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  1. It is Monday afternoon. I visited my dentist(I go back Wednesday morning to do the fillings, plural) , did alittle attic cleaning, preparative to installing some more insulation, Communicated and commiserated with lovely wife, and will soon depart for several more exo-home chores. The last of which will be attending a pre election meeting for Election Judges. I served as an Election Judge twice before (but not the most recent occasion ). When I volunteered for this time around, I was first told "THANK YOU !! We are short handed", then, after I completed the online training (phew) an
  2. If you are in suburban Maryland in the near future, you can try your skill at.... wait for it.... Target Axe Throwing The first time (the ONLY time) I tried this, I bulls eyed, much to everyone's amazement ("awe, he's a Boy Scout leader, I forgot !") . This place is a "destination" for private parties, weddings, receptions, biz meetings, and the like, but they have been much less busy of late, for obvious reasons. Group size limiting, masks and Covid distancing is encouraged and enforced,( to a degree). You sign a release, get a SHORT instruction session from the "guard
  3. All the more reason to emphasize IOLS, I guess. Anyone want a bucket of various axes and hatchets?
  4. Our Cub Pack was chartered by a CO "of convenience". The Pack had minimal gear (flag, ceremonial stuff, a wood PWD track). The CO had no interest in any of it. As our Pack would not have sufficient Scouts or adults interested in continuing or recruiting or "rebuilding", the committee spent the treasury on sending our Cubs to camp, gave the PWD track to another Pack, gave the flag to the Council DE, and parceled the other stuff out to the adults interested. The last thing we did was have a "last summer picnic". The CO was invited, did not attend. We ate up our last treasury funds.
  5. Here, at the top of a new mixed use high rise development in Fairfax VA. . . . . . https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/circular-logic-theres-no-scout-for-fairfaxs-scout-on-the-circle/2020/10/24/c6f0d154-1552-11eb-ad6f-36c93e6e94fb_story.html (sorry, Scouter won't accept the webp file)
  6. Well said.. I was observing a newly elected PLC of a half dozen PLs and SPL and ASPL. The Scoutmaster wanted them to rough out the next years schedule. They sat there WAITING (that was exactly what they were doing) for the SM to TELL them what to do, what to WANT to do. The SM made some suggestions, things the Troop had done in the past, new ideas he had heard from other Scouts... finally, the SPL said, "you mean I can make that decision ? ?" The SM spread out his hands and said "DUUUHHH ?"" the year eventually was planned and the Troop had some old and some new adventures. Before
  7. Yep. Off load, save the "historic" ones for a display and keep the newest ones on the flagpole... What we have done is double stick tape them to tri-fold boards to display at CoHs and such. Some folks like seeing the "First Place at the Scoutarama, 1958" . or the "Camporee 2000 Best Cub-mobile Racer"....
  8. Family dynamics. Scout Troop/Patrol dynamics. Sometimes kids pick the wrong parents, they might meet /need a Scout Leader to latch on to for exampling, for a role model. The adult (adult?) Leaders need to think about other things/places besides the Troop Meeting or campsite. Scoutmaster's Minute? What /Why are we in Scouting ? to "earn" colorful patches? Is that all ? What do they represent, really? Or are we here to explore, go places and do things other kids may never have the chance to? Who is the better Scout? The fellow that drops a log in front of someon
  9. The sash used to come in three sizes: Two badges wide, and three badges wide long and short. I never understood the two badge wide one, the Scout always needed the three wide one, eventually. My mom made me use the long three wide, and just safety pinned it up until I grew tall enough (that didn't take too long !) .
  10. Get your backyard/church yard/local park certified as wildlife habitat: https://www.nwf.org/Home/Garden-For-Wildlife.aspx "When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe." = John Muir =
  11. I apologize for the misunderstanding. Your "Scout Unit's" church. It does not sound from your description they are asking all Scout parents , but the Unit's Scouters... Again, if they are asking all registered Scouters to agree to this statement, read the fine print and see if you can agree to it. If not . . .
  12. Your church is asking YOU to agree to it, not someone else. That said. if the church is requiring this of any and all Scout Leaders in the Units they will charter, that is another issue and may well limit the folks that allow their kids to be in those units. But again, it is not the PARENT of a Scout that is asked to make such a promise (A Scout is Trustworthy) only the registered adult leader..... I have known of Troops sponsored by a particular faith that only allowed folks of that faith to join. That is their right, but it severely limited the size of their Troop and Pack. AN
  13. Love it. I wish I could say the same, but at least I was able to POINT at the Scout camp of my yoooth for my nascent Scoutson (Camp Roosevelt on the Chesapeake Bay, now part of the Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant). *sigh*
  14. Every "style" is an alternative. Like the carny barker said, "ya pays yer money and takes yer cherce". What we are doing, methinks, is making sure our Scouts understand better the choices. The 'alternatives'. And the results of those choices. Some folks call it 'Karma', I guess.
  15. Mama Llama, you are in Nawth Kay Row Linah. I truthfully know nothing about your situation. Up here in the Washington DC area, we have many active, wonderful Packs and Troops of Jewish consideration. I have a good Scout buddy, Scoutmaster of one, just earned his Wood Badge. Here is a connection for you: https://www.jewishscouting.org/ Remember the Cub Scout Mantra: KiS MiF, KiS MiF... keep it simple, make it fun. See you on the trail....
  16. In any group/organization/association/club.... there are the ideals, the goals, the "official" reasons for the organization's existence , and then there is the reality of what happens. The people that define the organization (US Constitution? US populace?) are what make the ideals, the goals achievable. Or betray them.... BSA (and , I dare say, other Scout associations around the world) has that situation. So do Churches, Mosques, Synagogues, Boys/Girls Clubs, Soccer Clubs, swim teams, gymnastics schools, public Schools, private schools, equestrian rings, and bird watching groups
  17. I agree with all theabove comments/suggestions. Observations: Does the family have any other children? How do they deal with them? Only one child? If , as has been stated, the school system provides a para educator, that person is PAID (tax dollars) to be with the child. I was a sub teacher, worked occasionally in Special Ed, and have great respect for those folks, it is a "leading", a profession, and very draining and challenging. Scouting is not that, we are well meaning volunteers. AND,,, as we all know, sometimes the parent does not want to be a parent. Ever have
  18. Woodbadge camp near Harpers Ferry near to the AT. Food storage was in big plastic coolers, tied shut with rope. Everyone was aware of critter visits. We all slept in separate, one person tents. One morning, after a rainy night, under the "breakfast pavilion", my buddy asks me how I slept, I said fine, you? He said he was kept awake by the "bullfrogs" grunting all night. I found this amusing, as did the rest of the WBers, because the creek was a good 500 yards away from our campsite. Upon further inspection, we found bear tracks thru the campground, in the muddy areas...... Bears
  19. I don't think you can copyright a color. Otherwise, all the Walmart cargo pants would be an infringement. The BSA buttons with the BSA Eagle Fleur de Lis are a copyright issue, but the GSUSA gets past that with their GS Trefoil... Look at the Rose Bowl Parade videos , with the Gold Award Scouts marching with the Eagle Scouts. Similar uniforms? Stretch your imagination, maybe. But what a concept ! GSs working with BSs ! I think BSA has bigger problems than worrying about a purple golf shirt under a tan cargo vest over dark green cargo pants/skirt......
  20. All kids (ALL kids) want to belong to a gang. A club. Whether that gang creates something or destroys something is the question. That gang of kids in the vacant lot (not too many of them left) that shagged a bat and chose up teams is one such. The gang that self forms and because they all came from the same country is another (Sharks? Jets? ). The older kids are looked up to by the younger. The younger learn how the game is played by watching the older kids. MS13? Scouts? What really is the difference between the two? Who got to the kid first? The Patrol Method works, and it
  21. Donations? Did the Scouts wash/dry/vacuum the car out? Did they do a service for the "donation"? What was a carwash worth to the washee? The Scouts still DID a service. Placing US flags on your front lawn during a holiday and retrieving them later. Buying and having the Scout(s) spread mulch/wood chips for you... I once saw a Cub Pack do a "tent set up demo" at a shopping mall . For a price ( ?$5. sticks in my mind) the Cubs would set up a tent for the payee. Your choice of tents, I think. It was fun watching the Cubs rip the parts out of the bag and get the tent up
  22. Earning is still different than asking for money. A Scout should early on (from family?) learn/discover the connection between effort and reward. I had (and so did our kids) an "allowance". It was , yes, a gift, but it had strings. Chores to help the family home along. Learn to budget and save. They are off as adults and all doing well, thank you. See my previous post/answer. The BSA has enough present trouble without being thought of as purely a poor "charity" of kids who can't afford to go to camp on their own.
  23. *sigh* "" It depends" (always). One of my courses was a "set up your Patrol Camp" (bring your tent) type. One was in a just vacated summer camp and the tent platforms were still up. (two to tent). One was we come in and Set Up Our Tent Platform prior to the summer camp. None were expected to be a Philmont hike to the site camp with all your gear on your back type. The concentration is (or was !) on Scout Leadership, not so much Scout Skills Demonstrating...
  24. Need a Campfire Story? Bedtime Story for your Lion, Tiger Cub? Thorton W. Burgess,,, 170 books, over 15,000 newspaper columns. Ought to be a Scout regular. Book series entitled "The Boy Scouts of Woodcraft Camp". Paddy Beaver, Reddy Fox, Ole Bob White, Betty, Billy and Cubby Bear, Peter Rabbit (alias Cottontail), Jerry Muskrat, Lil' Joe Otter, among others. Surprised he isn't mentioned more often in Scoutland. Has Nature preserves named for him. Get the reprints (if not the original from your grandmom's shelf) and introduce your young Scouts to him.
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