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  1. ItsBrian

    Advice for a Camp Health Officer?

    Thanks for the helpful information! 😁
  2. ItsBrian

    Advice for a Camp Health Officer?

    Thanks for those tips! While most are already known to my camp, I still like input from leaders from their perspective! Ive been a first year program instructor for the past 2 summers, so most of the time that “illness” is just them being homesick. 😁
  3. ItsBrian

    Advice for a Camp Health Officer?

    I’m aware, just wondering if anyone has tips/tricks 😁.
  4. Hey all, I haven’t posted in a while since my troop is unfortunately dwindling down to a very low amount of members. Anyway, I’m looking for tips/suggestions/tricks for a resident camp health officer. If anyone has experience or know anyone that has and has any suggestions, let me know! The camp is relatively small, only around 300 scouts a week.
  5. I have carried a tick key in my first aid kit for a few years yet never used it. Over the summer at the camp I worked at, I got 3 ticks within a 24 hour period on the same leg. I’m still not sure how that happened, but that’s besides the point. I found them later at night, so they were on there for a few hours each time. I decided to try the tick key because I wouldn’t of been able to use tweezers in two spots due to it being an awkward angle. I must say, I’m a fool for never using this before. My ticks weren’t big but weren’t small. The key was so simple and effective. It took no more than 2 tries each to get rid of the whole entire tick. It took me less then a minute each time.
  6. ItsBrian

    Campout planning...who does it?

    My troop is a small (10) yet boy led troop. Usually how it goes is that my mom, we call her the Outdoor Coordinator, looks for different places around us and out of state. Our boys in the troop don’t really care about branching out outside of our repeated ~4 camps. Once my mom compiles a list, she has the SPL present it at the meeting, but the scouts are still more than welcome to give their ideas. We have my mom make a list as sort of a motivation kind of thing. After the list is presented, we pick and choose as a troop where we would want to go. We are very accommodating to everyone, we don’t choose something that only a few people would like to go to. Once we have the campouts for the year, the SPL and myself (JASM) work together to create a schedule of all the community service, fundraisers, volunteer, campouts that the troop will be doing. We start our new calendar year in September. Once the full schedule is made, we present it to the committee and PLC to get final approval. Sure, the committee will make some changes due to scheduling conflict or something, but we get full say in what we want to do. Shockingly, when I tell scouts in other troops around me, they say they don’t get that much of a choice.
  7. ItsBrian

    merit badge sash q2

  8. ItsBrian

    Name on Eagle Project?

    I think it’ll be cool if it’s in a public place, but mine wasn’t so I didn’t bother. It’s up to you, I see a lot of projects that have a plaque:
  9. ItsBrian

    Summer Camp during a heat wave

    I’m not too sure. I work in the FYS program and this was my 2nd year. I’m not sure if I will go back next year since I will be out of high school, but I will eventually if I don’t.
  10. ItsBrian

    Summer Camp during a heat wave

    Update: Today was the last day of the season. Tear down was done in the perfect weather, it felt like it was fall. It was hot during the season, but it finally cooled off at the end.
  11. ItsBrian

    To have an ECOH or not

    I didn’t want one for the longest time until my troop sort of kept pushing it and then we decided to have a full ceremony with dinner. I do not regret it, it was a great experience. I hate being the center of attention, but it felt deserved this time.
  12. ItsBrian

    Summer Camp during a heat wave

    Last week was extremely brutal for staff. It was very hot and it was easily to get dehydrated. I believe the heat index was over 110 at one point. Staff still sleeps in the green canvas tents, but at least we have a electricity. I was glad I decided to bring a fan this year. We had some nasty storms throughout the week which also made a impact on us. Outpost was harder than usual due to storms, but we still made do. This week is beautiful and perfect temperature, so I guess it’s a plus for this week. Only places in camp with AC is trading post, camp office, and health lodge. It doesn’t even really get cold, just a lower temp.
  13. ItsBrian

    Tent set up question

    Staff tents look like this at my camp! These scouts know the drill.
  14. ItsBrian

    Eagle Scout Shown Leniency

  15. If it’s a first year scout, I highly suggest the first year scout program at your summer camp.