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  1. Thanks for the all the ideas, thoughts and opinions. I hope other also are getting guidance from this conversation.
  2. All - thank you very much for all of the ideas and input. We are a large troop and have used a trailer for years but with 80 scouts in the troop and usually 50+ that attend summer camp, we needed a larger trailer for all the gear. I did see some great ideas on organizaion of trailers and will use some of what I found. I ordered a 7x14 trailer with dual axles, rounded front and seemless walls as we wrap our trailer with our Troop info. We also decided to go with a taller trailer (7' internal height) as we plan on building a false floor to store some of longer items that we currently hang on the
  3. Does anyone have a recommendation on a brand of trailer? We are buying a new trailer for our troop and all the reviews I see for trailer manufacturers are three stars or lower. I prefer to find a site that has objective reviews (like consumer reports) but can’t find any
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