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  1. The patrol method is covered in considerable detail in the Troop Leader Guidebook Vol. I. Unfortunately, very few adult leaders read the Troop Leader Guidebook. The Troop I currently participate in recently has recently experienced a succession. The former SM valued the youth led concept, but failed to facilitate the fruition of a youth led Troop because of the following processes were not practiced. No ILST training for 6 years No annual or semi annual planning conference with the PLC ever. No ASMs assigned as patrol advisors to hold youth leadership accountable, e.g., making sure DRs and menu plans are made, executed properly, and notes taken as to who ducked assigned tasks. This causes headaches on the advancement side. The new SM seems to be intent on spoon feeding the youth content and completely dismantling any meaningful youth leadership opportunities. This is partly due to the fact he has a scout son that is TF rank. Parents/adult leaders of younger scouts tend to care very little about the needs of Scouts Star rank and up, and seem to be more fixated on their own child's advancement and experience over the needs of the unit, or the overarching goal, personal growth.
  2. Onslow

    When was 4th Aim added?

    I suspect less than 50 percent of the unit/adult leaders in my district know what the stated aims of scouting are. Almost as many probably do not know there are even stated aims. National communicates via online training and various publications. The most substantial of which is the Troop Leader Guidebook Vol. I -III imo. However, few make an effort to immerse themselves in the TLG and other publications. District training focuses only on compliance such as "make sure your YP is up-to-date", but not so much on program comprehension, or even discussions about teaching tools.
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    Hello From North Cackalacky

    @qwazse, I want to learn more about the wild ride you speak of.
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    Hello From North Cackalacky

    Bookay, but I'm keeping the tank top!
  5. Stopping by to learn a few things, and to blow off some steam. Hopefully I won't degrade this fine resource in any manner. Ran the Outdoor program for the Troop for several years, served a CC, and now serving as ASM. Looking to start of a Venturing unit in the near future. Cheers Y'all