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  1. " Not a statement i would make and not a defense. Need to find a better anecdote
  2. My understanding under ypt is that scouting does not do the investigating. That's the job of children protective services (CPS) (law enforcement). Once the youth made the complaint the duty of the camp was to notify the scout ex and contract the youths parents and law enforcement. Threating statement are actionable, not sure what level the inappropriate behavior reached. I do believe that bully is actionable in some state's. If the Youth has not been contracted by CPS by now it has not likely been reported. Scouting not following its own rules. Please if i am wrong let me know , So as a requi
  3. My understanding is that this is what the UMC agreed to as a model. They being the the biggest CO group it makes since to me that the other groups will soon allow this model. If they even want to continue scouting units. A lot of my above is just me looking at questions going through my mind, fr. john (catholic but not roman if the FR. title is confusing)
  4. Sound nice , but not sure why a council would give a charter to a group that has no assents and little money to cover liability costs alone or why would i risk offering my building if you can not supply proof of liability coverage for the building?
  5. Help me understand things under the this new arrangement (council is now the CO) 1. Council now can select or reject a troop leader based on their personal relationship with council, so council can cherry pick people and those that question council activity can just not be accepted. 2. Can council merge units based on what ever three small troops may become one. 3. Do we know the fee that will be charged to manage troop account's? 4. Can council now require unit to attend activities or face changes in leadership? 5. Will council now be able to say no to troop trips
  6. Glad to see some one else stepped up. I would question for how long? If the biggest player on the Block UMC see's the writing on the wall as to risk verse cost many other smaller church and private groups will be following inline. My personal belief is that many of the smaller groups have been waiting to see what the UMC would do ,now that it's out they will be following the UMC lead.
  7. I agree gave over $5000 dollars in in kind gift to my camp over the last year or so i will never give cash to the council no control on how it is spend?
  8. I can see how they had a major cow over that , they feel any thing done in the name of scouting belongs to them. I have seen this before when troops would get donations form bigger chains then the chains would tells friend of scouting campaigns that they have already given there allotment to scouts (troops). I would be interested to see how this plays off next year.as the Troop did not solicit solute the company ,but only benefited from a company worker policy. PS about how much are we talking here? john
  9. Some how maybe i am missing something here . its not whether scouting is better or worse than other groups. It comes down because of the actions or inaction or a mixture of the two , people where hurt some totally destroyed. Not even to add in the lives around them that were changed for ever. I wish we had a better system to right wrongs but this is the best we have. I hope and pray that out of this scouting is better and all youth programs are better at protecting the youth under there charge.
  10. My view is that I am greatly sadden by the events and actions of the past, I have no idea where scouting will be in the next five years . My greatest and only concerns is is for the youth here today. Ps looks like i am in good company, Its nice to hear
  11. Got to be careful I got told that i use to much of the councils time having to deals with my safety concerns and youth management issues and i have been banded from any activities outside of my unit. john
  12. WOW, that a powerful video. If it gets picked nationally scouting recovery may be in question. Surely do not want any of my kids or anyone elses at risk. John
  13. Try to get the professionals and the upper level volunteers to follow he BSA rules is hard enough. My most scary answer i am given often is is no one has been hurt. . My reply is YET.
  14. Bad choice as this makes the signers at risk for any claims (any cause). I would never ask any one to be willing to place their home at risk for scouting.
  15. i would be happy if all levels of BSA would follow their own rules. Tired of trying to tell professional and upper level volunteers what scouting rules and policies are. Was told told by a long term DE that they did not know all the rules covered in the guide to safe scouting. Not sure how they are to able to over see events . completed short term camp administrator program when it came out . It just made me very afraid of what had been going on in the past based on some of the rules.
  16. my question where was the camp ranger during this event ? He is high on the command change as to camp safety
  17. just some photo from a near strike at our outdoor skills shelter , no scouts there at the time .
  18. Eagle94 if your council has a policy of pulling scout in during storm which it does and they did not it ,It is child endangerment. Legal reporting is not an option its most likely the law . Check with child protective services not The SE will most likely will attempt to down play it.
  19. A near miss report that one that I have not hear of in scouting circles. (needs it badly)All other risk prone outdoor groups i work with at least require it. To be of value it needs to be open to the group to analyze and learn from and hopefully take preventive corrective actions. Not a likely event in scouting. I go agree that the dinner hall is normally one of the better places to go for lighting. But if your dinner hall is like the ones i have seen it all glass so any wind born debris would make it a killing zone. Be careful with the feedback been told that i am taking up to much of
  20. Let me look at this a little differently. Yes, you are right at any level above the unit level. Scouting cannot favor one faith over another. But the unit is wholly owned by the chartering organization and can set whatever faith rules they want as no one is required to join that troop. I have seen CO require that the scout leadership either be members of that church or sign that they agree with the teaching of that church. I have seen groups require some level of a statement of faith. The LDS church was the best example of that. The church picked the leadership and made all the rules of m
  21. Not sure why any Christian church would sponsor any scout troop that was not a direct extension of its youth Christian ministry of that church. If the church does not involve the troop in its ministry efforts then please not call it a ministry of the church. My view is that all are welcome no matter your faith background but understand we are a Christian church that believes in Christ preached. (hope this is the view of all Christian sponsors of scouting) This should be made known upfront. There are other fine secular scout-sponsored groups if this a problem
  22. How can a troop buy anything as they are a subpart of the church or sponsoring group?
  23. thanks that fast so no internal merit badge councilors
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