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  1. ItsBrian

    Best comfort items & traditions for summer camp

    I’m late, but that made me think. When I staffed a summer camp, I preferred my Nike running shoes over my Columbia boots. I tried to wear my running shoes since they were more comfortable for me. I had to wear BSA socks, so socks didn’t make a difference. I only wore the boots when it rained heavily and was muddy. Let’s see what I prefer this year when I go back.
  2. ItsBrian

    Which First Aid?

    I think AHA teaches compression only for those who just want a basic knowledge since they may find it too demanding to do 30:2 if they are alone.
  3. ItsBrian

    Which First Aid?

    I have my EMR (Emergency Medical Responder) cert, which I forget the name of the organization that I got it from. I also have BLS for Health Care Providers since I’m in a nursing vocational HS, which was done through AHA. I also had regular First Aid/CPR through AHA which recently expired, but doesn’t matter since I have BLS. I plan on starting EMT in the fall if time allows. I personally enjoy AHA more than RC, but that’s just my opinion. AHA still does teach 30:2 if you take the First Aid / CPR course and above. From what I’ve researched previously since I was interested in WFA was that it is somewhat similar to EMR besides the fact it’s mostly wilderness.
  4. ItsBrian


    Venmo allows you to hide your transaction to where only you can see it. I use it personally for little things if I go out with friends, forgot money, etc. My troop uses something similar, but I forget what it is called.
  5. ItsBrian

    What color is your Class B ?

    We have burgundy shirts with a white design + text. We get compliments all the time about our color and design since you rarely see anyone with that color.
  6. ItsBrian

    Eagle workbook

    All I need to say, if there was a google docs version I would probably get at least 2 hours of my life back due to Acrobat being outdated and a hassle.
  7. ItsBrian

    Son invited to OA. What does it all mean?

    It is the adult leaders from what I heard - and they also met on the night of my troop meetings.
  8. ItsBrian

    ECOH Ideas/Tips/Suggestions

    That actually is a great idea.
  9. I’m looking for any tips, suggestions, etc for my upcoming Eagle Court if Honor in June. If anyone has any advice please post it!
  10. ItsBrian

    Son invited to OA. What does it all mean?

    I was elected for the OA in my troop, but I declined it. It depends on the scout, see what your scout wants to do. I’ve heard our lodge isn’t the best which also steered my decision.
  11. ItsBrian

    Summer Camp Staff

    Yes... biggest thing and shocked that it came up this late. Espescially if you have a group of younger scouts (or work in first year like I do), it could drive you insane. There will be nights where you had a bad day or you are extremely exhausted and you just need to take a nap or go to sleep early. You’ll be thankful for a minute of sitting in your cabin or tent without anyone bothering you. It was actually one of the first things the camp leadership told us.
  12. ItsBrian

    Summer Camp Staff

    Lucky!! I had to come home every weekend due to being under 18. Same for this year.. I’m jealous you have cabins.
  13. ItsBrian

    Summer Camp Staff

    Hey! I am currently a scout, and I have worked at a summer camp last year and this summer as well. Highest Suggestion: Don’t bring your footlocker, go to Walmart and buy one of those plastic drawers to keep your clothes in. Trust me, I’m getting one this year. Make sure to bring a backpack with you as you will be on the move, depending on the program area you are in. I was in the first year scout program, so I was always on the move. What program area are you going to be in? Do you have to come home each week due to being under 18? (If you are under 18) Finally, you will have the best summer of your life. The camp I worked at was 3 hours away in another state and I still talk daily with the friends I made from there. Trust me, you will find your group of friends quickly. Feel free to ask any other questions!
  14. ItsBrian

    Anyone want to read a draft of my article?

    Well said.
  15. ItsBrian

    Campfire Smoke Allergies

    I have pretty bad year round allergies - and I even work at a summer camp during the summer. My best friend was Allegra. It’s honestly probably the way I could’ve survived. Does your son get allergy shots (I do), or take OTC medicine to help with symptoms?