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  1. I’m sorry, but I can’t believe you just compared the NRA’s operations to something like Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood actually operates as a non-profit and uses their funds as a non-profit is defined as. The NYAG is not (in this case) going after them for being a gun organization, instead, as a corrupted non-profit that is not using funds properly. I’m sure she has some biased towards the NRA, but it clearly states she is suing due to the misuse of funds. No matter the organization, if one was misusing funds, someone would step up and sue. *I am not aware if her claims of
  2. I have used flip grids for numerous assignments. It is extremely limited and is nothing like canvas. Plus, it limits the recording time unless you pay for a plan for the class. I personally do not like flip grid as many scouts may dislike recording themself.
  3. I’m going to a state next to mine, where there is no quarantine period for my state. Every student has to produce a negative test before returning to campus though. I believe one of the residence halls is now the “quarantine dorm.” It’s a small college, so that is why they’re able to open without problems.
  4. I unfortunately will be moving into college (out of state) in August. I actually don’t even think there are any posts or crews around my area, which is interesting.
  5. It’s widely used in colleges, I prefer it over Google Classroom. I’m currently a college student. I’ve never had a problem with the conferences, it’s easy to use, and overall reliable. But, please be aware that the free version of Canvas misses a decent amount of features. I’m not too sure how it would work as a virtual scouting event, depending on what the event is.
  6. Unfortunately, the entire summer was canceled. I do ride on a volunteer rescue squad and currently in a EMT program to be nationally certified, so I am staying active in healthcare.
  7. You can fundraise anytime after 2 things are approved. 1. Project proposal workbook 2. Fundraising application/form (this may need council signature if raising over a certain amount, the form tells you how many signatures you need)
  8. Camp I work at refuses to say teach, we can only say instruct. We aren’t teachers, we’re instructors.
  9. Maybe you’ll be interested in the virtual academy thing they plan on doing? I’m in PP as well.
  10. Pennsylvania Dutch Council (PA) cancelled all summer camps, but if restrictions loosen, may allow individual or unit camping.
  11. Hawk Mountain Council (PA) cancelled all camps New Birth of Freedom Council (PA) cancelled all camps Patriots Path Council (NJ) is keeping one of two camps closed. Day camp will also be held but modified.
  12. Agreed, May 15th was a decision day for many camps. The council I work for was suppose to decide by then, but we still have yet to heard.
  13. There was a national webinar last week regarding CDC guidelines, camp preparedness, needed supplies, etc. National is being very supportive and offering many resources. Your council is probably waiting for the official CDC, state, and local guidelines.
  14. Say they must step down if they do not complete YPT quickly? YPT is a requirement to hold the position I believe.
  15. I taught a First Aid class once at a summer camp, and I’m involved in the medical field. “Show” can also be interpreted by demonstrating without doing. Pretend it is a scenario at a First Aid rally, if your district has those. Anyone can be a victim, a parent, sibling, etc. For a snake bite on the leg, you wouldn’t actually wash the bite, you would grab the supplies needed then say and do something like: Rescuer tells the victim sit-up and prepares for the treatment. They physically set up their water bottle, some kind of cloth, and soap. Rescuer verbally or physically applie
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