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  1. This past Summer, Covid was an issue, but not a terribly imposing issue, and although help is on the way, there are 5 very dark months ahead. There is an appropriate time for "program", and citizenship training, but it makes no sense to sit about, and watch power points of fire behavior when the classroom is on fire. We should all know what to do in this situation.
  2. There is much room for meaningful UC leadership/help/ e Explore branch of scouting. Some Post committee/Advisor folk do not have backgrounds in scouting, and do not receive the same support from the general population to the DEs. Some do YP, then proceed not knowing about the 360 page handbook, online training, awards program. Units need to be diverse in their approaches to serve the larger scouting community effectively. I don't thing UCs should be arguing over unit administration unless there are serious violations of protocol. In my view, UCs should be prompting, and reminding unit
  3. I've lived in rural areas most of my life. I now live in a very small town. Being a rural dweller signifies nothing, and many rural people are successful in rural areas, or move to the cities, and become successful. Rural folk are neither monochromatic or monolithic. People in rural areas tend to be related in communities that are stable. Nothing evil there, it's just the way things are. However, an outsider may never be accepted or welcome. I thought this was common knowledge, and not offensive. Some rural areas are ravaged by people who have chosen to play with drugs, bed hop, and re
  4. Please allow me to clarify. The data selling issue I'm referring to is the assertion by many that the BSA plans to sell our data gathered by the CR and ICRs that are now required. I'm very well aware of what Google and Facebook are up to. This is precisely why I'm baffled by some protesting over the CR and ICR consent request/demand. As stated early, I suspect most employers of any size require the same thing. Some employees now must consent to their employer snooping in all social media activities.
  5. I not terrified of the people, but the challenge. Working in these environs will be emotionally taxing, and very depressing. Tangible success will be essential for the sake of sanity, and there is no path to success....more like bushwacking a rhodo thicket.
  6. I have no disdain for youth or people of any given geographic area. However, we all should have disdain for lifestyle choices that adversely affect the physical and mental health and development of youth. If one does not, perhaps he or she should reconsider their place in scouting.
  7. I keep hearing the "selling data" issue come up. I think this concern is kinda silly being most of us provide data to facebook and google willingly on a daily basis. Being self employed for most of my life, I was amazed how much paperwork I had to sign when I became an employee three years ago. Point being, many employers require the same checks, if not more. I suspect some may want IP addresses soon.
  8. I was one of those who was indifferent about the OA scene due to time constraints and other issues. Over time due to arm twisting, I became more involved, and so has my son. Yes, there are youth that should not be there, and are troublemakers, but it is no sin to rally the troops, and encourage youth and adults to serve. We should be reminded that the chief goal of scouting is to develop young men into engaged citizens and leaders of the future. Being tapped is not an award for the self involved overachievers, but a call to service. Relationships and strengthening the bonds of brotherhood
  9. I would like to hear from those who have first hand experience running units in poor rural areas where ignorance is a badge of honor, families are mostly broken, most adults are drug users. Oh, did I mention cliquish because everyone is related. I'm trying to understand how adult leaders are developed in blighted areas which obviously is a key requirement for administering a unit, particularly in the long term when leadership succession is a given. I desperately need some tried and tested ideas that work. Secondly, is trying to organize in such godforsaken places a fool's errand?
  10. The unit should set its own priorities provided operations conform to the BSA program. Some folks are very community/service focused, and are big on visiting historic sites, and participating in patriotic ceremonies. Others units may be into old school outdoor stuff, while others are trail preppies. Some folks are fixated on inclusivity......Other units may struggle to achieve the most basic tasks, e.g. communicating via email or phone. I believe there is enough leeway to run a good program even if/when National strays. No need to blame national for our own failures or mental illness
  11. It is important to instruct the other scouts not to tolerate a pervy mouth being the goal is to grow the youth into respectable citizens. I'm not suggesting the scouts give a weak whisper of disapproval, but a forceful shut down. Many crap stirring kids enjoy the power of disruption, and seek to turn a group of youth south, or against the adult leadership. However when the figurative knives come out within the peer group, such behavior looses its appeal quickly....and yes, sometimes the whole group needs to suffer for the deeds of one if the group is enabling. My wife has been teacher on th
  12. I like this menu very much. I detest overly processed food with excessive packaging, tons of sodium and sugar. This menu is very affordable, and the food is relatively nutritious.
  13. Being the ASPL ad SPL do not belong in a patrol, who do they dine with in your unit? Does in make sense for the the duo to dine with the adults so they may have sufficient facetime to receive instruction, directives, and advice? I'm not seeing any recommendations in the TLGB regarding this matter. Currently, the SM has formed a "Leadership Patrol". From my perspective, this is a disaster. It has simply given the opportunity for the SPL, ASPL, TG, to slink off at some dark corner of camp and be special by themselves instead of keeping the PLs on task while on outings.
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