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  1. SubSM

    Old Guys on Forum?

    I think I have been here all of ten minutes. It has been a great learning experience so far. Mike
  2. SubSM

    Compare Scouting vs Sports ?

    I appreciate your thoughts. It is good to hear a different perspective. My original point had less to do with parents attitudes towards sports (or scouts for that matter), and more to do with the bigger push for competing in sports over participation in scouts. I too have seen very aggressive parents in scouting. The question I am really looking for an answer to, is how do we as scouters help facilitate a program that draws the interest of more of today’s youth? Mike
  3. SubSM

    Compare Scouting vs Sports ?

    The article brings up a interesting point, one of the major reasons parents want their kids to play sports is to help them get into or finance college. I am a firm believer that college has been completely oversold in the last 3 decades. Maybe this is starting to turn around, I can only hope. Mike
  4. SubSM

    Compare Scouting vs Sports ?

    It’s that free market angle that I am looking to work on. I really don’t think there is much marketing, that I have seen, touting the benefits of scouting. There are many advertisements for sports, but not scouts. I can see this becoming a WB ticket in someone’s future. 🤔 Mike
  5. SubSM

    Compare Scouting vs Sports ?

    I would agree that it should be an and, but that's tough to accomplish when sports requires attendance at practices in order to play in games. It's an idea that I totally understand, it's very difficult to just jump in and work as a team without everyone being equally prepared. The same is true with marching band, if I don't know my part or exactly where I am supposed to be it messes up everyone else. The very same idea holds true for scouts, lack of attendance at meetings prevents the proper preparation necessary for a successful outing. Sports/band are able to mandate participation, scouting is not. The question is then, why? What gives sports the 'authority' to mandate attendance? Mike PS. I am trying to think out loud here, not be argumentative. I appreciate everyone's feedback.
  6. SubSM

    Compare Scouting vs Sports ?

    Prepared. For Life. That’s what was going through my head this weekend. I don’t know how exactly that happens on the court or field. I do know how that happens on a backpacking trip. I am not trying to put down sports, but I am preparing a vision where scouting becomes an important part of my community and hopefully yours too. Thank you for sharing the article @Jameson76 it definitely shows the downside to overdoing sports. It really feels like sports are oversold especially here in CT. Mike
  7. SubSM

    Compare Scouting vs Sports ?

    Nine years later: I was thinking about this subject last weekend watching my niece's boys play a basketball tournament in their hometown. I watched as kids played their best and won some games and lost some games. They were excited to win, but not so happy when they lost. I also watched the parents react (in some cases very obnoxiously) to their kids paticipation. All I could think of was being in the woods trying to build a campfire, with no parents around. Noone to yell at the referee for a bad call; just wet wood, flint and steel. There is an honesty in having wet feet because a scout didn't bring boots for a rainy weekend, that can't be blamed on a third party. There is also compassion when another scout shares their fire to warm up the cold scout. I have heard advertisements over and over about the benefits of youth sports on the radio. How kids learn leadership and teamwork etc. Many of these benefits can be found in scouting. Teamwork: Nothing helps build a team than having to get a fire going in order to cook your meal. Leadership: The scouts are being led by one of their peers. Just curious what some of y'alls thoughts are. Mike
  8. SubSM

    Troop Trailer Stolen

    I am pondering to myself about how much the recent negative media attention is affecting peoples' thoughts about Scouts. Mike
  9. SubSM

    dutch oven tips

    I learned from the team teaching IOLS up here about using metal pans (I found mine at tractor supply 'Beren's 3 gal') for holding the dutch oven while cooking. It keeps the mess to a minimum and makes clean up of the coals/ash much easier. I also use the CampChef lid lifter that has the trigger pull on it. https://www.amazon.com/Camp-Chef-DOLL14-14-Inch-Lifter/dp/B003Z8YQAY/ref=sr_1_7?keywords=camp+chef+lid&qid=1565286864&s=gateway&sr=8-7 it's much easier to hold the lid and dump the coals/ash of the top. I also use a Crisbee stick to coat my dutch ovens after cleaning. It comes in a deodorant sized stick and works well. I found it on Amazon. And I can't say enough about using chainmail, it works. Mike
  10. @qwazse that must have been a fun experience. I find it odd that SBR doesn't have water heaters, when our camp here in CT has water heaters for the campsite showers. Luckily my wife has been moved up off the waitlist, so she will get the experience of 'ambient temperature' showers.... I am still waiting for my chance. Mike
  11. SubSM

    Bragging time on the oldest.

    Share with your son that there are many scouters routing for him. All of us knowing about the endless trail of paperwork required for scout activities. Mike
  12. Barry, I took your advice and talked with the SPL. We reduced our total number of patrols in order to have a higher number of scouts in the patrols. All of our scouts in the NSP decided to stay together and absorb some of scouts from the other patrols. We will keep this format for as long as it works. Thank you, Mike
  13. SubSM

    Patrol cook and chef kits now

    We have totes with random old pots and pans. Each patrol has a mixture of cooking gear. Nothing fancy. Mike
  14. SubSM

    Can the Patrol Method Be Revived?

    Thank you all for the feedback. Teamwork, naturally formed patrols and gentle encouragement are the things I am taking from all of you as the base of a successful patrol-centric troop. We we are at camp this week enjoying the cool summer air... wait, it’s not actually cool this week. Except maybe in the lake. Mike
  15. SubSM

    Can the Patrol Method Be Revived?

    It would be great if we could work out an adviser program. One where the experienced scouters here come and visit the troops wishing to improve or struggling with a certain aspect of scouting. The in-person view would certainly help in understanding the actual problems being experienced by the struggling Scouters. I appreciate the feedback from Barry, HelpfulTracks and Fred, but I don't think it helps address what's needed. Every troop meeting about 25% of the scouts are missing from the patrols. The missing scouts change every week. Trying to work with the patrols to plan meals doesn't work since sometimes there is only one scout at the meeting who is attending the upcoming campout, other patrol members will be attending the campout but aren't at the meeting. Most scouts are already stretched thin on time due to sports etc, so they are not able (willing?) to meet with their patrols outside of a troop meeting. Further, the parents are generally very busy with their other kids or work and can't just drop everything to take Timmy to another meeting somewhere. Additionally, the troop I took over had been troop-centric for so long that they don't understand what patrols truly are supposed to be. In order for it to be something with purpose, something more than just social hour I have been trying to work towards more patrol-centric. Maybe I am just not understanding what it's supposed to be... hence where a visiting adviser comes in. Mike