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  1. mds3d

    Privacy of Health Forms

    While exchange of information isn't quite a simple as presented, there must be something wrong with your Epic build. I have never experienced any data loss or corruption with Epic. None of the physicians work with keep paper copies of anything. I am curious what you did about this adult who went down and how you handled the situation differently than if you hadn't known his history. I am a big advocate for medical alert dog tags that include emergency contacts with all your info. I also never advocated that people can tell you things as you need it but that are things that just don't need to be shared. I'll give an example. I have epilepsy. It is 100% controlled on my medication. I don't tell people about it because they freak out and if I have a seizure what they really need to know is first aid, not that I have a history of it.
  2. mds3d

    Privacy of Health Forms

    I am on the side of this discussion that thinks you don't want the BSA to try to even self-enforce HIPAA style privacy on BSA medical forms. First, my reasoning behind the thought. HIPAA is important of several reasons. First, because interaction with healthcare is an essential activity. You might need to go to the hospital where people know you. Second, you don't have any real measure of control over what goes in your chart or who views it. This in addition to the fact that many people from your nurse, to a pharmacy technician, to the lab staff, to the billing department, to your insurance company will need to view your information to treat, charge, and pay for your care. Because you don't have control or even knowledge of all the people who have a legitimate need to view your info, then it increases the likelihood that someone will accidentally or intentionally violate your privacy. For example, someone might loose a copy of your charge sheet or the preacher's wife might work in the lab that found your STD. This increase in risk with necessary actions increases the need for protection of your health data. You BSA health record is a voluntary document. I know you have to have it for some activities, but you don't need to participate in those activities. I and the people who you volunteer for are glad you do, but you don't need to. Additionally, the number of people who need to see your information is very limited and in most circumstances you have a great deal of control. Personally, I like the idea of a sealed envelope that is returned to you with the additional question asked of "Do we need to know anything about your medical history ahead of time?" Finally, I think the BSA should take the policy of "do we really need to know this information?" This is called a minimum necessary policy. If someone has medications that an adult who is not a guardian needs to handle we need to know that, if you have an allergy that requires you to carry and epi-pen we need to know that, if you have a history that might change how we react to a situation (like diabetes) we need to know that, if you have a history of cancer/depression/stroke we don't need to know that. I would even argue that very few things fall into that third statement. If your doctor has to sign your form and you have something you are uncomfortable sharing talk to your doctor about if it really needs to be shared. I am sure there is a reasonable middle ground that doesn't require disclosure of everything.
  3. mds3d

    Lone Scout Questions

    The interactions I have had with SE's regarding Lone Scouts are much of what has been described. They are usually only approved when all other options are not available. They are not usually approved when it is just what the family prefers for one reason or another. I understand why you might not, but you will definitely get better answers here if you explain how you came to decided Lone Scouting was for your son.
  4. or /GirlsTroop /BoysTroop or /Troop-Girls or just /Boys /Girls. If they share a number could easy do Troop100(someidentifertodistinguishyoufromalletheothers).org/boys and /girls or boys.troop100.org
  5. mds3d

    Contagious Disease Outbreaks

    This could quickly turn into an I&P thread at this rate, but as a health professional, I am going to say that I also believe that the BSA should come out as pro-vaccination. High vaccination rates have kept these things from being an issue for a long time, but that may not be true for long. While I acknowledge that parents currently have a legal right to decide not to vaccinate, that doesn't mean that these families have a right to have their children around mine. Summer camps, winter camps, and all sorts of other BSA activities are high risk for disease transmission of all kinds.
  6. mds3d

    dyslexic scout

    They sure do! LearningAlly used to be Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic. They used to send my brother his required reading (on 4 track tapes!). What bothers me about them is that they restrict access to those with documented print reading disabilities. It made sense when audiobooks use to be so hard to come by, but they just aren't anymore (they still charge $135/year). I really think that there is nothing wrong with the audio medium for learning. It would be great for those audio learners to be able to have that additional resource even though they can read.
  7. I think a lot depends on how much sense linking your troops on the web makes. You still want your website to be good outreach. Sharing information within the troop is good but can be accomplished without a website. It may benefit you to make sure anyone who sees your website also sees you have a girls unit (and a pack or crew if applicable). Let's say that your troops are sponsored by the St. Mark's Church. You could register StMarksScouts.org or ScoutsStMarks.org or something similar. The landing page for your home page could give general information and then offer links to each unit. This way it will point people who need it to your linked troop and allows you to share resources more easily. If your CO also sponsors a pack and crew then it would be easy to link them in the same place. Each unit is responsible for their own subdomain or subpages (StMarksScouts.org/Troop100 and StMarksScouts.org/Troop101 and even StMarksScouts/Crew102).
  8. After having thought about it, then I think I have had a more formed opinion. This boy might need scouts, but he doesn't need this troop. Whether or not to bring this to the authorities is probably a personal decision as a parent. As a Scoutmaster, I don't think you can make any decision to tell this boys parents that effective immediately he is not welcome at troop meetings. The troop can be informed that you need to elect a new SPL because the previous one so violated the scout oath and law he will no longer be a part of the troop. The ones who were there will get the point from that I think.
  9. If anyone else finds themselves in this kind of situation... This is first a problem to handle as a parent. Have you done all the things you would have done if these boys were not scouts and you were not their SM? Only after that should any action be taken in regard to the Troop. This is definitely a matter to bring in your CC/COR and SE in on. Not only because you are the Scoutmaster in this situation, but also because this is pretty serious stuff. "Boys will be boys" doesn't apply here. Here are things to be careful of, IMHO... Be careful of holding the entire group at fault. As adults where the dynamic is known, inaction can be associated with approval. In a group of young boys who we have no idea about the dynamic here (i.e. is the SPL a bully to the whole group? Did they not react because they thought it was funny or because no one has addressed how to react to things like this). Finally if you can, take a step back, and think about what scouting does for these boys. I continue to think that sometimes the boys that cause the most problems need scouting the most. If significant action is taken by the troop, might I suggest that the right person to talk with the boys is their parents, not the leaders.
  10. mds3d

    Qualities of an Eagle

    I think that there are definitely correct/appropriate options along this scale along with inappropriate ones. I am still really not sure where the CO would be exerting their influence when it comes to advancement. Other things, sure... If a CO wants the troop to always stop some where for Mass on Sunday, or require trips avoid holy days that is reasonable. If a CO wants the troop to refuse to advance scouts that they deem irreverent or unclean simply because they don't meet some non-BSA specified standard, then that might be a step too far.
  11. Why was Learning for Life not already following the same YPT guidelines as the BSA?
  12. mds3d

    Qualities of an Eagle

    That isn't quite as direct as I think you mean it. In what way does a Scoutmaster exert this influence when administering the method of Advancement? I would say that a Scoutmaster is in charge of delivering/directing the program of which Advancement is a part. National is in charge of how a scout advances.
  13. mds3d

    Qualities of an Eagle

    ^This is the only relevant portion of the requirements for Eagle. Does the scout have an answer to this question? Where has he violated the oath and law that others have not? If you are interpreting this from a Christian perspective, I refer you to James 2:10 "For whoever keeps the whole law and yet stumbles at just one point is guilty of breaking all of it. (NIV)" Is your board of review going to hold every scout to keeping the law perfectly? Are Eagles supposed to be sinless? As for the scoutmaster in your second example, I think he was in the wrong and wish the scout would appeal that decision to a higher authority.
  14. mds3d

    Badge Magic is THE DEVIL!!!

    I used badge magic a couple of times. It isn't great for patches that need to be exchanged (like rank) but I have had decent results (better than my sewing) with patches that are more permanent (Council, etc). I have rehabbed several donated shirts by getting the patches off with goof off and then taken the shirts to the dry cleaners to have the residue removed. Most of the shirts came out almost good as new.
  15. mds3d

    "Classic" Scout Socks are now a thing?

    I think that "official" here might mean "officially licensed" by the BSA in partnership with Thorlo. For what it is worth, I have both hiking socks and running socks by thorlo and I love both.