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  1. My troop has always made it a rule where the leaders can not sign off on their scout’s book. It honestly works the best since nobody can try to start trouble about someone earning a rank faster than their son.
  2. ItsBrian

    Lost Eagle Scout Project Proposal

    Thankfully I gave a copy to the district with the signatures and my reviewer gave me it no problem. He was such a great guy! After I go to council to get everything scanned the report signed, I’ll be scheduling my EBOR!
  3. ItsBrian

    Lost Eagle Scout Project Proposal

    I always kept a digital copy of the proposal and I printed another one out, but I do not have a signed one anymore. Yeah my district has 3 meetings. First is the proposal (pre-project). Second is the post project and pre EBOR. Third is the EBOR.
  4. ItsBrian

    Lost Eagle Scout Project Proposal

    In my district they call it a post project + pre BOR meeting, where they make sure you’re ready for your BOR. I could easily get them to sign it again, but what about the council signature?
  5. I honestly think I misplaced my signed proposal workbook that my district wants me to bring to the Pre EBOR. I still have a copy of the proposal, but it is not signed. I have EVERYTHING besides that. I even have every single receipt for the materials I bought. If anyone has any tips on how I should handle this, please let me know.
  6. I’m asking since I’m confused why I have everything besides the signed proposal. I asked my other friends and they think it was collected but not sure.
  7. Sorry I forgot to mention, the first meeting with the district where they sign / approve the proposal workbook.
  8. I honestly can't remember if they collected mine or not, I kept everything in two folders and I don't see it. I think I remember them collecting it but I dont remember.
  9. Finally finished all the paperwork and meeting tomorrow with the district. Any tips or common errors that any of you see in the workbook?
  10. ItsBrian

    Contagious Disease Outbreaks

    Some camps employ EMTs or paramedics as the health officer. More common for a EMT at day camps. Nurses such as RNs or LPNs are at resident camps.
  11. ItsBrian

    Totin Chip

    If attending summer camp for the first time, a Scout is usually in the first year program. It’s common to do totin chip in this program. I worked in a first year program this year. It’s impossible to spend a whole entire day in totin chip, meaning that everybody may not be able to spend a lot of time using all the tools. It also depends how many scouts are there that week. If a scout earns their totin chip from summer camp, I suggest you go into more detail and test their skills yourself. You can earn a totin chip anytime outside of summer camp, and usually is done by a older scout and/or adult. This is not exactly related to the topic, but hopefully I’ve helped you a little.
  12. Why would it need to be monitored? So even if it was only scouts and they all happened to be friends, an adult would have to monitor it? Scouts can’t be friends outside of scouting and talk?
  13. ItsBrian

    "Classic" Scout Socks are now a thing?

    If they don’t have an official sock, then why did I spend around $50 on socks to staff a summer camp? 😁
  14. You said what I couldn’t put into words. Thank you. I relate to you on how I was not raised religious, but I respect everyone and take part.
  15. ItsBrian

    Eagle Scout Extension for new 2019 Scouts

    I agree. It’s unfair to someone like me.