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  1. Keep reading: Risk advisory for each HAB are provided with the AHMR download: https://www.scouting.org/health-and-safety/ahmr/
  2. https://www.scouting.org/health-and-safety/ahmr/medical-formfaqs/ Q. When does the height/weight chart apply? We have differing opinions in our unit/district. A. The height/weight chart will apply in the following known adventure activities: Backcountry activities. When your travels take you more than 30 minutes off an accessible roadway, fire lane, camp road, etc., or where you float, walk, hike, bike, or otherwise go into the backcountry. Depending on the terrain and local conditions, this might be a few hundred yards or a few miles into the backcountry. Most Boy Scouts o
  3. This is not a revert to previous policy. It is a change.
  4. Since I was tagged. Bears can paddle. They cannot paddle down the river to go on trek / collect miles. That is beyond the scope / age appropriateness for Cub Scouting. So, sure you could paddle on a still wide river, but you can't go down the river with the Cub Scouts and call it a paddling hike. Any questions, show this to your SE / Aquatics Director in the Council and have them reach out to me richard.bourlon@scouting.org or our the national outdoor program lead who manages the aquatics program. We concur on the situation as you defined it in the quote above. Plea
  5. https://www.scouting.org/health-and-safety/safe/ S - Supervision
  6. @InquisitiveScouter your council is the go to for all volunteer related questions and feedback. As part of the restructuring that was a choice made by the councils. The national council no longer has that function nor resources. Social media sites as feedback loops sometimes work, and sometimes the submitters don't like it when they get what they ask for. It's hit or miss.
  7. Light was shed as requested by the first answer. You appear to correctly understand that "The BSA requires review and approval of the completed form by a physician."
  8. The following medical contraindications are based on BSA operational considerations and may be more conservative than those listed in the “Diving Medical Guidance to the Physician.” Emphasis added above.
  9. It obviously wasn't as obvious as it needed to be.
  10. @InquisitiveScouter I'd suggest to your list that CPR is a skill every youth you supervise should know, practice and understand not to stop until professional help arrived. In my tenure as a Scoutmaster, professional trainers were brought in for the youth in my unit and they did well in first aid events at camporees.
  11. Beware Multiple Comorbidities and cognitive decline. BSA known issues: https://www.scouting.org/health-and-safety/risk-factors/
  12. @sierracharliescouter No one will harm you without your consent; you will only be harmed when you think you are harmed. Epictetus...
  13. Please help me understand what part of this is not clear? Cub Scout pack unit coordinated camping is limited to single overnight experiences. I see lots of discussions on calls for justification not a lack of clarity. Interesting to see that when there were cry's of inconsistency and those are removed, it is Orwellian. Specifically, updated LOS inconsistency for additional clarity (there are likely others in the wild) does not equate to Orwellian practice or gaslighting. As to why, the limitation on Pack and Webelos / AOL Den camping of one night as an age appropri
  14. Assuming this is reference to General Liability insurance I'd point you to materials published in the Guide to Safe Scouting, Insurance (emphasis added) https://www.scouting.org/health-and-safety/gss/gss10/#a This coverage provides primary general liability coverage for registered adults of the Boy Scouts of America who serve in a volunteer or professional capacity concerning claims arising out of an official Scouting activity, which is defined in the insurance policy as consistent with the values, Charter and Bylaws, Rules and Regulations, operations manuals, and applicable literature of
  15. Oh, also - how can and asked and answered question in 2019 still be under debate?
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