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  1. Translation? As the fellow said, "follow the money". Not enough cookies......... Again, God ain't making any more ground. Once a camp is sold , it is never going to be a camp again. Pretty much. Do the GSUSA see any different outcomes than the BSA in this sort of thing?
  2. Well, that's discouraging. But not unheard of or unexpected. I have personal stories in that vein too. I had to politely knock on (long distance telephone) doors, send letters (real paper !), and emails (A Scout is Courteous). I finally got a human being to talk to, and got some answers, which explained my personal situation (part of which was they hoped I would just go away if they ignored me. Really). So, if it is important to you (and it sounds like it is), document, save records, search out phone numbers (this was the surprise, both to me and to them. How did you get this num
  3. Interesting question. Safety is of primary importance. As a Cub Camp Archery Range Officer, I can tell you some stories, both good and not so. As a Quaker Scout Chaplain, I have had to explain our testimony about war, violence and weapons more than once. Our kids understand that. Older stepson (never a Scout) (greatly influenced by his father and Gfather) joined the army and came back the better for it. His philosophy was greatly formed both by his mom and my faith and his time in many places overseas. Younger son (Eagle Scout) did very well at Archery, served as a Scout Rang
  4. Indeed, sit ye down on a virtual log by the ecampfire and try to ignore the pixel smoke, which will follow one around the server..... You want whipped cream on that cobbler?
  5. We have, we hope, come a long way. The "Youth Protection" policy is accepted as also being a "adult protection" policy. It does work both ways. Once upon a time, there was a man who was (so he thought) happily married . The wife upped and abandoned the family. The court awarded him full custody of their 4 year old daughter. With the help of his extended family, (and ex wife extended family), he raised the daughter. Weathered challenges at work, legalities, medical emergencies, school problems and other life stumbles. Along the way, he discovered that the daughter's school marvel
  6. You betcha. I just finished a virtual MBCollege. ZOOM can be a wonderful thing, but the email back and forth was a chore. I really prefer the "in person" thing. In person, for BUGLING MB (!), I would always have a GROUP of Scouts and SOMETIMES a volunteer adult in the back of the room, WITH THE DOOR WIDE OPEN> I once had a neighboring MB class come and close the door, but I had to go and explain WHY the door was wide open to the hall. NO OTHER ADULT IN THE ROOM. Would they like to be my "partner"? The door stayed open. One must adapt.... On ZOOM, no problem, group of Sco
  7. The best/most memorable (other than Scoutson's !) Eagle CoH involved three brothers. They waited until all three were eligible, and then arranged for a campout at their grandparent's farm, which had been a camp site for the Troop for many years , even before the brothers joined. The audience had to park some distance from the campsite, and hike in , maybe 200 or 300 yards thru the woods. The Troop had set things up very nice, campfire, tables, area for the crowd to set up their camp chairs. Candles, ceremony, worthy speeches, songs. Campfire. Refreshments were burgers and hotd
  8. Cub Scout visits/field trips.... Check with the parents. Where do they work? The mention of "Cub Scouts" opens many doors. When I worked for the local bus transit service, the maintenance garage manager welcomed us easily. He said it was a "good excuse to make everybody clean up and put stuff away." Local Racing Pigeon Club invited us to visit one of their race releases. THAT was exciting, they talked about bird and care and then a hundred plus birds were released. Trail hikes above mentioned. Work up a scavenger hunt the parents can also get in on. ABSOLUTELY introduce
  9. Sounds like a chance for friendly competition AND inter Troop cooperation. Come normal activities, could be a opportunity. How do they get along otherwise?
  10. Send this to your congrssperson and the court.
  11. I love it when the band does a unique "entrance" . I always thanked the football team for warming up the crowd for the band's halftime show. Nice they have a purpose. Now let's reference the original, in Zulu . (331) Miriam Makeba - Mbube (The Lion Sleeps Tonight) 'Vinyl' - YouTube
  12. Good on ya, mate. The best awards are the ones you didn't know you were working to earn.
  13. *sigh* Who gets hurt by all this back and forth? You? Me? Nah.... Any organization, BSA, GSUSA, 4H, MYF, CLDSoJC, BPS, KoC, VFW, AL, NHS, RR, Campfire, name any acronym you like, they all have a "standard", a "program" , a "highest award" that a member can aspire to. Youth or adult. The difference between the GSUSA and the BSA has always been one of policy and program. Regardless of any mono-gender requirement. Firstly, BSA has always had a program and training to match that REQUIRED an outdoor, active, lifestyle. The adult leaders were (are?) REQUIRED to
  14. What, you mean this isn't Westminster Maryland?
  15. No need to wait.... BSA has already been there. At least on paper.... Boys' Life - Google Books
  16. Bought my GS cookies the other day.. The moms at the table outside my local restaurant were friendly. When I mentioned that they didn't look the GIRL Scout type, they laughed and said the daughters were in the car (nodding at it) keeping warm. I said I'll see you when I come out with my order. When I came out, the girls were behind the table , the moms were in the car. Very polite, "thank you sir ! Have good day !" Very tasty, worthy cause, but . . . 12 Lemon Ups in a package that looked like it could have held a few more. Worked out at 45 cents per cookie. Oh wel
  17. It's time to watch some tv..... A Scout named the spacecraft/lander/rover.... Perseverance pays off: Meet the Scout who named the next Mars rover (scoutingmagazine.org) Another Teen named the aircraft.... Q&A with the Student Who Named Ingenuity, NASA's Mars Helicopter – NASA’s Mars Exploration Program And we can watch it all from 480,000,000 KM away....... . Watch Online: Mars Landing - NASA Mars and/or How to watch Perseverance's Mars landing on February 18 | Space | EarthSky and/or your local PBS station . . . . . Nail biting par excellance...
  18. May I suggest your Lifesaving MB Scouts watch the movie "The Guardian"
  19. I would never say that medical considerations, allergic reactions etc. to include Covid deniers. Forgive me if I gave that impression. I have a personal mild reaction to some skin tests, nothing life threatening but still there. The unfortunate folks that try to rationalize their desire to not be inconvenienced by masks, restaurant closings, church attendance limitations ("personal freedom"). . . The 1918 Liberty Loan Parade comparisons between Boston, Philadelphia and St. Louis are educational. St. Louis Medical director convinced the city to close public gatherings and canceled the
  20. Not US deaths, 1918-1919 deaths world wide. Hyperbole is not needed, only to learn from the past. To gain "Herd Immunity" ,naturally, without scientific help , all one has to do is wait. That is just about all folks could do world wide in 1918-1919. History of 1918 Flu Pandemic | Pandemic Influenza (Flu) | CDC
  21. The deniers all need to be strapped to a chair, have their eyelids taped open and made to watch "Influenza 1918 " on PBS. Herd immunity? easy to obtain. Let the virus kill off everyone who is NOT resistant . Presto, everyone left is resistant/immune (maybe). Might take 40 or 50 million early deaths, no problem. Vaccine? They had none in 1918-1919. The two or three global sweeps of the viral epidemic (when did the term "Pandemic" come into use?) took care of that. See previous sentence. Maybe the Hong Kong or Swine Flu. Does the conquering of Polio count? There wer
  22. Well ,Q, same here. I work part time for a retirement community and so I was in the first group. First Pfizer three weeks ago, I went home, felt some lassitude the next day, took a nap, no problem. Second Pfizer this past monday. the next day, tuesday, I usually wake up about 5:30am, but when I awoke, I felt like I had been chopping wood for the past three days. I was so stiff and achy I could barely stand up. After coffee and breakfast I went back to bed for about 5 more hours. No fever, just achy stiff muscles. The next day, wednesday, I felt much better physically, but a
  23. Screaming Eagles. Love it. More like screeching parents? Email to Scoutmaster: Why didn't you help my son more? "I coulda been somebody. I coulda been ... an Eagle.....
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