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  1. mds3d

    parent rank pins

    I think that there are many better places to wear that parent pin. When you are in uniform everyone knows that you are supportive of your daughter, the Scout. What about when you aren't in uniform? How do you express it then? My dad was an ASM the entire time I was a scout. He later was SM for many years after I was gone. I never felt like he didn't support me because he didn't wear a pin on his uniform. I was super proud when he had his pin on at church or work though. Lastly, I would ask that you think about your role when you are in uniform. When you are in uniform you are not being dad, you are being a Scouter. I strongly believe that it would serve your daughter best if she was one of your scouts while you were in uniform. It is a struggle that all scouter dads (and moms) deal with. Proper uniforming has a purpose, and these discussions turn into the same thing pretty much every time, but I don't think we should pick and choose which uniform guidelines we follow and which ones we ignore.
  2. mds3d

    New Sex Abuse Charges

    This is so much of how I feel in so many circumstances. I am fine with extending the criminal statue of limitations as that punishes the abusers, but there is likely no one left at the BSA who had anything to do with the problem in most circumstances that seem to make the news. There is no moral motivation for these suits. The people are gone, the policies have changed, the actual abusers aren't named - what motivation is left but money?
  3. mds3d

    patrol and den flags

    I worked with a troop in the past few years that I think had a good system for flags. They did an excellent jobs maintaining patrols throughout the boys tenure (patrols didn't change much). They had forgone handmade flags and had the boys design a real flag. They worked with a local print shop that made them 2x3 flags. They boys did the sketches and provided design feedback with the company. They also raised the money for the flag. I think it usually took them 6 months or so to get it all done but they had some really cool flags that were flown all the time and taken on every trip. It was cool to see them at camp with the flags up in each group of tents.
  4. I tend to agree. I might say that a camp or facility taking care of a large number of people might be justified in having one (especially one open to the public). Full CPR (not hands only) is generally enough to take care of an overdose victim until EMS/Medical Personnel arrive.
  5. I think I would just be careful about HOA meetings. Yes, some of them closely resemble public meetings. Many of them are more like a corporate meeting and not very democratic. There is also the chance that they won't meet a quorum and thus will be entirely informational.
  6. It looks to me that the form only provides authorization while you are still a member. I wouldn't expect them to purge files because you left since you might come back. They have to be able to share the info because Councils and Units aren't legally "The BSA" as far as this form is concerned. This is pretty standard language. I don't know that it is expected.
  7. mds3d

    No Batteries Needed

    I know this article is now 8 years old, but it is one of the dumbest things I have read in a while. Yes, going to the store. This is one of my favorite activities and truly encompasses all that "outside" as to offer. Sight and Hearing aren't perfect in everyone and not everyone experiences these senses in the same amazing way that the author implies. Yes, the Louvre... the cheapest round trip flight I can find from here to Paris is around $1100. That's isn't including all of the other expenses with that trip. My VR setup cost way less than that... I love the outside and I spend as much time there as I can, but this kind of snark isn't convincing anyone. It is a great read for people who look at kids and their computers/phones/"vidya games" and scoff. It is really annoying for people who enjoy those things or have various difficulties interacting with "outside."
  8. The naloxone kits provided to lay personnel, is rarely a high enough dose for "full reversal" of the kind of dose that a drug addict would use. However, it is likely that first responders to an overdose will also need to be prepared to perform CPR, or at least administer rescue breaths. Most of the time, the naloxone doesn't last as long as the effect of an opioid. I don't think anyone was confused about the use of naloxone, but the question if this is part of an advanced first aid kit or not. My two cents amounts to this is a decent addition to an camp/troop first aid kit. If you aren't carrying something backpack/dufflebag sized, then you probably have other things that could use that space. In most cases, appropriate CPR/Rescue breaths can suffice until more advanced help arrives.
  9. We used to do ours the week after elections and both sets of PLC members attended (incoming and outgoing). The outgoing group served as advisors to their incoming counterparts (assuming every position changed). That ensured that every group of PLC members participated in the conference in one way or the other. We also did a mini version on the other election date (both groups in the room) that served as a review and update of the plan.
  10. I think Learning for Life has always had a different set of rules. It seems like the "non-military" part of it would also be different. Several of our local schools lost their JROTC programs because they couldn't maintain 100 students enrolled and there were no accommodations for one unit serving more than one school. Here is the relevant page: https://www.exploring.org/law-government/ "Military careers" is right there.
  11. Ideally ILST is offered any time you have newly elected leaders that haven't already had it. If the times are inconvenient, you might consider trying to shift the dates of elections to make it more feasible.
  12. mds3d

    Need guidance please

    I didn't see this post originally and missed the date. I was all kinds of angry after reading what happened. I am glad your son found a scouting home he feels comfortable.
  13. mds3d

    How to test scout on GPS usage?

    This is still the requirement in question, right? This doesn't say anything about it having to be a destination to be in the woods. I would say that there isn't anything in this requirement that would exclude the use of Google Maps, Waze, or other navigation apps. It does also say "a destination of your choice" so this could be walking directions downtown or being the navigator on a road trip. I feel like someone excluding city/road navigation would be adding requirements, but if you wanted to do this in the woods then you could use something like AllTrails. "Other electronic navigation system" could technically use in car navigation. I think these requirements were meant to be "navigate the old fashioned way (4a)" and "navigate how most people do today (4b)."
  14. mds3d

    GPS usage may cause dementia

    I don't have time to listen, but this "research" isn't linked to in the show notes. Does anyone who has listened have more information on this research? I am having a hard time believing that an author of a book about how humans used to navigate is unbiased when interpreting research about GPS.
  15. mds3d

    What Would You Do.... Next Time?

    I will say this till I am blue in my face. The COR is supposed to be involved! Yes, for many troops this is a ceremonial position that belongs to the CO and puts his name on some forms a few times a year. That isn't the intended purpose. The COR is supposed to be the official representative of the CO to make sure that the unit serves the purpose of the CO and represents them well. If you have a situation where a Scouter might need to be removed he needs to be involved. If you have a Unit Commissioner they can be a great source of advice as well.