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  1. If he truly poked (touched)the child that is physical abuse of a youth member under youth protection and he should be reported if he want to get all legal about scout rules.
  2. Read BSA policy on what type of building is best. Backpacker had a Short QA on part of that question March 26,2010 Are Hammocks Safe in Lightning? Heavy rain only i would stay put heavy wind or lightning i am moving the the building, Plumping is one of the items that make a building more lighting safe.
  3. The only correct choice would be go to the bath house as this is the only substantial building present. (Any Close hard top cars would be good also Open shelters look inviting but offer no lighting protection and maybe even an increased risk. Just look on the first page of BSA lighting awareness page. If they youth refuse to go good subject for a troop confernce . your other adults are the main issue? Lighting you go indoors no questions (search lightning deaths if you have any questions) John
  4. if Any summer camp is to happen I could see the following requirments 1. limit the number of camper to 1/4 Camp normal capacity (bases on last years attendence) 2. Test camper for fever at check in 3. Test staff daily 4. Have isolation areas set up 5. Limit the number of weeks (possible skip weeks for cleaning) 6. Decrease the days to five (for cleaning) 7. one scout per tent 8. No foreign scouts or scouters 9. no out of state scouts 10 decrease size of any merit badge class to 10 or less Just my ramblings , still having a hard time believ
  5. Why would anyone pay that must for online merit badge class when there are hundreds of classes going on now for free. Your right that camp and council is starting to smell.
  6. While it would be nice to think summer camps will happen I am not putting much faith in it. If the virus was lifted from the earth by end of April. The fear would still be there , The lack of money and other resources by parent who may be just getting back to work. Finding supplies to open camp may not be possible or very expensive. Finding college age youths to be our staff may be also hard as colleges may be opening for the summer to help make up for missed classes. This sadly may be the death of a lot of councils and scouting as we know it. All charitable groups fund raising is way down s
  7. My question is even if an event is canceled there are already non recoverable costs that the council/Area has to cover. If that event was to be a major money maker how does the council in todays market survive?. We have a major council wide camporee planned in about 4 weeks. do not see it happening with OA and venturing weekends every weekend to follow?
  8. We may be seeing the prefect storm that will push many councils over the financial brink · Loss of LDS unit and fee’s · Loss of continued loss of membership · National financial issues effecting local giving · National continued bad press effecting local view of scouting · Fear of the corona virus keep parents from sending the children to camp. I believe like my council many councils depend on summer camp to cover a large part of camp upkeep. If these councils were to see a $ loss on the summer camp the res
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