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  1. mds3d

    Qualities of an Eagle

    I think that there are definitely correct/appropriate options along this scale along with inappropriate ones. I am still really not sure where the CO would be exerting their influence when it comes to advancement. Other things, sure... If a CO wants the troop to always stop some where for Mass on Sunday, or require trips avoid holy days that is reasonable. If a CO wants the troop to refuse to advance scouts that they deem irreverent or unclean simply because they don't meet some non-BSA specified standard, then that might be a step too far.
  2. Why was Learning for Life not already following the same YPT guidelines as the BSA?
  3. mds3d

    Qualities of an Eagle

    That isn't quite as direct as I think you mean it. In what way does a Scoutmaster exert this influence when administering the method of Advancement? I would say that a Scoutmaster is in charge of delivering/directing the program of which Advancement is a part. National is in charge of how a scout advances.
  4. mds3d

    Qualities of an Eagle

    ^This is the only relevant portion of the requirements for Eagle. Does the scout have an answer to this question? Where has he violated the oath and law that others have not? If you are interpreting this from a Christian perspective, I refer you to James 2:10 "For whoever keeps the whole law and yet stumbles at just one point is guilty of breaking all of it. (NIV)" Is your board of review going to hold every scout to keeping the law perfectly? Are Eagles supposed to be sinless? As for the scoutmaster in your second example, I think he was in the wrong and wish the scout would appeal that decision to a higher authority.
  5. mds3d

    Badge Magic is THE DEVIL!!!

    I used badge magic a couple of times. It isn't great for patches that need to be exchanged (like rank) but I have had decent results (better than my sewing) with patches that are more permanent (Council, etc). I have rehabbed several donated shirts by getting the patches off with goof off and then taken the shirts to the dry cleaners to have the residue removed. Most of the shirts came out almost good as new.
  6. mds3d

    "Classic" Scout Socks are now a thing?

    I think that "official" here might mean "officially licensed" by the BSA in partnership with Thorlo. For what it is worth, I have both hiking socks and running socks by thorlo and I love both.
  7. I am an eagle scout now in my 30s. Throughout my young adult life I have volunteered off and on. Most recently I was a Unit Commissioner. We have now moved and I have taken a 2nd shift M-F job. I would still like to volunteer, but have no idea how with my schedule. I would love to be a UC again, but would never be able to attend District meetings. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  8. I would say leave them be on this one. I feel like you could only make it worse by being involved. Unofficial online communication between youths is up to parents to police not Scout Leaders. If for some reason an adult is invited, make sure at least 2 adults are included as being the sole adult involved in the communications would be a big no-no.
  9. I think there is a difference between caring about money and caring about solvency. I want the BSA to do what needs to be done to stay solvent. I am not convinced that was the only reason for this decision. Is any part of the BSA for-profit, or is there a concern with the salary of executives (haven't heard this complaint about the BSA before)? Unrelated: I think it highly likely that Packs will be truly co-ed before long, however I think that Troops may stay separate longer (though I agree its probably inevitable that it will be permitted). I think it is significant that they didn't do girls and boys patrols even though that would be easier than segregated dens.
  10. mds3d

    can a den leader remove a Cub Scout?

    I still feels like this falls under "shouldn't" instead of "can't." Being involved in both heathcare and education, if I say that I "can't" talk about it, I mean that if I do, I could be sued, be fired, loose my professional license, or go to jail if I talk about something. There aren't regulations that prevent the pack from discussing this, and as far as I can find there aren't any BSA rules that prevent it. They have already been identified (and targeted apparently since their website is now gone), so anonymity isn't the motivation. The only reason I can come up with for not talking about it was that whatever they had to say would have made it worse (or opened them up for lawsuit).
  11. mds3d

    can a den leader remove a Cub Scout?

    My impression from reading a combination of articles is that he was originally told that he could not be in that den anymore, and Mom decided that she would rather him complete his Webelos year in another pack. I feel like others have asked this. Where do you get that the pack "can't" talk about it. I will grant that they won't or that they think they shouldn't, or that they are likely to gain nothing from speaking out so late, but I can't find any reason that they couldn't give their side of the story. I think many involved in this discussion are projecting their personal experiences with difficult parents onto the situation in order to easily come up with justification for the unit's action. In the same way, others outside the scouting community are using their preconceived views about the nature of the BSA to blame this action on the organization as a whole.
  12. mds3d

    can a den leader remove a Cub Scout?

    It's not about throwing someone under the bus. Assuming none of the information we have is false, one of the theories is the Den Leader gave a "them or me" ultimatum regarding this particular family. We could run under the assumption that this was not a long running issue but that the Den Leader had an issue with the one particular family. That give the Pack Leader (CC) a choice, remove the boy or remove leader. I was saying that I would have remove the leader in this circumstance.
  13. https://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2017/09/05/exceptions-second-class-first-class-swimming-requirements-benefit-scouts-live-far-water/
  14. mds3d

    can a den leader remove a Cub Scout?

    There is a lot of speculation going on in this thread. I think we can only really form honest opinions from the facts we have availiable. Can I image a situation where this would be justified? Probably, but most of those would result in removal of the boy from the Pack entirely, not just the Den. However, given what we know, this does seem like an extreme reaction. A couple of other thoughts: Regarding the recording, does anyone have a video/photo policy explicitly outlined in their unit? I have never heard of one, and I don't imagine anyone saw this as a problem. Maybe she is the mom that usually documents these kinds of things. In the era of good cell phone video, it is nothing for me to decide to record something my kids are doing. I would have absolutely recorded this. Regarding the nature of his question, I have no problem believing this kid thought of this on his own. Yes, his mom might be politically active, but if so that only increases the likelihood this scout has already been exposed to these kind of issues. It is also a particularly contemporary one. Also, it only makes sense that his mom would have influenced the question, what boy his age has political opinions different than their parents. If this mom had already caused similar problems, who's brilliant idea was it to set up this meeting in the first place? Regarding privacy: I deal with both HIPAA and FERPA on a daily basis, and while this is similar to the way schools and hospitals handle these kinds of things I am pretty sure the motivation is not the same. I am sure this is CYA on behalf of the council and national. They don't want to say anything specific until they decide if this was justified. They might come down on the side of the unit and they might come down on the side of the boy. To say anything before that decision would not be wise. I am sure the unit was given the same advice. Credit Mom for not naming names. I still can't come up with any regulations that keep anyone from providing more specifics that would support the units decision. They know that the longer they wait, the less likely they will have any impact on the image portrayed in the media. This isn't likely to stay news for long. While this might have been an effort to keep a den leader, I truly hope it wasn't. I would imagine that CC is regretting his decision now. No individual volunteer is worth being on the news.
  15. I just want to give a few thoughts. I am not a current scouter, but have been an ASM and a UC. When I heard the announcement, I'll admit that I was excited. I have a daughter in kindergarten, and would love for her to have the opportunity for the experience I had in scouts. I looked into GSUSA in our area. None of the girl scout troops I talked to have any interest in focusing on the outdoors ("that is what camp is for"). They all seem really focused on business skills (cookies) and crafts. None were interested in dad involvement and most told me that they didn't allow fathers to participate. The one AHG group in the area told me that they felt it would be inappropriate for a male to come along on trips, but I could come if my wife was there. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. Now, I am hopeful. I just hope that there are packs in the area willing to go "co-ed." I think there was a hole in what was being offered to girls as far as scouting type programs go. I can't imagine there will be any need to change the cub program at all, and I really can't find anything in the Boy Scout requirements that will need to change. I imagine that the OA will be the real sticking point. My guess is that we will see a co-ed OA with a drastic change in the way ceremonies are handled. I wonder if the announcement was made with less of a plan because National no longer felt they could continue the discussion without it being obvious what they had decided. They could have waited, but that would have given less time between the announcement and the program year start for people to both get ready for the change and to get over/through the idea the change was happening. Now, I just have to convince my wife that this is a good idea...