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  1. RichardB

    Paddlecraft Training

    Place to Start - Council Training Committee - Council Aquatics Committee. Either would be the ones setting up a class locally.
  2. RichardB

    Water / Bottle Rockets ?

    Not a program of the BSA. I'd consider that an prohibited activity.
  3. RichardB

    Water / Bottle Rockets ?

    https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/HealthSafety/pdf/680-055_WaterBottleRockets.pdf And - model rockets https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/HealthSafety/pdf/680-055_Rocket Safety_LOW.pdf or
  4. RichardB

    Jobs For Those Under 16

  5. Assuming this is in a BSA council great topic for 1) your council ERM Committee and 2) your council Health Supervisor (who should be the one to sign off on this protocol) On a more general note, extension cords should not be a permanent solution. In most states that would not meet code. For outdoor wiring solutions, a discussion with the Camps maintenance staff / Ranger and local AHJ about the use of circus wiring if you have to have cords is a typical choice. The other alternative would be to provide a designated area for said adults, perhaps outside of normal locations. This might limit their effectivness as supervision for youth.
  6. RichardB

    Current Ad on Facebook

    He appears to have failed in a safe environment, nothing soap and water won't fix. The Glasses were cracked before he arrived at an official scouting activity, thus no incident report. He is smiling, and will be asking two friends to join the Den this week. RichardB
  7. Not sure how too much safety is even involved. Aside from quite a few inaccurate statements, the article advocates a "..well we have a leader who made it up and called it scouting once apon a time and we should be able to do it.." theme. Some things are just not needed to develop character, citizenship, etc. Pick up a Scout Handbook, do what is in there with youth and you should be good.
  8. RichardB

    New BALOO Training curriculum?

    The Cub Scout program changed, the adult training changed to meet the needs of more outdoor experiences - not seeing how an actual camp experience as part of a training for overnight camping is out of line. Plus this tags the thread.
  9. Please keep them under 60".
  10. 1) what program are you running? Specifically, what book are you in and what page are you on becuase I'm totally unfamiliar with such an event. The Cub Scout program has limited camping oppourtunities. Unless this is Council run family camp, it's not the program of the BSA by your information offered. By design there is not individual cub camping experience. The only other experience is a Pack Overnighter with provisions for Webelos to Den Camp. 2) if this is an attempt to run a Cub Scouting program - has the council approved it? Multiple packs getting together on there own also isn't a part of the program outside of Council / District organized events. Please run the Cub Program as designed.
  11. RichardB

    Proposal : Pioneering Certification

    Folks, it's 2017. Not 1937 or 1996. The program of the BSA is updated from time to time. The OP has been asked and answered, if YOU would like to build these giant devices, feel free to do so, but please don't call it Scouting.
  12. RichardB

    Proposal : Pioneering Certification

    Eagle dude, please enlighten me I'm interested to know where you found such designs in the program of the BSA? Really, not joking - I'd like to know. Now your examples appear to be from accross the pond. And several, have some pretty significant fall exposure. Opinion, they wouldn't have made it past a risk assessment by a competent or qualified group. If your not familiar, Scouting in the UK requires a written risk assessment for all activities. In some parts of the US those structures could be considered amusement devices, many of which would require state licensing and inspection. Not sure they would pass that test either. I'd also wonder where did all that base material come from. Most camps I'm familiar with really wouldn't want folks choping down trees to make a pioneer project each week from their natural resources. Finally, the folks gearing up for the WSJ have some great risk assessment tools and staff who know how to use them. Very confident there is a plan.
  13. RichardB

    Proposal : Pioneering Certification

    Not sure what the issue is. Pioneering is primarily a merit badge, designed for a scout (most are targeted at a 12 year old) to experience. Not sure how setting up a training program is going to drive a need to go higher, bigger, etc. High COPE elements by design need to meet ACCT standards for design, installation and operations. Asking laymen to do something like this is actively discouraged. Please see the COPE section of the GTSS. And if you would like to review the risk assessment documentation (found in 680-009 http://scouting.org/filestore/pdf/680-009.pdfor 680-026 http://www.scouting.org/filestore/healthsafety/pdf/680-026.pdf) on your own you will also find out that relying on training and procedures is low on the hierachy of controls. Wouldn't really be applicable to the OP vision of success that would be training.
  14. RichardB

    Just got word....

    Accessible for families does not equal family camping.
  15. RichardB

    Just got word....

    Interesting, since there is no co-ed proposal being discussed. There is however an discussion on making Scouting accessable for families.