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Where did you go to summer camp?

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dsteele -

Just wanted to let you know, about 5 years ago we were searching northern Wisconsin, touring for a new Summer Camp (We had been attending Mach-Kin-O-Siew) and we toured R.S. Lyle. We were very impressed with your staff and facilities back then, and I'm sure it has only inmproved since then. Out of the six camps we toured, Lyle was our second choice. BTW, we now attend Lefeber Northwoods Camp in Laona.

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Wente Scout Reservation, Willits California

Surprised not to see this one on the list....   Camp Raven Knob - Mt Airy, NC (1982-1986)     I sure do miss summer camp...

I second Raven Knob. Ours is a farely new Troop, 3 years. We had always vowed to go to a different camp each year. After Raven Knob we broke that vow and are going back next year. Great camp, great st

You just made the mistake of offering a professional an opportunity for free advertising. However, I can not (nor will I) tell a lie. So I can personally guarantee that this is a true story.


I was a DE, SDE, SDE m/p and District Director in a class 600 council. For more information on council classifications, ask the question in the council relations forum. I'll be happy to answer. A class 600 council is a medium size council. One of it's summer camps was lauded as a premier camping facility. They have two of everything and it's a very nice piece of property.


I never particularly liked it, but 2,000 Scouts a year disagreed with me. Actually, I never disliked it either. As long as I've named it specifically, I'll have to say that it's a darn good camp, especially if merit badges are your cup of tea.


Then I went to a council and was the Field Director. I didn't directly handle camp operations, but Camp Napowan is enjoyed by thousands of scouts and troops from that council as well as others. It's also a great Scout camp.


So, I have to admit that when I came to a Class 700 council, the one that owns and operates R.S. Lyle, I had low expectations of the camp. It was one of the first camps I've heard of that didn't even have a dining hall. I've always had a dining hall camp.


So, in my third week here, I had to go to Lyle to assist with the camp certification process. Instead of thousands of campers, we camp hundreds. I'll admit that I was worried about meeting all of the standards.


There's only one reason I'm admitting this much -- these guys blew the doors off my expectations! The staff was excellent. The camp met every standard. The patrol cooking enhanced the true meaning of the program. The kids earned (on an average ratio, according to my estimates only) as many merit badges as dining hall camps.


I was impressed. The camp visitation specialists, who were from another strong camping council, were equally impressed. They also admitted that they hadn't expected much from our little camp, but that they were going back to their own council to try to implement some of the things that are just part of the deal when you go to R.S. Lyle.


Sorry to ramble on, but as far as I'm concerned, R.S. Lyle has a lot to offer.


However, as my grandfather pointed out when I asked him about the small college that ended up being my alma mater . .. "You can get a good education anywhere," he said. "The education is more up to you than it is to your instructors." I think the same can be said about Scout camps.


Enjoy your experience.



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*Camp Stigawandish, Chigagami and Stambaugh (Greater Western Reserve Council),

*Camp Beaumont (Greater Cleveland Council),

*Camp Manatoc (Great Buckeyes Council),

*Seven Ranges in Ohio (not sure of the Council),

*Heritage Scout Reservation (Greater Pittsbugh Council, I think),

*Haliburton Scout Reservation (Haliburton, Ontario, Canada)

*Camp Agawam (sp) near Butler, PA

I have also gone to Minister Creek in the Allegheny National Park in PA.



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I don't always make it to summer camp. Not having a unit anymore does give me a lot more freedom.

Still being a working stiff, I still have to clear it with the boss.

I think that I'm very fortunate to get five weeks vacation a year (Six next year) and I really think that the guys and gals who only get two or three and give up so much time for our kids, are a very special breed and need a pat on the back.

Some of the places that I have camped with Scouts are:

Kandersteg, So good we went twice.

We spent a great Summer canoeing, the Lakes of Killarney, in Co.Kerry. It didn't even rain that much.I was a venture scout at the time, it was the best time ever.

Last year we as a family went to Baden Powell House, for a week then OJ and I took off for a week to camp with a London Troop, we camped in a Nottingham District Camp site just outside Sherwood Forest. You have to see the size of the oak trees.

I also got to spend a week at Camp Mountain Run, owned by Bucktail Council, here in PA.

2001, was the Jamboree. My first. You gotta go.

2000, We took the car to the Conference Center at Philmont. Her Who Must Be Obeyed, and OJ. We all had a great time. Took an extra couple of weeks to tour all over. Put nearly 7000 miles on my new car!!

1999: I staffed a Wood Badge, here at Camp Conestoga, in Somerset Pa. 26 Years ago last week Conestoga, is where I met my wife. Has a lot to do wih my sexy knees and the English Activity Uniform. (Yes then we had a dress uniform and an activity uniform.)

Spent a lot of time at Conestoga and Camp Buck Run, our Council Cub resident camp.

Spent a week at Gilwell Park, to do my Scout Wood Badge. It was not far from where I lived, so we took the troop there a lot for weekends. Even managed to get in trouble for building a monkey bridge, on the training grounds.

If you are free in September the reunion is a lot of fun and flights are really cheap. Thinking of going over for that week.

We were very lucky as a London Troop we could camp all over Europe, we did: France, Holland, Luxemburg, and Spain.

I only made it to Scandinavia once for the World Jamboree in Norway, we did get to spend a week in Sweden with host families.

The Worst Summer Camp Ever, was one that I planned for our County (Greater London Central) We Bused 1400 Scouts to Great Tower Camp Site in the English Lake District, and it rained everyday for two weeks. A lot of the troops were cooking over wood fires. It was really hard, all the sites were on the side of a mountain.

The program was to be out on the Lakes and Hiking the Fells. It was to wet and windy to go out on the Lakes.

I came home on Sunday, deposited all the boys from my troop home and made it to the pub by 10:25 PM. The pubs closed at 10:30, good job that the owner had a boy in the troop. I NEEDED more then one pint.

I have two or three years left in my present Scouting job. Then I think I will see if the Crew that OJ is in want me. I still have a lot of friends and contacts so maybe we will see if they want to go to England or some place as a super event.

Have also thought about going back to the UK to work for the Scout Association, the pay isn't bad but the cost of living is very high.And it rains a lot - Still there is the Pints!!(This message has been edited by Eamonn)

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Napowan Adventure Base 2002-2004

Napowan Family Camp Weekend 2003

Lakota Family Camp Weekend 2002

Camp Gan Israel (at Napowan) 2004


Camp Birch Trails (Girl Scout) camp 2004, LNT training and a short visit :-)

Camp Pine Woood (YMCA camp) 1996

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Being the son of a now reired professional scouter who spent every summer from the age of 1 at various summer camps I have been incredibly fortunate to have fond memories of many summer camps. A few of these would include:


Camp Pomperaug, Union, CT

Camp Toquam, Goshen, CT

Camp Workcoeman, New Hartford, CT

Camp Mattatuck, Plymouth, CT

Camp Carpenter, Manchester, NH

Camp Wakpominee, Glens Falls, NY

Lake of Isles, Prston, CT

Camp Tamaracouta, Quebec, CAnada

Philmont Scout Ranch

Camp Tadma, Bozrah, CT

Camp Delmont, Pennsylvania


I have special memories of all of these places and was incredibly fortunate to be able to spend significant time at each one. Unfortunatly, many of these Camps are no longer owned by the Scouts but thats a whole new thread that I don't think I want to start!!

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