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  1. Tpherr

    Trailer Recommendation

    Thanks for the all the ideas, thoughts and opinions. I hope other also are getting guidance from this conversation.
  2. Tpherr

    Trailer Recommendation

    All - thank you very much for all of the ideas and input. We are a large troop and have used a trailer for years but with 80 scouts in the troop and usually 50+ that attend summer camp, we needed a larger trailer for all the gear. I did see some great ideas on organizaion of trailers and will use some of what I found. I ordered a 7x14 trailer with dual axles, rounded front and seemless walls as we wrap our trailer with our Troop info. We also decided to go with a taller trailer (7' internal height) as we plan on building a false floor to store some of longer items that we currently hang on the walls. Hopefully it is delivered on time and we can do ur build out in time for summer camp. If anyone is interested in a 7x12 single axle trailer with a 6'6" intenal hieght, let me know, We will be sellting our current trailer once summer camp is over.
  3. Does anyone have a recommendation on a brand of trailer? We are buying a new trailer for our troop and all the reviews I see for trailer manufacturers are three stars or lower. I prefer to find a site that has objective reviews (like consumer reports) but can’t find any