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  1. I will mention this to Troop 759 in Ashton Maryland.
  2. Oh the vagaries of today's population. I am a sometimes guide on a local historic trail concerning the Underground Railroad. At one of my "stations" I ask where folks would like to "escape" to. Almost everyone will answer "North". Okay, on the count of three, point NORTH ! 1, 2, 3.... and look at the lack of consensus..... No, one cannot navigate by democracy. The desire to leave one's direction to the mini computer in one's pocket is astounding. My collection of PAPER road maps, (Alexandria Drafting, AAA, etc.) continues to be very useful. Yes, the sun comes up in the eas
  3. Tsk, tsk,,,, You are confusing the thirteenth Scout Law: A Scout Is Hungry. GreenBar Bill testified to this often, as did my Scoutson (he's 6'3" tall now). Nope. Newton sent his four laws of motion to the printer, but the idiot spilled his coffee on the manuscript and so there are now only three "official" Laws of Motion. I do know and thus teach at CSDC Scout Skills, that the fourth Law was, in fact, "You cannot push a rope". Buckminster Fuller knew this, and thus his Tensegrity structures became possible. Math and physics. All other science is subservien
  4. "Stay in our lanes". Hah ! What they mean is ... if you are registered in ScoutBSA, your tickets must apply to ScoutBSA. NOT Cub Scouts, NOT Venture, NOT any where else. I had trouble with that because at the time, I was registered as a ASM, but had been very active with Cub Scout Day Camp (wife was the Director !) and many of my ideas fell in that area initially. There are ways to accommodate this requirement, but I agree with what has been previously mentioned. It should NOT mean it has to apply to ONLY being a Committee Member/chair.... Possible ideas: Recruitment. You'
  5. My guidance as a MBC? **ALWAYS point to the posted requirements and ask the Scout how they have fulfilled them? ***The "Work book pages" are NOT passing the requirements. Those are for the Scout's benefit in PASSING the requirements, but are NOT the passing. Prerequisites are ALWAYS good. The Scout should "Be Prepared" when they come to you. **** Celebrate the accomplishment. ALWAYS mention the good stuff, then encourage the way to make the not-so-good-stuff GOOD. *****Keep yourself available for consultation, but always keep your YP (really AP, yes?) in mind
  6. Yep. Point to the REQUIREMENTS. I can vouch for the same angst in Cub Scouts. Cub Scout Day Camp: "And of course the Cubs will pass the 8 knots...." Sorry, in one fifty minute session, they will LEARN about ropes, cords , the fourth law of motion (You can't push a rope), and MAYBE learn three knots and how to use them. And maybe a few "magic knots" (chain knot, etc. ) It ain't school , people, KiS MiF. AND the parent escorts (Den Walkers !) learn them right along...
  7. well, you know why Bezos named his company "Amazon" , right? Because he couldn't spell Reo Grandy or Missississippiii.
  8. News release: Dateline April 1, 2021, Irving Texas.... The Boy Scouts of America in line with the ongoing simplification and re-organization announced the following Merit Badges would be merged, thus allowing the Scout to earn them easier and quicker: Pet care and Cooking. American Labor and Mining in Society. Family Life and Animal Science. Welding and Fire Safety.
  9. Ditto the above. Slow to load, ads do not release when "close" or "x" or "No Thanks" clicked for 30 or more seconds. AND I have to wind the spring on the back of my laptop more often.....
  10. Well, shucks. Henry Nygard was a good friend of my dad's. He founded SShip 759 in Ashton MD, led a bunch of SScout adventures and became the Council/Region Commodore . It was before my time in Scouts but my more elder Scout friends took cruises around the Chesapeake on various boats, one of which I thought was an ex PT boat. Could be wrong. The local Regatta is named for him: https://seascout.org/stec_event/2019-henry-i-nygard-regatta/
  11. Look for the antique book (I have seen it in reprint) ""Matching Mountains With The Boy Scout Uniform"" by Edward F. Reimer, 1929, E. P. Dutton. Wonderfully evocative. 56 (!) uses for the Scout neckerchief.
  12. Does the name NYGARD (as in Henry) mean anything to you, perchance?
  13. The retention of Scout camps always seem to gravitate around the "cost to keep it up". And the idea is that somehow the camp is limited to only Scout use. Well, promotion and use need to be considered. Is the Council even THINKING outside the Scout box? Rental to Outdoor Conservation schools. Selective logging. Most public school districts (and private school, too) have a nature curriculum. Rent to them, for their programs. Got a nice dining hall ? Church receptions, retreats, wedding receptions (for those desiring a more "natural, simple " affair). Even Philmont is developi
  14. Translation? As the fellow said, "follow the money". Not enough cookies......... Again, God ain't making any more ground. Once a camp is sold , it is never going to be a camp again. Pretty much. Do the GSUSA see any different outcomes than the BSA in this sort of thing?
  15. Well, that's discouraging. But not unheard of or unexpected. I have personal stories in that vein too. I had to politely knock on (long distance telephone) doors, send letters (real paper !), and emails (A Scout is Courteous). I finally got a human being to talk to, and got some answers, which explained my personal situation (part of which was they hoped I would just go away if they ignored me. Really). So, if it is important to you (and it sounds like it is), document, save records, search out phone numbers (this was the surprise, both to me and to them. How did you get this num
  16. Interesting question. Safety is of primary importance. As a Cub Camp Archery Range Officer, I can tell you some stories, both good and not so. As a Quaker Scout Chaplain, I have had to explain our testimony about war, violence and weapons more than once. Our kids understand that. Older stepson (never a Scout) (greatly influenced by his father and Gfather) joined the army and came back the better for it. His philosophy was greatly formed both by his mom and my faith and his time in many places overseas. Younger son (Eagle Scout) did very well at Archery, served as a Scout Rang
  17. Indeed, sit ye down on a virtual log by the ecampfire and try to ignore the pixel smoke, which will follow one around the server..... You want whipped cream on that cobbler?
  18. We have, we hope, come a long way. The "Youth Protection" policy is accepted as also being a "adult protection" policy. It does work both ways. Once upon a time, there was a man who was (so he thought) happily married . The wife upped and abandoned the family. The court awarded him full custody of their 4 year old daughter. With the help of his extended family, (and ex wife extended family), he raised the daughter. Weathered challenges at work, legalities, medical emergencies, school problems and other life stumbles. Along the way, he discovered that the daughter's school marvel
  19. You betcha. I just finished a virtual MBCollege. ZOOM can be a wonderful thing, but the email back and forth was a chore. I really prefer the "in person" thing. In person, for BUGLING MB (!), I would always have a GROUP of Scouts and SOMETIMES a volunteer adult in the back of the room, WITH THE DOOR WIDE OPEN> I once had a neighboring MB class come and close the door, but I had to go and explain WHY the door was wide open to the hall. NO OTHER ADULT IN THE ROOM. Would they like to be my "partner"? The door stayed open. One must adapt.... On ZOOM, no problem, group of Sco
  20. The best/most memorable (other than Scoutson's !) Eagle CoH involved three brothers. They waited until all three were eligible, and then arranged for a campout at their grandparent's farm, which had been a camp site for the Troop for many years , even before the brothers joined. The audience had to park some distance from the campsite, and hike in , maybe 200 or 300 yards thru the woods. The Troop had set things up very nice, campfire, tables, area for the crowd to set up their camp chairs. Candles, ceremony, worthy speeches, songs. Campfire. Refreshments were burgers and hotd
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