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  1. ItsBrian

    Contagious Disease Outbreaks

    Some camps employ EMTs or paramedics as the health officer. More common for a EMT at day camps. Nurses such as RNs or LPNs are at resident camps.
  2. ItsBrian

    Totin Chip

    If attending summer camp for the first time, a Scout is usually in the first year program. It’s common to do totin chip in this program. I worked in a first year program this year. It’s impossible to spend a whole entire day in totin chip, meaning that everybody may not be able to spend a lot of time using all the tools. It also depends how many scouts are there that week. If a scout earns their totin chip from summer camp, I suggest you go into more detail and test their skills yourself. You can earn a totin chip anytime outside of summer camp, and usually is done by a older scout and/or adult. This is not exactly related to the topic, but hopefully I’ve helped you a little.
  3. Why would it need to be monitored? So even if it was only scouts and they all happened to be friends, an adult would have to monitor it? Scouts can’t be friends outside of scouting and talk?
  4. ItsBrian

    "Classic" Scout Socks are now a thing?

    If they don’t have an official sock, then why did I spend around $50 on socks to staff a summer camp? 😁
  5. You said what I couldn’t put into words. Thank you. I relate to you on how I was not raised religious, but I respect everyone and take part.
  6. ItsBrian

    Eagle Scout Extension for new 2019 Scouts

    I agree. It’s unfair to someone like me.
  7. ItsBrian

    Parent in need of advice

    The troop should be youth led as said above, meaning the SPL and ASPL should know of the plan. I’m a youth, and sometimes directions come better with someone around their age. We have a few kids in my troop with ADHD and ADD, and we work with it. If you’re losing their attention or starting to act up, you simply switch it up a bit to regain their attention. I honestly from my viewpoint, it’s going to make everything worse if there is always a parent with him. I would try to work to where it is not needed. I do suggest looking for other troops though. It can never hurt.
  8. ItsBrian

    How to get more out of Eagle Projects

    You can have a big impact without spending a lot of money I learned. I did my project last year and I spent around $500, with all of it being donations. I built two moving carts out of trek wood, put stone down around the building, build a horse shoe built, and some little stuff. The beneficiary is a adult day center, and was so excited just for these little things since it helps them move activity to activity. The stone helps with drainage and improved the overall look of the building and more. On the other note, I know a Eagle who painted a basement and all the paint chipped up a week later, and spent around the same as me if I can remember. I also dislike it when Scouts just start going to random places and asking if they need anything done, just desparate to get a project. I wish more had ideas on what they want to do. I feel that if the project had a meaning to it, even being small, can still have a huge impact on someone.
  9. ItsBrian

    Thread color

    Honestly, you don’t need to be exact! My family & everyone else I know uses the closest one they can find. If you sew it correctly, you can barely notice a difference.
  10. It's about that time to where I finally fill out the Eagle Scout application. I started to fill it out and realized that it says to get a reccomendation from your religious leader. I do not personally attend church often therefore I do not have anyone that would be able to provide a reference. I thought I read once a parent would fill in for that reference, but I forget. Has anyone else delt with this before?
  11. ItsBrian

    SPL not wanting to be SPL

    I think it is the mix of scouts, since most of them don’t want to be in a leadership role. It may also be because they think it is too much work.
  12. ItsBrian

    SPL not wanting to be SPL

    That sums up my case fantastically. We use to be really competitive with SPL, PL, etc. but ever since we got a new mix of scouts they showed no interest. Also, answering to others. We have recently made 1 patrol again since scouts aged out. Our troop has always been a small troop and we have had a SPL and a PL since it was formed. This really has only been a issue for the past year or so.
  13. As some know, I served as SPL for 2 years and in May we had elections. Nobody had wanted to step up to be SPL (we only have 11 scouts), so a senior scout basically he would do it just to do it. Now we have not had a PLC for three months, no annual PLC (I had to make the schedule with some of the committee and SM), and no meeting plans. Our SM is amazing and has been trying to guide him and help him but he shows no interest. I have tried to guide him, set up times to meet with him, etc. It’s just nobody shows interest in taking leadership for the troop forcing the SM and myself to do meetings, etc. If anyone has any suggestions on how to approach this, that is great.
  14. ItsBrian

    YPT2 deadline

    My mom, who is a MBC, was emailed if she didn’t complete the training by then she would have reapply as a brand new MBC.
  15. ItsBrian

    Senior Scouts taking Youth Protection Training

    I still reccomend handing a quick sheet to the older scouts that show no interest in taking YPT so they have at least a little knowledge about it.