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  1. Personal Scouting Goals

    You have to make it fun for you somehow.
  2. Storage ideas

    You say “does not offer”, but have you ever asked?
  3. YPT

    Why was venturing YPT changed if it stays the same?
  4. Good Council/District program examples

    That’s the council I was thinking about.
  5. Lions now an official Cub Scout rank and program

    And I think wolves are too young from what I see at daycamp sometimes.
  6. Good Council/District program examples

    Really? I never knew that! I know patriots path merged with another council a while and go. I thought they merged with the one that was in north jersey? My apologizes.
  7. New around here

    Cubmaster is a big task! Thanks for getting involved into scouting right away with your son! Theres plenty of information on this forum that can help you!
  8. Coolest Scout Troop Location?

    Woah! You gotta name it. I know a Troop around me named their donated building “The Scout Hut” many people just call it “The Hut”
  9. EBOR question

    I’m assuming the SM has never been involved in scouting?
  10. Good Council/District program examples

    Interesting! I believe there is only 2 councils in NJ, and one council has 2, and I’m not sure how many the other one has but has atleast one. They both provide bussing that I know of. The bus routes do end up being a hour long, but it’s not too bad. Most scouts on my bus slept in the morning and then in the afternoon since they had fun!
  11. Good Council/District program examples

    Your day camp does not provide bussing?
  12. Good Council/District program examples

    Qwaze’s post reminded me of something else a day camp does. In October or November they open for a weekend and any kid can come for free with their parents and basically experience a day at camp (besides things like fishing, canoeing). Staff from the camp usually come back and volunteer.
  13. Good Council/District program examples

    In NJ schools usually have 2 days off for “teachers convention” and this year my council held a STEM day camp for those two days. I was offered to be staff (it actually paid really well!), but had to turn down.
  14. I agree that people can change, but there’s a slim chance of them from growing up not going camping & not liking the outdoors to liking it and going tent camping.
  15. Same CO...multiple CORs

    Maybe. It’s two different nonprofits and have no ties to each other so I guess it wouldn’t count as one CO.