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All about planning and going to Summer Camp

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    • My apologies.  Conversation threads tend to drift.  I did not mean to infer anything wrong specifically with your question.  I was addressing a more general discussion topic. Please accept my apologies.  We as volunteered are always committed to doing right by our scouts and tend to be very invested.  So when a scout asks such a question, we want to help.  Your question actually reflects well on you as a leader.  It's a general comment about BSA advancement that became the discussion point.
    • https://nam.scouting.org/ It does include a fundraising component idea.
    • What was the "Official" explanation? Will a virtual meeting be held in its place? IMHO, if ever there was a need for meeting of the 70+ members of the National Executive Board, this spring is the time. Now there's a fundraiser idea! My $0.02,
    • Trying to setup video conferencing with many folks in nursing homes or rehab hospitals would probably be difficult- big question if the residents have the technology.  Less from an individual "service hours" perspective, but from a group service project, nursing homes and rehab hospitals might be able to setup a smart-TV in a central location (i.e. dining room) that the residents may be able to gather, and you do a group conference with your unit over Zoom, and have the kids take turns sharing pictures they have drawn about what they most are looking forward to doing once the stay-at-home restrictions are lifted, and they can voice-over why they chose that.  Sharing messages of hope right now are valuable, and it so often the interaction that individuals in these places like and need to hear.   
    • Accepting the critique that I’ve been flagged here as a bad example for the way that I worded my original post, I’m honestly struggling here with how the last few posts have framed service and service hour requirements as distinct from other requirements for advancement in scouting.   A central reason particular skills, behaviors or actions are included in requirements for advancement is that they are elements that Scouting seeks to convey to the youth that are participants.  Outdoor skills are required for lower rank advancement because that is central to transmitting the core of the outdoor program to young scouts early.  Citizenship in the Nation and Personal Management are Eagle required because both the knowledge and skills inherent in both are something that the program believes should be conveyed to every scout on their path to Eagle.  And service - implemented as service hours - are required because scouting is seeking to convey a desire to help others and contribute to the community.   Certainly, it would be ideal if every scout served more than “required” and yes, many do,  unprompted by a requirement to do so, and that there were no scouts who sought opportunities to serve “just for rank advancement.”  But I see no reason why that same logic shouldn’t apply to all other requirements as well — all scouts should want to learn knot tying unprompted by a requirement to so.  All scouts should want to be engaged in their community, so why require attendance at a city council meeting as merit badge requirements?  It seems to me the reason service hours are required is to prompt scouts who wouldn’t organically do them to try.  Some will then fully absorb the lesson about service at a deep level, and service will become a core part of their scouting experience and hopefully their adult life.  Some won’t, and for them the required hours will be Scouting’s effort to teach a lesson that maybe didn’t fully “take” (just as some scouts come thru scouting and camp “enough” to meet their requirements, but never develop a deep love of being in the outoors.) So, while I am not trying to “just be defensive” about being flagged as a bad example of adult leadership this early in my leadership career, in part I am, since I just don’t see why a scout being prompted to serve because of a requirement to do so or a leader seeking opportunities for them to do so...
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