anyway. Y'all talk about important stuff on here. I'm not even looking for advice really. We can forget it if you prefer.
  10. I will deliver a continuation from my earlier post later. But first, if it pleases the court, two stories: Story 1 My son was doing Arrow of Light and the den leader was flaking out so I took over, and I did a great job. 7 of the 9 guys got AoL and 8 of them crossed over to Scouts. When my son crossed over, I did too, and I went to the troop Committee. But I heard, back in the Pack, there were to be 16 Webelo Scouts moving to AoL. Wow that will be a riot. I offered to do another stint as AoL den leader, so there would be two dens, and this was accepted. Great. But when the tim
  11. Sorry I couldnt today. tomorrow I will get out Part 2 - The Committee Meeting.
  12. Lots to say but first, I recognize this could have been a lot worse. Waaay worse. The kid could have said I touched him or myself or something. In fact, having thought about it (and thought about it, and thought about it...) I mean, his story... think about that... that I came over and leaned over and looked down at him. He was in bed. I think he dreamed it. Seriously. I think he dreamed it. A branch or something cast a shadow on his face and he dreamed it, and he probably sat upright scared out of his wits. full on nightmare type thing. The only knock on that theory is the guy is 1
  13. Hey there folks. We have a small troop, 12-14 active Scouts. I became Scoutmaster in January 2020. Our charter org is a church in our neighborhood. There is a man at the church, very active in the church, a pillar of the community, I guess. Mr. Pillar used to participate as an ASM before Covid, as his son, Billy, a young Scout at the time, participated. When covid hit, we went to Zoom meetings like so many troops did. Their participation dropped off and then stopped. Understandable. Over time, well for brevity I will just say, despite covid, lots of Scouting happened. Finally things retu
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