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  1. Free time at camp? Fun defined by themselves? Oh the horror of it..... (With apologies to Paul Simon . . . ) ”I went out camping with my Scout Troop just last week. The fun and woods there were everything I seek . But I when I got home and counted noses I realized… There must be… fifty ways to lose a camper. Fifty ways to lose a camper…. “” Just call the roll late, Nate, Get off to the john, Ron, Be in a rush, Gus, just listen to me…. A PL that’s loose, Moose, strin
  2. Could you consider the C&O/Great Allegheny Passage Trail? Old rail road R/W and canal water level trail. Lots of urban support nearby. :: https://gaptrail.org/
  3. *sigh*. Thee is not alone, friend. Many COs are backing away from the BSA because of the past problems. The BSA has essentially run out of rugs to sweep things under. What is missed is that the old problems should not affect the future. The slate , if not the reputation , is being wiped clean (I hope) . The House of Worship that chartered my old Troop and Pack for better than 60 years (a methodist church) was told by the Circuit that the UMC would no longer sponsor Scout units. Deadline 31 December. Not withstanding the "new" understanding, (March 31?), whatever that may be, t
  4. And again.... Last page this time....
  5. The following are scanned from Matching Mountains With The Boy Scout Uniform by Edward F. Reimer, 1929, E.P. Dutton, publisher I've been meaning to try this....
  6. Another discussion.... ""3 parts of the scout oath "" I came to see there are FOUR parts/sections/ promises.... Duty to GOD, duty to COUNTRY, duty to OTHERS and duty to SELF ( last !) To accomplish these, the Scout Law is applied. (five parts?)
  7. ""The Work Is Done By Whoever Shows Up."" Committees, in their support and policy role, are a VERY flexible title, role, responsibility. In small Units, anyone who can meet to discuss and decide things is "on th committee".. It is not unusual at all for s Den Leader (bless you) to also be another responsible person. Treasurer? Committee chair? COR (horrors !) ? Event chair? Blue and Gold Chairperson? Committee "member"? I know Packs (and Troops and VCrews) that welcome (eagerly !) any parent who would come and Talk Scout on the Committee Meeting evening to makle decisins, help
  8. Well, if the SM delegates/assigns it to the ASM.... It has been done...
  9. "Golden Rule" "Messenger of Peace" project. "Good Turn " every day. "If not me, then who, Lord?" https://www.teachingvalues.com/goldenrule.html Shovel a neighbor's snow? And transfer this thread to the Faith and Chaplaincy sub thread....
  10. "Take offs are optional, LANDINGS are mandatory". 3/5 of SCOUT is OUT. That said, I would hope that : 1) The campouts are PLANNED by the Scouts thru their Patrol Leaders' Council , with appropriate adult mentoring and help (appropriat !) 2) all activities, camping foremost, is done within BSA guidelines. Read the Scout Handbook....(""OK, show me where, in your BSHB, it recommends Ramen Noodles for all meals?"") 3) Parents are always welcome to OBSERVE and HELP and COME on activities (sign that volunteer app, pay the dues, take the training, STAND BACK.....) 4) Suit
  11. Morse code. Get a ham radio (do they call'em that in the UK?) into for her to connect with folks around the world. Jamboree On The Air doesn't happen for awhile, officially, but hey, QSL card collecting is a neat thing....
  12. OH ! My favorite story... when Scoutson earned his AOL and crossed into his Troop, we said we would celebrate by buying him a present. Any one thing he wanted... He chose a 5 D cell Maglight. It went on ONE campout. Then, he realized why dad only took little AA pocket lights.... I think he still has it, but it rides in his truck.
  13. Then we have the Scout who told me that the umbrella was insisted upon by his mom.... We were in a drought....
  14. Yep. It happens. The Cub that wanted to build a bird feeder is now driving his own Freightliner. Give him opportunities, not instructions.
  15. Oh, "it " very definitely "depends". I remember one summer camp I attended (back when gas cost less than a buck a gallon, ), the Scout Counselor for Astronomy thought my question about having a night time session was "silly" because it was not part of the requirements...." even when one read "identify in the sky....". As a high school soph , I knew more about the night sky than he did. I remember he was very impressed with my diagram of the moon's phases.... He did sign my card (which was not blue back then).
  16. Welcome to our virtual campfire, SR70.. Sit ye down on an elog and enjoy the fellowship. The answer to your concern, as in much of Scouting, is: "It Depends". The Cubs want ( and appreciate ! ) safe adventure, fun stuff, learn something new, get some bling. The Cubs that are blessed with parent(s) that are involved with them (not just "putting in time") will be the ones who we will want to pick out our Assisted Living Facilities. The others? I will refer you to Harry Chapin's ""Cats In The Cradle""... B&G is meant to be a ""Happy Birthday BSA"" party. It can be most any t
  17. Welcome to the forums, Irratgoat.... First things first. A Scout is.... Obedient. That said, here's my list of stuff important. BSA still gender separates on paper at least. Female Troop and Patrol(s), Male Troop and Patrol(s). That means gender specific PLs and SPLs. There is no mention of gender specific SM (!) but you need gender specific adult attendance... That said, there is no reason the Scouts can't meet and activate together. The SPLs (!S!) should/must cooperate in their planning and (did I hear that word somewhere? ) delegation of duty and such. Only a one Patrol
  18. One must take the stand where the responsibility sits. Many moon ago, I organized and led canoe trips for American Youth Hostels. Our local club would put an ad in the local outdoorsy publication and young adults would come, pay the rental fee, get some instruction, and happily paddle down a stretch of the Monacacy (also known as the Monotony) river. The requirements were prominently displayed in the ad ::: Swimming ability, no alcohol, expectation of getting wet, etc. Once, a pair of young males arrived with a large cooler. When I asked to see the contents, they smilingly opened it to
  19. Head scratcher:::: Are there any "Dirty Jobs" in Scouting Mike might be interested in? Not just latrine digging.....
  20. My faith in the worth of tv has been renewed. Mike Rowe is back with "DIRTY JOBS ". Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe Returns for a New Season on Discovery and discovery+ | Dirty Jobs | Discovery
  21. When I lived in my "Wellbilt" cabin (a package house, built in the 1930's ) , it had a neat "heatorlator " fireplace and I used wood. This is the best tool I ever bought, A "Monster Maul" . You can still find similar, but not the same, today: I remember it was delivered only the head wrapped in newspaper and the delivery label stuck to the wrapped head . Parcel Post ! The mailman dropped it (!) on my porch ! 12 pounds of steel ! Optional rubber grip! Man, did it split bolts....
  22. The three words no Scoutmaster wants to hear: " HEY ! Watch this ! !"
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