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  1. Yes I have taken the online courses for Advisor, Bd of Review, and Committe. Browsed some of the Training for Ventures. I have broached the idea with some of the older boys and got vocal Yeah's. I'm weary of approaching the executives as I have Wood badge coming up next Month and I don't want to over extend myself. Or set expectations I am not Prepared to yet meet. Perhaps that could be the drive of the 5 goals for my ticket. We shall see.
  2. How do you start a Venturing Crew. Our Sr Scouts just turned or turning 14. I fear we will lose a few of them as thier High Schools are far from the Jr. High where we meet.
  3. I went to summer camp with my son and Troop 26 Brooklyn. Most fun I had without an M16! I wore the uniform appropriately. I get it now.
  4. I'm going to Wood Badge. Can anyone give me some guidance on these tickets?
  5. If I understand correctly. Adult volunteers do not wear Scouting awards.
  6. As a former First Sergeant in the Army I think Uniform Regs are important. Even if dont understand why an Eagle cannot show his continued commitment as an adult (someone explain this to me). I have attached the sea shells to my class b troop sweatshirt. I think of it now as a campaign coin... not a medal. A kind informal commendation Soldiers hold dear but have no official meaning.
  7. Is that velcro available in the scout shop?
  8. Patches and badges a difference?
  9. Wow. I had this convo. Was told red the new color. Those epulates not blue. Green shoulder loops I guess.12 yo scout. I'm only trying to be the best for my boy and help young people go grow strong.
  10. Wow. I had this convo. Was told red the new color.
  11. Scouts. Age. 12. The girl as rocked 2 weeks a ago. Bsa is a fading relic.
  12. I wish my son was as into it as I am. Magnetic is good. As a former Army 1SG uniformity is important to me. Magnetic name tapes cool for dress situations. Where can I purchase sew ons?
  13. Just put down payment for Wood Badge.
  14. Am I missing anything,
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