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  1. Concerned About an Incident Last Night

    This is coming from my own personal experience, so it should be somewhat helpful. SPL elections came around, only 3 scouts were really “ qualified “ to run for SPL. It ended up being myself and another scout. The scout acts the same way as you described the scout that lost to your son. I won the election and then I was told by a leader to make him my ASPL. I was like “Oh I’ll help him! No problem”. Turns out it didn’t work out as I hoped and I didn’t even want another leadership position after that. I beg of you to not let your son make the same mistake that I had made, since I bet he will not want a leadership position if he has to do everything himself without the help of a assistant.
  2. I would quit your troop within a week if I had to sit through that. I would rather be taught and have actually someone making eye contact with me instead of everyone falling asleep, just like in school.
  3. Venturing Ranger Requirement 2b

    A drama club is a drama club.
  4. Would you say anything

    Welcome to Boy Scouts! I am a youth myself and 15. I have the same exact situation as your son and I've been dealing with it for the past 4 years about. Others on the forum know my situation and I have ranted many times. I take it as that the CM is jealous that your son is more successful in Scouting as of right now, and I only know a few patrol leaders that actually do what they are suppose to. I commend your son for making the duty roster for the weekend and not the SPL. Anyway, I would just let it flow. To this day, I still do everything wrong according to that one parent (a committee member). Matter in fact, something happened last weekend. Also, I do agree that the dad/son should be sleeping separate, it builds social skills by sharing a tent with someone around his age.
  5. What's A Good Water Bottle?

    Update: The new version of the camelbak I bought will not fit on your belt correctly, guess I’m going with a Nalgene.
  6. Equipment Decoration

    The online scout shop divides it between earned and something else.
  7. That’s a good one.
  8. I think it happens to every scout... I always keep mine with a cover on and it still fell apart.
  9. I’m not aware if some of you know this so I’ll put it out there. Office supply stores such as Staples will bind (with plastic spiral) your scoutbook for cheap, and it’ll hold really well. I had mine done a few years ago and stays great.
  10. By handbook logs I mean service, hiking, and campimg log. We basically spent the whole meeting this week on filling it in for the whole scouts. I know it’ll benefit them in the long run when they start the camping merit badge. I never filled it in (there was a different SM when I joined), and ended up never doing it. Does your Troop encourage scouts to fill it in?
  11. What's A Good Water Bottle?

    Yeah and who has time for that and when you can buy a $10-$15 water bottle and stay safe?
  12. What's A Good Water Bottle?

    This is the one thing that I am so glad we never had to deal with. They drink and drink, and all we say at the beginning of a hot week(end) is to stay hydrated. I can not recall the last time someone complained about heat exhaustion, dehydration, etc.
  13. She took it the day I posted this topic.
  14. What's A Good Water Bottle?

    My troop does not like reusing Gatorade, Powerade, plastic water bottles, because it’s just how we are and I don’t disagree. It may be environmentally friendly, but is it safe for you? The plastic especially in water bottles are not meant to be used over and over from my knowledge.