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  1. mds3d

    Stonewall Jackson Area Council Changes Name

    Your comments on Hitler seem to be colored by a desire to consider socialism wrong. https://www.britannica.com/story/were-the-nazis-socialists
  2. mds3d

    Stonewall Jackson Area Council Changes Name

    This article assigns the quality of "purity" and "loyalty" to a man who betrayed his country to fight to defend the institution of slavery. This is surely not an unbiased article.
  3. mds3d

    Stonewall Jackson Area Council Changes Name

    I'm sorry... Your interest is about the horses they rode? That's fine, be interested. There is still no reason for us to celebrate these men. These statues, monuments, parks, schools, buildings, etc are not legacies of these men's great horses. They are not celebrating these men's great military prowess or their leadership of people. They are monuments created by people who refuse to accept the idea that all men are created equal decades after we fought a war about it. They celebrate a time when certain people were considered property and others felt the need to kill fellow Americans to try to keep it that way. There is nothing to celebrate in that idea. There is nothing to honor in that idea. Prince Charles Stewart and Culloden represent Scottish independence and individual identity (an idea that is not gone and not foul). Napoleon, while controversial, still represents a part of history where France was great and powerful. Change every name and tear all the statues down. If the DCV or the KKK wants to pay to have the statues on their property, so be it but it shouldn't be on anything my tax dollars pay for.
  4. mds3d

    Stonewall Jackson Area Council Changes Name

    You still haven't given any reason that these people deserved to have monuments, parks, or buildings named after them in the first place. We look past many of the negative things about the people you mentioned because of their positive legacy. Lee and Jackson and Forrest didn't leave positive legacies. They left a legacy of rebelling against their country in favor of defending the practice of slavery.
  5. mds3d

    Stonewall Jackson Area Council Changes Name

    For not being a southern apologist, you sure talk like one. I was born and raised in the south. The problem is why most of these things are even there. Most of these named things came in the 1920s to 1970s, long after the Civil War was fought. All that did come in an era of Jim Crow laws, the KKK, and the Civil Rights movement. We can acknowledge these men in ways that don't involve building them statues. We can learn from the things they did right without putting their names on buildings. Sherman is hated by many in the south, but naming a school in the north after him (PS 87 in NYC), doesn't have the same effect as things like Nathan Bedford Forrest High School in the south. How do you think African American scouts and parents felt about having a confederate general's name on their son's scout shirt? General Lee fought to keep people as property. No amount of gentlemanly tactics makes up for that.
  6. mds3d

    Stonewall Jackson Area Council Changes Name

    Acknowledging history and honoring historical figures are different things. There is no reason that anything should be named after the leader of a traitor army. Yes, the people themselves are always flawed, but if their well known deeds and legacy are honorable then it seems appropriate they be honored.
  7. mds3d

    Discussing LDS beliefs in relation to Scouting

    I think we are tracking here. This is a forum about scouting. However, up until the statement by your leader this was publicly a matter of practicality for scouts and the LDS church. After that statement, the LDS church is now faulting the BSA with some implication that it has to do with recent changes. These recent changes inspire passion for many but are a point of belief for your church. I think it makes sense that people would be riled up. Absolutely it is. Not all of us believe in the eventual salvation of all those who are good (I don't know, do you?). For other faiths yours may represent the other side in a battle for souls. You need to understand that that fact underlies many opinions about your church. Even if we believe that other religions may be leading people away from eternal salvation? Goodwill between faiths is a struggle in person and it is so much worse online. It would be better if this were just not a subject discussed in a scouting forum. Of course, I think many are trying to make that point - That specific religion should have never been a part of the scouting discussion. The has been for a really long time and it has gotten the BSA in trouble in more ways than one. You are free to believe what you want. I am free to believe what I want. Most importantly, the moderators are free to keep us from discussing it here. From someone who also rarely reads positive things about my church online, don't take it personally.
  8. mds3d

    Did BSA "Abandon" LDS?

    It seems clear that this church leader's statement is a reversal of the all the previous reasoning provided by the LDS church regarding the split. I wonder a couple of things. First, I wonder why someone would make this statement when an effort to portray the opposite seems to have been the plan before now. Second, I wonder what actually changed that they think it mattered. The LDS troops around here didn't really participate with the rest of us in a way that we would have had much influence on them. I hope that this move is good for the BSA in the long run. While I continue to believe that "morally straight" is important for scouts. I don't think it should have ever been the role of National to define what that meant. I am also glad that there are many girls getting the opportunities not provided by other US scouting organizations. What I think about the LDS or their program doesn't matter. This is a scouting place and they have decided that their church isn't part of scouts anymore.
  9. I am not sure which end of the "gay issue" you mean. Around here Dale caused packs previously sponsored by parent-teacher organizations and meeting in elementary schools to have to find new accommodations. In our district alone, the reversal of stance caused no less than 4 churches to decided scouting no longer aligned with their values. One of these churches sponsored a pack, troop, and crew. Granted, only one openly told the BSA that it was why they were leaving, but the leadership was pretty clear with their congregations that it was the reason.
  10. I think there we are feeling the effects of both sides of this argument. First people left (or didn't join) because we were discriminatory. Then another group left because we "abandoned traditional values" without the first group really coming back. The statement of religious principle still prevents many others from viewing us as non-discriminatory. Admitting girls should have set us up for a bit of revival by putting us in the news in a good light. The problem is that it has come as the exact same time as the abuse scandals. I still don't view this as a program problem. We mostly have a PR problem.
  11. You have no evidence for any of this. You are making assumptions about a kid you have never met. You have no idea what his motivation is (you offer a single possibility). It is possible that his parent's would have come to his defense no matter what. He could have been 100% truthful with his parents and they could have still reacted like this, some parents do this with teachers no matter how bad their kid is. You don't think scout age kids learn language from friends at school? I certainly did. I went through a similar stage around my early years in scouts. I had a wake up moment during an interaction with some good friends and a good teacher who called me out. Assumptions without evidence is 90% of what is wrong with the discussion on the internet.
  12. mds3d


    This sounds like a good opportunity to have your Scout Executive come and talk to your unit (or the unit commissioner if you have one) about everyone's roles and how to get reorganized.
  13. mds3d

    Parent Reaction to Fee Increase

    The feedback I got is that most parents aren't happy about the late notice but I don't think any of the troops are loosing scouts over it. I had a chat with the COR's trying to get them to help out. One CO covered the difference entirely, one covered half. The other troop is pretty well-to-do and will be fine I think.
  14. mds3d

    What are the BSA priorities??

    I am going to try to answer both posts without quoting both. I am glad our experiences differ and I am sorry yours has been frustrating. None of the troops I work with have had a lock-in used on JTE (two did have one last year that was part of a service project for their CO). I do think "indoor" scouting experiences are valid. Many merit badges are indoor focused and I don't think there is anything wrong with having a variety of experiences available to scouts. I acknowledged my mistake about the 2016 requirements when correct by another poster. I still don't think that a single year of requiring 6 outings is indicative of a crash (return to 2015 requirements) in 2017. I think you are wrong about what is causing scouts to struggle. I think first scouts started to be very uncool. Then it was no longer aligned with the average morals of the nation (right or wrong, and it still really isn't). We now sit in this place where we are too conservative for some and too liberal/inclusive for others. Many CO's in our area dropped scouts for being too restrictive (back during the full restriction on the 3 G's). Now many others have dropped scouts for "abandoning their moral compass" without us having picked up any of the ones we lost before. Now we struggle with the abuse scandals that (again, right or wrong) are really coming to light today. I talk with so many potential CO's that are just worried about the "risk" of having a scout troop because of what they see on the news. They aren't anti-BSA (many are Eagles or Alumni) they just think it would be better if someone else took care of supporting scouts. I'll ask a positive question. As a UC, what can I help my troops do that will improve scouting given what I have to work with today? As far as I can tell, they practice the patrol method and have a good outdoor program (8ish activities outside of camp). I understand that national has to focus on YPT and G2SS issues right now, and I can't change that. So, what do you suggest that Unit focused leaders do?
  15. mds3d

    BREAKING - Fee Increase Numbers

    That's interesting. I'm not sure if it is official or not, but the last time I asked, our district owned the pinewood derby track and "rented" it to packs. The rent paid for maintenance.