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  1. SubSM

    Any tips for conducting an ILST?

    I started providing ILST to the PLC a couple of years ago as an ASM, and continued to do so once I was appointed SM. I tried to schedule it as soon as possible following SPL/PL elections (usually the first Saturday after the elections). This year I discussed with the SPL about moving the training out a couple of weeks (we will be at camp for one of those weeks) in order to give him and the ASPL time to prepare, because I am wanting them to give the training this time around. I am certain it will be rough and disjointed, but it's important for them to step into the role of troop leader. I will report back when we are done to let you all know how it went. Mike
  2. SubSM

    New to the forum, old to Scouting

    Welcome. I have been reading reams and reams of virtual paper here, learning many new things. So much wisdom here... so little time.
  3. Thankfully taking a submarine shower uses little water 😉 I appreciate the information. It might be useful in my future. Mike
  4. @mrkstvns thank you for sharing. My wife and I are scoutmasters for our respective linked troops. While this Wood Badge course is not outdoors, I believe it will help each of us lead our troops, including the special challenges of having two troops under one roof. January in the mountains sounds like lots of fun outdoors, at least for me, but I am sure there are many who wouldn’t enjoy it near as much. Waking up to snow on our tents is always a pleasant surprise. Mike
  5. SubSM

    Any tips for conducting an ILST?

    Sardines is essentially reverse hide and seek. One person hides and the rest try to find him. The trick is, once he’s found the finder has to hide with him. It goes until only one finder is left, or the ‘sardine can’ explodes from the number of boys hiding there.
  6. SubSM


    Thank you all. It it has been great to read through the various ideas everyone has shared. There are so many different ways to do things and ideas to learn from. @mrkstvns I am not the great orator in the troop, I have my stories here and there, but our CC is a prior submariner and fantastic story teller.
  7. SubSM


    I am the SM of a modest troop (one of three in my town), I have been serving for about a year and a half. Prior to that I was an ASM for a couple of years. Before helping with my kids troop I had zero scout experience. I served 20+ years in the submarine service after graduating high school.