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  1. @Eagle94-A1 Thank you for the comprehensive reply. I believe the answer for my OA friends is that it's not the cards, at least not for quite awhile, and they should just come visit or whatnot if we want to spend time together.
  2. Hi all, I read through a few threads here but still have questions about how an adult gets connected with OA (and some camping night questions). The context is that I have a few friends in the OA and they're all wanting me to join, but they're in different lodges so they don't know my true next steps. Also, they joined as youth so didn't have to navigate this as an adult. I've been told my pro musician skills/experience will come in very handy for them, and I think it'd be fun to get into OA since I missed out as a youth. I've purposefully avoided researching too much about OA, si
  3. All this trombone talk is making me eye the closet containing the trombone... I've never done a call on the trombone, but I have written bugle calls into my orchestra music and had horns & trombones provide added harmony
  4. Oh I'm definitely a fan of "play on the intended instrument." I've seen school bands playing my pieces swap in a trombone for a euphonium and it definitely changes the character!
  5. Ah yes, good catch...I was getting it mixed up with the position description for Bugler that says "The bugler plays the bugle (or similar instrument)"
  6. So...yes I know this is the least popular MB and yet I signed up to counsel it anyhow! Maybe I can help move that needle...though I'm learning that many local units don't have buglers. To help remedy that, one ASM approached me at an event and said his scout is interested in it, but they play only guitar. I'm an experienced professional trumpet player, church choir director, and band director (music ed was my college focus). When I read "similar instrument" on the MB requirements, my take is that includes: trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn (all Bb or C instruments with the same general s
  7. That stinks and I'm sorry you've had that experience! I'm also without kids (but married), easing into my local council and having two SMs express interest in a volunteer (both seem to be large units that have trouble fielding enough folks for YPT). Even with the need, there's def a bit of energy around "you don't have a kiddo here?" I mention teaching & doing behavioral therapy with autistic kids and most folks calm down but I 100% know that trust will come with time and showing up regularly to always be helpful, cheerful, and supremely patient. For an org needing volunteers prett
  8. And I'll keep it as long as I can!
  9. Thanks for the thoughtful reply @InquisitiveScouter. I am indeed quite outdoorsy as an adult and would be happy to help facilitate camping, cycling, climbing, and other adventures (that my friends are beyond tired of being asked to go on anyhow). I'm now in the paperwork phase for MBC, but definitely plan to circle back with a "Hey, once y'all get to know me, please do let me know how I can be of more help" type of message. I'm a project manager for a living, so being the "organizer for others" is a role I'm well-acquainted with, though getting outdoors is certainly preferable to more E
  10. Howdy all, I’m just getting plugged in here so I have the resources of this forum to tap when need be! I scouted long long ago and then worked as a church choir director for awhile concurrently with teaching band & picking up music theatre gigs as a pit musician. Sadly, the stress of constantly looking for new work got to me and I “went corporate” to be a project manager. One year in, I found myself missing doing something more meaningful than doing corporate work, so I’m meeting with my local council next week to see how all the skills I developed can be brought to helping out the
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