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  1. chief027

    Boys-only weeks at camp

    A few camps that are in my area offer regular weeks for boys troop and designate 1 or 2 as a Co-Ed week, other camps have no gender segregation
  2. chief027

    Trailer Recommendation

    Our troop has a Tru-Trailers 2 axle trailer and we love it; It can be pulled by a light truck or SUV (Chevy Colorado, or similar) but it is generally pulled by a F-150 or Silverado 1500.
  3. chief027

    Summer Camp Staff

    @nspdxAre you at Oljato? As for Scout camp advice, the Boy Scouts has lots of rules and policies at first you will not understand the acronyms YPT-Yourh Protection Training, G2SS- Guide to Safe Scouting, etc. which when people spurt out 10 in one sentence it makes it sound like a foreign language, but you’ll learn. One scour spefic thing is tradition of scout camp has its own traditions and all run similar programs, I recommend looking at summer camps leaders guides as they give you some insight into how it’s run. One important thinks with scout camps is to have fun you don’t get paid a lot but it is worth it. Just curious what program area are you in?
  4. chief027

    Summer Camp Staff

    Yeah the staff pretty much all stay in camp on the weekend because the council that runs the camp is about 3-6hrs away(depending on where in the council) from the camp so it isn’t really an option to leave. It sucks that you don’t get cabins, but as long as the tent is big enough it’s not ideal but doable
  5. chief027

    Summer Camp Staff

    Thanks for all the tips so far! just to awnser a question I will be a Lifeguard (and waterfront MB teacher), this camp is on Huntington Lake and there is no pool. The camp is about a 2hr drive from home so I can come home each weekend but am not required to. Staff are provided cabins to stay in which have power but no HVAC. thanks for all the advice so far, please keep it up
  6. chief027

    Summer Camp Staff

    Hello, This summer I will be working as Paid Camp Staff for the first time (Camp Kern, CA). I was asking to see if the forum had advice for me and all new Camp Staff (what to bring, what not to bring, compensation, etc.). Additionally, I thought it would be kinda cool to hear everyone’s stories from there time on staff Thanks
  7. chief027

    Winter Camping Plans?

    Our older scouts like snow trips but since e we have Klondike at our council camp (Chawanakee) next month. They prefer to find a place with a cabin and tents. Older scouts and adults in the cabin, and younger scouts in tents to prepare them for Klondike. This January we are staying and Camp Three Falls, as for black ice it pretty rare in CA unless going above 6000 ft
  8. chief027

    Cleaning/ Duties

    I talked with a few people in our troop and we had an idea. We will are winter camping next month at our council camp. The two super bad scouts are in the same patrol so and it looks like only one other scout in their patrols attending, we will separate the patrols about 500 ft from the adult camp in the middle. It is still a safe distance but it will be difficult for them to survive. Additionally instead of SPL and ASPL eating with the patrols all the Senior Scouts- Life and Up wiill be camping separately about 1/4th of a mile away. With only 3 scouts in one patrol the boys that don't work will be forced to help. Grandpa will be to far away to attend to the boys every need and we will distract him by having him teach the other patrol a skill or something of that sort. What do you guys think?
  9. I suggest calling your council service center and asking the clerk to email you a list of all Merit Badge Counselors in the district. My council along with other do this. Bonus Points: if you share the list with your troop SM he can help other scouts who need to find a MB counselor out of camp.
  10. The MB requirements state: As far as if am aware in Kentucky you can do all of the following except for Snow camping (option 5) or Snowshoe or cross country ski ( you can still backpack). You can still complete 5 of the options available this was designed with everyone in mind. So people who lived in the Great Plains with no mountains could snow camp, and so people who live in warmer climates(i.e. Kentucky) can take a hike Not to be rude but it sounds like you trying to plan around something you already are going to do instead of making the effort. Suggest to the scout he plan a rappelling trip (most troops don't do that kind of thing so with his research he can guide the SPL and get good leadership experience, or take a paddle/ sail craft out for 4 hours. Depending on what camp you go to those may be an option based on the camps climate and quality of program. I'm assuming everyone gets the hike in.
  11. chief027

    Cleaning/ Duties

    @MattR I like your ideas , and the SM and I will probably start including the scout law on our permission slips, we recently developed a new 4 step system for campouts (1-Warning, 2- loss of privilege/ extra duty (depends in punishment, 3-Call home and 4-go home) The PLC came up with the idea at our last meeting, and plans on enforcing it. We will probably have to tell Grandpa he needs stay out off the way. I will suggest to the SPL that Adults leaders and Grandpa stay on the complete other side of the campground as grandsons patrol ( we have 3 patrols) and SPL, ASPL, and JASM camp separate from the patrols
  12. chief027

    Cleaning/ Duties

    @SSScout will do the mini-NAYLE but our council only offers NYLT once a year no NAYLE The other scouts with supportive parents what should we do with them in the area we are in calling the parents isn't always an option, and I don't want to get rid of the problem and loses boys we want to fix the problem.
  13. chief027

    Cleaning/ Duties

    Yes I am a ASM, (19yo), other adults have tried. I will take it to the committee but the grandpa is on the committee. But, that is only one of the boys the other boys have less bad parents but the parents never attend and think their child is an angel. The other scouts parents are trying to help us with handling the behavior but the parents aren't always with us so the SM and I want to have some tools to give the PLC, to help the boys deal with the problem on their own. Addition- @SSScout I like the positive peer pressure think will have them try but maybe an ice cream on the may home or PLC & adults, make your patrol peach cobbler on the next trip because $64 is way to much to spend on bribery
  14. chief027

    Cleaning/ Duties

    @Oldscout448 The non-ASM father is attending because 1. we need adults for transportation, and 2. He likes to be with his grandson (father/ mother is-not in picture), I don't think his grandson has ever been on a campout with out them, including the past three years at summer camp (he has attended a decent amount of campouts and this started on day 1, 3 years ago and is know really been escalated to the Adult level.
  15. chief027

    Cleaning/ Duties

    @fred8033 We are also having issues finding enough adult leaders so we really don't have any to spare.